Core Images Work, an mp3 Guided Meditation Recording for Healing Painful Memories

Core Images Work is a downloadable mp3 auto-meditation recording that lets you work out core images – bad or painful memories and experiences from your life. Just put it on your iPod or mp3 player, put earphones on, and start the recording – then follow the instructions, and you’re done!


You can read about Core Images and their importance in healing and improving your life here.

All AsomGuide recordings comes with a mp3 file and a short manual to provide you with additional meditation text, and tips for your guided meditation. All you need is an mp3 player or a computer, headphones/earphones and 15 minutes of peace. Start the recording, relax, follow the instructions, and with the help of this AsomGuide, you will be able to work out a core image and heal any painful memory or experience that you can think of.

Package includes:

  • mp3 file with meditation recording
  • Mikro-ebook in PDF format with additional instructions.

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