The Ego Of A Psychic, Why People Think We’re No Longer Human

Recently, I have spotted an interesting “claim” on Yahoo! Answers, where I’m answering people questions regarding psychic abilities. A claim regarding myself, but at the same time, a claim that inspired me to discuss an important issue that applies to every one of you. That issue is your ego – something that seem to be almost evil, or at least dangerous. Well – it is not. But let’s start from the beginning.


First read over my answer to a lady asking about psychic sensitivity. The answer was posted on Yahoo! Answers about two weeks ago:

Mrs. Daisy spent too much time among New Age believers :).

As psychic, I have to explanations – as someone already said, it might be your subconscious emotions triggered by the object, in such case there’s nothing to be afraid of.

But also, you might be psychic sensitive, and you might sense negative psychic energies. This is what you should do – cleansing isn’t difficult, and you can find many tutorials online. You can use sage, or any other natural incense and smudge the objects. You can also sprinkle some salt.

If that will help, then most probably you’re psychic sensitive, if it won’t, then it’s just your subconscious.

Mrs. Daisy was the person asking – and I was referring to her words about evil, cleansing etc, that she included within her question. Generally things that are often found in New Age literature. And here’s a response of another answerer, at least fragment of this response:

I wouldn’t stock much faith in Nathans claims of being psychic he’s more egotistical than psychic.

Now, it’s not the first time I’m being attacked in such way, but this time I thought it might be a good idea for an article. My questions are:

  1. Why am I more egotistical than psychic? Is there anything “ego-maniacal” in my answer? Sorry, I just can’t see it, is it that New Age phrase? Can anyone but me see that smile before the dot? Or maybe it’s because I honestly linked to A State of Mind, believing that Mrs. Daisy will benefit from the website which I’m writing for people interested in psychic phenomena?
  2. Exactly how can one say if I’m psychic or not? OK, I can be scanned, bad question. Still, scanning me without my permission is a proof of lack of ethical rules regarding psychic abilities. How egoistical is that? Because personally, I have strict rules – I require mandatory permission to scan someone, if I don’t have such permission, the I simple do not scan.
  3. Finally, how big ego can psychic have to be still psychic, and not being egotistical? Oh, the truth is – pretty big. And I will say more – psychic need to have an ego; otherwise, he will be crushed by the world around him.

Personally, I rarely dismiss opinions of others in any discussion just because I don’t agree with someone, or because someone is linking to his own website (where, by the way, he writes about psychic stuff), but truly, it hurts when someone dismiss the reality of your very being just because you decided to help someone.

The Nature Of Human Being

This is how it is: you will share knowledge, and you will be helpful to others – but still, people often will say that you’re egoistic. Why is that? Because people perceive others in their own terms – if they are slaves of their own ego, they will never see others be more altruistic, or at least helpful, they will see everyone as ego slaves. They see a link to your website, and they hear your psychic claims, and hey – from that moment on you’re an egoistic bastard who wants to make huge money by… Well, by what? By honesty helping people?

What is wrong with the fact I write A State of Mind, what’s wrong with the fact I share my knowledge? Or maybe the problem is with the fact that many people and many natural psychics believe that true psychic should never make money of his or hers abilities?

I do not blame people that they perceive others in their own terms – it’s normal. And it would be OK, if everyone would apply positive terms in case of himself, and others. But the world we live in have created people who are egoistical in a negative way. Our job as psychics is to change that. But not to get rid of ego entirely, just to switch that ego into a positive force of creation.

You’re Physical Being, Dammit!

Sometimes I think that people think that we’re no longer human. By “we” I mean psychics and energy workers. People think that we’re some spiritual, higher beings, free of ego, 100% altruistic and things like that. Well – I don’t know how about you, but I feel very human. I like good food, I like sex, I like good wine, beer and a bottle of scotch – is there anything wrong about it? I don’t think so – I’m flesh and blood, a “meatbag” – and I have my needs. More than that, I’m human deep inside my mind, and this makes me understand that I need the same things every human need. There’s nothing evil in living, really.

