How To Deal With The Side Effects Of Psychic Energy

This is a guest article by Rachel Peterson. She is a freelance writer with a special interest in exploring conscious awareness and psychic energy. Besides exploring and researching all things psychic she also tests, reviews and gives recommendations on the different types of phone psychics.

If you are experimenting with your own psychic energy or working with the energy of others, it is important to be aware of the side effects that could occur and how to effectively deal with them.


Every person possesses psychic energy on some level and it can be worked on and enhanced over time with practice and conscious awareness. However working with energy on any level can take its toll and it is important to know how to keep yourself safe, healthy and strong so that your own energy can be powerful and free flowing.

What is Psychic Energy?

The term psychic energy can mean different things to different people. For me psychic energy represents a whole collaboration of things including most of the energy that flows around us and that follows our conscious thought and intention. It can also mean the energy that is used to tap into your psychic abilities and higher consciousness as well as the energy mixed in with your intuition.

Working with and dealing with psychic energy can have its ups and downs. At times it may seem very strong and at other times it may seem very weak for no obvious reason. In my experience when psychic energy is weak it is usually due to at least one of the three side effects that can occur when directly working with energy.

Below are three common side effects when dealing with psychic energy and tips on how to counteract them.

3 Side Effects

1. Dehydration – When working with your own psychic abilities as well as when working with the energy of others, dehydration is often a problem. This is not a major issue however if you are aware of it. It is important to make sure you are drinking enough clean water to keep your body hydrated and your energy flowing.

Many people notice that they get quite tired and weak after working with psychic energy and this can be directly related to dehydration. If you keep your fluids from being totally drained you will notice that your energy will last much longer as well as be far stronger.

Besides drinking water I have also found that it can help to keep water flowing around you. For example to have a waterfall, stream or body of water around you can also do wonders for topping up your energy supply and keeping you hydrated on a spiritual or energetic level.

2. Tension – Psychic energy, just like all energy, needs a clear path to flow. However all too often we have blockages within our physical body as well as within our energy field that stop the energy flow and block it from moving forward. When your psychic energy tries to move through you it may get caught up in these blockages and consequently create uncomfortable tension in various parts of your body.

This can be especially noticeable when working with your own personal energy as tension blocks reveal where your energy is stuck. Clearing these blockages can be a lengthy process as they may have been building for a very long time. The energy in these areas can become stagnant and eventually become painful.

Once you do remove these blockages you may experience a major breakthrough and find that besides having less tension your psychic abilities become much more powerful and your energy becomes very strong.

In order to keep your energy flow continuous and free you can use any of the below methods to clear blockages:

  • Yoga – This is well known for releasing blockages within your body and energy. I have personally found Kundalini yoga especially helpful for this.
  • Meditation – This can take some practice to be effective, but works equally as well. The good thing about meditation is that you can work on it daily in the comfort of your own home.
  • Tai Chi – The ancient art of Tai Chi looks simple but in truth is extremely powerful and effective. It is a wonderful skill to master and its flowing movements can bring about great health and relaxation benefits. The movement of the Chi is great for removing blockages.
  • Reiki – This form of energy healing is most often performed on you by another person. By using the energy flow from their palms a Reiki master will work with your energy to figure out where you have blocks and help to release them. It can take several visits to get real results depending on how backed up your energy is.
  • Healing Practitioners – There are various other types of healing practitioners, psychic advisors or energy workers who are able to help release energy blocks. If none of the above methods appeal to you then with a little bit of research and trial and error you may be able to find the right person who can help clear your energy flow.

3. Negative Energy – Energy is all around us and it can be difficult to always avoid the negative baggage that sometimes gets thrown around by others. This can be the most exhausting and abusive form of draining energy.

Without being consciously aware of it, others may drain your psychic energy to the point where you feel utterly exhausted, almost as though you have been rolled over by a semi truck. This can be extremely apparent for those who use their psychic abilities on others such as with psychic detectives or phone advisors.

I often describe these people as energy suckers. Before you know it they have sucked the energy right out of you and left you feeling drained, tired and weak. It can take quite some time to recuperate from the experience of being around these people.

