Random Psychic #1 – Starbucks, Coffee, Sex And Psychic Abilities

I’ve been inspired by one of my buddies on Twitter (@pandora690) to launch a new series of articles, “Random Psychic” – in these articles, I’m going to publish short notes regarding psychic development and psychic phenomena in general. Each article will contain few different notes, unrelated to each other but providing useful tips and insights into the world of psychic stuff. And this is first episode.


Energy at Starbucks Sucks

Sorry boys and girls at Starbucks – I really like your coffee, but as psychic practitioner I cannot visit your places :P. Why is it so? Because the energies in your places sucks! I mean literally, they suck out your positive Chi. Many public places, not just Starbucks, are filled with with negative energies that are quite unpleasant for psychics, energy worker or spiritual workers. Such negative energies can cause negative emotions, headaches, tiredness and other unpleasant feelings, not mentioning that they’re places where a lot of astral critters fly around, looking for things to feed upon.

As psychic, you should always shield tightly in such places, and if you can, avoid them at all.

I’ve paid a visit to a cafe in my city some time ago – 15 minutes and I got huge headache. I needed to help myself with Reiki in order to sit still for 3 hours. I swear, I will never ever go there again, no way! A place filled with negative energies, energetic dust and trash, with negative people and few astral critters flying around. Ouch!

And don’t even think about cleansing such places of negative energies. Why can’t you do this? Because if you would, such place would loose customers. The universe operates on the law of attraction, similarities attracts each other. And let’s admit it, most people project negative energies – they’re tired, stressed and afraid of tomorrow, this can’t go unnoticed on the energetic level.

So they’re attracted to such places, and they fill these places with more nagativity, more energetic dust and junk. Starbucks, supermarkets, malls etc. are no places for psychics. Fill your local Starbucks with love, cleanse it of negative energies, add peace and positive vibrations, and people will keep away – because most people just can’t bare positive energies, they’re repelled from it unconsciously. This truly sucks

No Psychic Work After Coffee… And Few Words About Sex

* If you’re under 16 years old, please skip to the next headline :).

Did you just had coffee? Or alcohol? If so, then sorry, but you should not practice any psychic ability for few hours that follow your drink. Well, one coffee is OK, but more can simple put you out of your psychic equilibrium.

I tried chakra reading after 2 cups of coffee – I was simple unable to do so, I could catch the images in my mind no matter how hard I tried. And I had that intuitive thought – “stop right now!” The “above”, I mean the Boss above, was not asking, it was an order. So I did, and I got inspiration to write this short note.

For some reasons, any psychic or spiritual work after coffee or alcohol is not recommended. One reason is that it won’t work, and if it will, then you can’t be sure of the results. It’s better not to try. One more thing – if you just had sex (or masturbation – hey, we’re adults, right?), psychic work is not recommended either. You’re just out of energies. When you’re tired, or you’re just recovered from illness (say, a cold or flu), then skip psychic work as well.

Now while coffee and alcohol can be easily understood, as well as illness, then why the hell do I say that you shouldn’t do psychic work after sex?! Sex is good, and everyone likes it, right? But unfortunately, I’m not a girl :). While ladies can easily do psychic work after sex, because they have much more energy, guys should wait for few hours before doing anything psychic related. And that explains the fact that most girls I know have strongest energy field during theirs period.

Sexual energies are no different than Kundalini energies – well, it’s the same thing, thus taking care of your sexual energies should be important element of your psychic development practice. There’s nothing wrong in pleasuring yourself through masturbation, just remember – as long as you’re a man, it’s better not to finish with ejaculation :). You might want to learn how to achieve orgasm without ejaculation, some Taoist techniques teaches that. As for girls, have as much sex or masturbation as you like :). Ekhem… now, back to younger readers…

Psychic Tips From Within Your Mind

Do you want to make a psiball? Or learn any psychic power at all? Or do you seek tips for your psychic or spiritual practice? I have small tip for you – the answers you seek, lies within. Within you!  What does it mean? It means that if you look deep inside your mind, you will receive tips for your practice.

I was wondering how should I improve my energy work, how to merge together Tai Chi Chuan, Chakra work, grounding and general energy manipulation. I closed my eyes, relaxed, and I saw myself going to local city park, sitting on a bench. I saw myself sending energetic roots into the ground, then using Tai Chi Chuan breathing technique to filter the energy – breath in, and breath out for few minutes.

I could literally feel what I was doing, and how I was doing it.

When you open yourself to the guidance of the Source, or at least to your intuition, you will be able to learn how to perform specific exercises – you will see them, and feel them without any previous experiences. You already know how to perform many psychic development exercises, you just need to relax, close your eyes and open yourself for the tips.

Exercise To Improve Your Psychic Sensitivity

There’s a great way to improve your psychic sensitivity using crystals. Well, one crystal at least – I recommend pure quartz, nothing too fancy. All you have to do is to pick up a cleansed crystal (cleansed of any unwanted energies), and rub your hands with each other for 30 seconds. After half a minute, place the crystal right above your palm facing up, and start making circles with the crystal. You’re looking for any physical sensations that reflect the movement of the crystal.

Of course, you’re not touching the crystal to your palm, you’re circling it few inches above your hand. If you feel something, then congratulations – you can expand this exercise for other parts of your body.