That’s the problem with New Age movement – people who have fallen too deeply into the subject perceive themselves as pure, spiritual beings – you know, meditate for hours, feed with prana, eat only vegetables, have little sex as it’s too dirty and awful, and things like that. Please, don’t make me turn into Gary Vaynerchuk of psychic community, but the truth is that sometimes I just want to kick these New Age believers between their legs (I mean, in case of guys) and ask if it hurts. Does it? Then for God sake, understand one thing – you have a physical body!

Part of your spiritual development is to understand what you really are – and YOU ARE NOT JUST spiritual being, but also physical being.

The Ego Of A Psychic

Why am I talking about all of this? Because our soul, our mind and our body create a human being – with all its flaws, like ego, for example. And I have very important lesson about ego for you today – never, ever try to get rid of your own ego if you haven’t spent many, many years on spiritual development – your ego is one of your most important tools that allow you to grow! Your ego is your shield, one day it will be replaced by spiritual wisdom, but it takes a lot of time to get to that point. If you get rid of your shield when you’re not ready, the world will crush you!

What is ego, really? True ego is your self-confidence minus being an asshole. My self-confidence, my “ego” shows itself in the fact that I’m sure of my knowledge and abilities, and I’m using it to help people. The fact I’m making money with this is another issue, that I will discuss another time. Anyway, the problem is that people don’t understand the true meaning of ego – they think that the ego is something bad, something evil, something that makes us… well, assholes.

But as I said – true ego is our shield, that protects us from the world. It protects our financial issues, our safety, our goals, our family. Thanks to your ego, you know what you want, you know who you love, you know what’s really important. Look at people who have decided to dump their ego – they can be easily manipulated, pushed around, they have problems with their life just because they lack their self-confidence. Ego means I – I want to achieve this; I want to get that girl; I want to do this; I want to feel safe; I want to eat; I want to; I want to; I want to…

Using Your Ego In Spiritual Growth

How do you use your ego in spiritual growth? Simple – because you think about yourself, you are aware of your needs – and not only of your physical needs, but also of your spiritual needs. You are aware that you need to growth, so you think “I want to grow on a spiritual level”. And thanks to your ego shield, you do not listen to materialistic people who tell you that psychic phenomena is fake, you don’t listen to people who tell you that spirituality is useless, you don’t listen to people telling you that helping others is a sign of weakness.

You know that you want to grow, and you don’t care about negative opinions of others – opinions that can destroy you through the creation of negative thought patterns. Your ego is your shield against people who have fallen into a trap of materialistic needs, and who think that everyone needs to fall into this trap. If you get rid of your ego, you will fall into this trap.

Ego is part of human nature that helps you grow and live a great life. All you have to do is to use it, without being an ass :). And that’s pretty simple, you just need to follow a simple rule – respect your freedom, and respect freedom of everyone else. Use your ego to shape your life that is peaceful, positive and good, and at the same time, do not use your ego to manipulate others – respect their own will to shape their lives.

Facing The Misunderstanding And Negative Ego

I mentioned that people perceive others in their own terms. In result, whenever you will speak some wise thought “made by you”, or you will link to your own website, or when you will promote your own book, many people (not everyone, though) will often perceive this as a sign of huge ego, and they will think that you’re doing it all for yourself. Well – in a way, they’re right :). I link to my website, and I promote my books, because I believe these sources of knowledge are good. This is my ego kicking in, an ego that helps me live a great life.

And don’t worry if you’re going to do the same thing – promote yourself, your knowledge, your wisdom, your skills. It’s normal, and it’s good, and there’s nothing wrong with sharing knowledge and making sure your life is just great! Your protection against negative ego is your intentions.

Intend to share good and honest knowledge, intend to provide honest services, intend to make your customer happy at all cost. Intend to make your family happy, intend to help your friends, intend to hurt none, intend to be loving and kind. If your intentions will be pure and good, then your ego will be a powerful tool of positive creation and manifestation of a perfect life.

Enjoy Your Psychic Ego

No matter who you are: a psychic, or an energy worker, or a person uninterested in any spirituality know this – your ego is not your enemy, but it is your friend. And it should be considered like friend. Do not deny it, but enjoy and embrace your ego. When you shield it with pure intentions, it will become your closest ally, next to your intuition. These two tools can be used to shape your life as you want it to look like.