Of course in theory most of us would like to stay around people and energy that feeds us as opposed to harms us. However that is not always easy to do and sometimes the negativity is unavoidable. Therefore it is up to you to protect yourself and shield yourself from the negative energy that surrounds you.

As you become more aware and in tune with your own energy, you will find that you are far more aware of the energy of others as well. At that point you will be able to notice when and where the negative energy is coming from.

There are three easy methods you can follow in order to protect yourself from the negative energy around you in order to keep your own psychic energy strong, clear and positive.

Cleansing and Protection

Step 1 – Cleansing Ritual

Do a cleansing ritual as often as you feel you need it. This is not a physical cleansing but instead a cleansing of your energy field. This will allow you to clear any unwanted stuck energy that may be attached to you. There are a few ways you can perform a cleansing ritual including:

  • Dowsing – Dowsing involves the use of a pendulum and can take a little bit of practice to get it right. It is easiest performed with the help of someone else. The “healer” will put a hand on the person’s shoulder and then suspends the pendulum over the person’s head. The healer will move the pendulum down over the body and the pendulum will spin in a clockwise direction while the cleansing is being done. Normally while this is happening the healer is focusing on a universal cleansing energy to remove blockages from your own energy. Once the pendulum stops, the healer will then focus on giving you a very positive and uplifting energy. At this point the pendulum should move in a counter-clockwise direction as it is moved the length of the body once again.
  • Smudging – Smudging is a Native Indian ceremony that is my personal favourite method of cleansing energy and is far simpler than the above method. It involves the use of some type of herb or plant material such as Sage, Cedar or Sweetgrass.

You can burn the dry plant material and fan the smoke over and around your body while focusing on clearing the negative energy. It can also be very helpful to repeat a prayer or affirmation while you are doing this process.

You can sweep the smoke with your hands but often it is done with a feather. What I love most about the smudging ceremony is that not only does it feel very powerful to me but I also love the smell of the burning plants.

Smudging can be performed as a cleansing and purification method just on yourself, on a group of people or even for clearing the energy within your home.

There is a high level of respect and honour in a smudging ceremony. Many people use abalone shells to burn the herbs as I used to as well. However as I have since learned over the years, the Native elders on the Pacific Northwest Coast believe that abalone shells represent Grandmother Ocean, and should only be used with water, not burning. Although abalone shells are still often used, I feel more comfortable instead using clay or stone bowls. However the choice is yours.

  • Meditation – Meditation can be equally as effective in clearing your energy field. It may take some practice and dedication to get to the point where you can clear your own energy but it is very possible.

While you are meditating focus on expanding and visualizing your energy. Notice the colours of your energy field and try and feel where the negativity might be. Then incorporate some prayers, affirmations or simple concentrated focus on those areas in order to clear them.

It helps to actually visualize the change in your energy and the removal of the negative blocks. Typically if you are successful you will feel an uplifting energy surround you and the Chi flowing through your body.

Step 2 – Stay Balanced

Keep your own psychic energy balanced. You can do this by staying centered within yourself and being aware of how your own energy feels.

It can help to check in on your energy throughout the day. This can be done at any time in any place. Normally in order to center my energy I will take some deep breathes and repeat to myself “I center myself to my soul’s energy”. However you can come up with whatever statement works best for you.

When you repeat your statement imagine your energy centering in your solar plexus (stomach region) and vibrating out through your limbs. This simple process is an excellent way to tune back in to your own energy and stay balanced.

Use a Psychic Shield

Protecting yourself with a psychic shield can make all the difference. This can easily be done by imagining a white light shield of protection around your entire body and energy field which does not allow any negative energy to penetrate. This sounds simple but in truth can be extremely effective.

Each person’s shield can be very different. You can make your shield any colour, any texture, and any dimension you like. The power lies in your imagination, your thoughts and your energy. Imagine a shield that is stronger than any negative force. You can surround yourself with this shield each morning or simply any time you feel you need it.

It is a powerful tool that you have at your disposal to protect yourself from negative energy or spirits. It can also help to repeat a statement such as “I am surrounded by a white light shield of protection that is impenetrable from any negative energy”.

I have used my shield daily for the last fifteen years and it is as much a part of me as my hands and my feet. Once you get used to using it, it becomes a habitual part of your life.