And more than that – do not worry if people have a problem with your ego. Rather explain them what ego really is, and how it can be used.

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Do you embrace your ego, or do you rather try to deny it?

PS: This is the first article that was checked for any grammar errors. Native English speakers, please review the grammar, thank you!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I don’t know much of the New Age believers… neither of the “Old Age believers” :/, but what I do know is that I would help you beat people to help them understand the obvious things like physical bodies. xD There is a nice and neat set of rules for the physical plain/realm and all objects in it, it is called physics and this representation of you in it is your body, thus you have a physical body :D. So agreed very much on that. Seems that they need to learn that you must embrace all aspects of yourself to truly be yourself. You feel a need to be the way you are for a reason. No need to reject a part of you just because people tell you it is wrong or that you must be this way. The generally accepted ideas have been proven wrong a lot in the past. For instance the Earth is flat and is in the center of our solar system, both where accepted as fact in the past.

    by Henk / May 21st 2011

  2. Hi Nathan, Don’t stress too much about it, I think some people just don’t understand a sense of humor when it comes across in writing, they need to hear the tone of voice to get it.

    And I agree that we shouldn’t do away with our ego all in one go, its best to chip away at it in little pieces, only so you can get rid of the instances where it is overbearing (and ruins your chance at a well adjusted, happy life). I like to think of ego-busting as six-sigma, we are in a continual process of self improvement and make minor revisions as we go along.

    There is one thing that I am very curious about, who do you put in the New Age bucket??? Its a broad term, and given your summary dismissal of all things New Age I’d like to understand how you define it?



    by Geena / May 21st 2011

  3. @Henk,
    “you must embrace all aspects of yourself to truly be yourself. ” – I love that part!

    Regarding New Age – as New Age, I understand all these fans of crystals, colors, cheap books, fake psychic courses, mixing of thousands of esoteric systems, becoming shaman over the weekend workshop, or learning how to see spirits within one day. Generally, for me New Age is a bunch of people who enjoy esoteric terms, but they’re not willing to understand what these terms really mean. New Agers are people who want to feel spiritual and they’re usually talk bullshit they don’t understand, because they’re too lazy to really learn something :).

    by Nathaniel / May 23rd 2011

  4. In response to your point about New Agers thinking they’re perfect beings –
    I do get worried sometimes that people will learn psychic/magical abilities and decide they’re better than everyone else. We don’t need a group walking around thinking they’re gods and abusing their powers. This is highly unlikely, but it’s a good thing to keep an eye on. I focus more on the knowledge than the application, but if someone could lift chairs with their mind, I’d be worried it would go to their head.

    by sortofpsychic / May 24th 2011

  5. I wouldn’t worry about that :). You see, when you’re starting to use your psychic abilities for wrong deeds, or think of yourself in terms of “better being”, you’re beginning to loose the connection with the Source – it’s all automatic. All that remains is connection with things that aren’t necessary peaceful or positive. But their power is limited.

    by Nathaniel / May 25th 2011

  6. Hey Nathaniel,
    It seems to me that people feel free to say and do whatever they like on answer sites and even forums. I have been attacked for my opinion on both but never been attacked on my own blog for the same opinion.

    We are human beings now and there is nothing wrong with enjoying the pleasures of it. At our truest essence we are conscious energy but for now I will enjoy the human experience.

    The New Age had become another form of religion where blind followers flock to another faith that will do the thinking for them. I was into New Age at one time but grew bored with the repeated message of no ego. Good luck with that one.

    by Justin | Mazzastick / June 2nd 2011

  7. Indeed, another religion of blind followers, who seek no confirmation of their beliefs, not even in the source books :). After all, New Age was born based on native Americans beliefs mixed with Theosophy, Wicca and Chinese energetic arts. All these things are great knowledge sources when studied separately, but mixed into New Age, they’re becoming blind faith, nothing more…

    by Nathaniel / June 3rd 2011

  8. Having an Ego and being egotistical are two different things.Every one has an Ego or Id but this does not mean that you must consciously try to overpower someone else with it.An highly empathic person can feel quite ill in the presence of an egotistical person.

    by peter horler / June 13th 2011