Once you become conscious of these side effects you will become far more aware of when they are affecting you and what you need to do to become balanced again.

Working with your own psychic energy as well as the energy of others can be very exciting, fun and rewarding. Keeping the above side effects in mind and taking the proper steps and precautions to counteract them will help keep you physically safe and healthy as well as keep your psychic energy growing and strong for many years to come.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Great suggestion here. As an empath and a practicing intuitive I do find that I am frequently drained if I don’t do the clearing work and ground myself first. Since I have started making them a ritual I find it goes much better.

    by Julie | A Clear Sign / June 3rd 2011

  2. Like Julie (above) I’m an empath & practicing intuitive and when I first began my practice, I was absolutely EXHAUSTED after each reading and had no idea why. I actually thought I was getting sick, but I wasn’t. It wasn’t until I learned how to ground myself & protect myself with ‘white light’ and energy (my preference is Reiki) that I realized I could do a reading without feeling like I got hit by a truck the entire day after!

    by Lindsay / June 4th 2011

  3. Very accurate. :)
    Just want to add that the reason why dehydration can have that effect is because water acts as a capacitor with energy. It absorbs and discharge energy really easy. So if you have a lack of it, it slows down the energy transfer and that causes you to feel weaker than you are.

    O and thanks. Gave me an base idea for a rejuvenation chamber. :D

    by Henk / June 4th 2011

  4. Great article! So that’s why I’ve been so thirsty lately =)

    by Geena / June 4th 2011

  5. I don’t frequently get drained using telepathy. As a newbie, I nearly lived with a headache daily. I would be exhausted and had weird attacks (like panic attacks, but without panic) frequently. As I developed my abilities, it was less and less of a problem. I don’t use my abilities for anything other than entertainment, nowadays.

    I remember being an active reader, though. (There are different types of readers. As a telepath, I was a reader, but not for discerning the future.) It drained me totally. I lost 8 pounds in a single day, once. Not Fun. At All.

    by Judia / June 6th 2011

  6. And that’s why energy work should always come first in case of psychic development, so you can prepare your body for intense energy work in the future.

    by Nathaniel / June 8th 2011

  7. @ Judia : Youl could move to Califonia and make millions teaching celebs to lose weight through telepathy. Might need to tone it down a bit though lol

    Seriously, what did you feel and did you do anything to protect your energy?

    by Geena / June 9th 2011

  8. I’ve had a lot of interest in Reiki since my last psychic reading. I still haven’t seen a reiki practitioner but I have that on my to do list.

    by Todd | Channelingmyself / June 10th 2011

  9. i dunno what to really call myself,but ive developed my psychic abilities since i was 7yrs old and ive been getting stronger everysince never really telling anybody,when my energy is really flowing i can get a premenition from touch or just comes straight to me, and even sometimes feel what a person is feeling or thinking b4 they are about to tell me it’s been a scary journey for me but also an uplifting one to know im alil different from most,but ive learned to live with it im 25yrs old now and have seen sometimes the most amazing vision’s of the future and also the most terrifing, ive forseen the most recent earthquake that hit the east coast but it was rely foggy because i couldnt see past the #5 and i just didnt kno what it meant untill it happend i think i was loosing focus because ive been stressing there’s not many people to talk to but im open to others to get a better understanding

    by Von / August 29th 2011

  10. I have recently had the most intense psychic experience of my entire life. I woke up at 11pm and remembered a dream that involved my girlfriend. I woke her up and told her the dream and it was accurate 100% including a text she had received that same day. The last couple of days, I have been completely drained, dehydrated, feeling really run down and even nautious. After reading this, I now know why. Unfornately, my abilities are happening without my control, just popping up in dreams and flashes in my head even while driving. Becoming concerned. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    by todd belger / October 19th 2011

  11. Todd,

    Classic stuff – meditation, some energy work etc, general psychic development :). But this is meant only to teach you a bit of control, meaning – teach how to use abilities when you want, instead of being just an observer.

    Still, I don’t think that uncontrolled precognition or psychic thoughts would disappear then. I say – learn to use whatever reaches you, whenever it reaches you.

    by Nathaniel / October 19th 2011