How To Develop Your Intuition

Recently, I answered a question on Yahoo! Answers regarding developing intuition. Person asked why she is unable to hear her intuitive thoughts, and I felt that I need to answer. And I decided to answer this question here as well. So why most people can’t hear their intuitive thoughts, and how can they develop this skill?

The answer is simple – people are victims of socialization. From our early age we are being taught that some things are impossible, that we should be logical and rational. And of course, our creativity is being suppressed. We are being blocked from out intuitive thoughts by negative programming and bad beliefs. That’s the great secret of being deaf for intuition.

So how to develop intuitive thoughts again? You already know the techniques – affirmations and core images, these are the methods you can use to re-program your mind, and get rid of all these negative programming you have learned in your lifetime. When the blockages are gone, you’re beginning to hear your intuitive thoughts. And the more you listen, the more intuitive you become.

Am I Clairvoyant? How Can I Know?

Most popular question I’m answering online is “Do I Have Psychic Abilities“? Or “Am I clairvoyant?” To this second question, how could you know that you’re clairvoyant? Well, You just know :). Basically, it’s all within the definition of the term – if you can close your eyes, and use your inner psychic sight to perceive energies and entities, and you have a way of confirming your findings, you’re clairvoyant.  Clairvoyance is about seeing things which you cannot perceive using physical eyes – it’s that simple. And you’re not using your real eyes, you’re using your inner psychic sight.

I have few exercises for you – you can use them to either find out if you’re clairvoyant, or to practice your clairvoyant abilities.

You need someone to exercise with. The person should sit in front of you. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself the person, and then, just let go. Let your inner sight take control. Intend to see the energies of the person. That’s it. Now what do you see? Darkness? Can you see anything at all? Or maybe there’s a glow of some sort around the person? Maybe you can see bright lights along the spine? If you can see something that glows and flows, then your inner sight proves you’re clairvoyant. This exercise can be performed on trees – each tree transfer energies, a lot of energies. You can use your inner sight to perceive these energies.

Or you can play around little psychic reading. Ask someone to provide you with a photo from a newspaper, a photo of an event described in this newspaper – this way, the story will be described, but you won’t know the details. Now close your eyes and intend to find out what is the photo about, what’s the story behind it? Who’s involved, what’s the event/experience etc. Observe the images that come to your mind, observe symbols, objects and people, try to interpret them. When you’re done after few minutes, read the story and analyze if your images were somehow connected to the story. If they were, then you’re clairvoyant.

Vegetarian Psychic Or Not?

Many fancy psychic development books try to persuade you to become vegetarian, like it’s something mandatory for you to do if you ever want to become psychic. Listen to me now – this is bullshit! I mean – I always advise switch to more fruits-and-vegetables based diet, but you don’t have to turn vegetarian 100%. You can still enjoy meat if you like it. Fruits and vegetables store more life energy, Chi – our psychic fuel. That is why many vegetarians think it’s mandatory for psychic development – but large amounts of energies that can open your chakras is not the same thing as “stop eating meat”.

I’m going to make myself fried chicken for the dinner today, and I feel good about it.

When should you switch to vegetarianism? When you will be ready, and you will be ready, when you will feel you should switch to vegetarianism, that’s all. At some point, your intuition can simple tell you “OK, it’s time to stop eating meat” – and you won’t object, as you will feel it’s time for switch, you won’t enjoy meat any longer, so it won’t be brutal change – it will be gentle change. And this is the change you’re looking for :).

Dreaming Of Great Conquests

I had a dream yesterday, in which I saw some tribe member in South America, in the age of conquest – like an Aztec, and there was that “shaman” of the opposite tribe. The first man was chained to a tree, and the shaman was about to torture and kill him. There was also another person – a conquistador in shining silver armor. He, and the shaman wanted to know where the first man has hidden the gold. The man didn’t revealed the location, so he was killed.

This dream was more like a message – it might have been a weak memory from previous incarnation, but I won’t go that far. It was more like subconscious message, showing me another blockage I had regarding financial issue – negative pattern, making me think that money (dream’s gold) are leading only to death and destruction. I quickly dealt with the pattern through Core Image work, simple by using the dream scene as the pattern visualization.

This experience proves that dreams can be very useful by providing us with new patterns and memories to work with. So observe them closely, and if you dream of something that triggers negative emotional response, deal with it through affirmations or core images.


Ask questions regarding the above notes, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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  1. Hey Nathaniel,
    I have been in a couple of Starbucks where the energy was peaceful. keep in mind at the time it wasn’t crowded though.

    I am extremely sensitive to the energies around me and it is the first thing that I pick up when I enter a place.

    Coffee, I gave it up for about a month and switched to tea. Now I have one cup in the morning. Caffeine just does something freaky to the energies of the body and makes it difficult to focus.

    This post was packed with a lot of info, thanks for sharing.

    by Justin | Mazzastick / May 22nd 2011

  2. Maybe that Starbucks of yours is different :). Or maybe it’s a general difference in approach. In Poland, in most public places when people have to pay for something, they’re always worried about paying. They’re always worried about money. And they always complain. In result, most our public places are terrible for psychic sensitives.

    by Nathaniel / May 23rd 2011

  3. this was really helpful, i have had a reacering dream from when i was a chiled that only just started coming back after 3 years, a dream that makes me so frightend that when i wake up i am unable to move, would that be leanning towardssomthing bad, or trying to warn me of somthing bad.
    because i have had dreams that have really happend before like one time i dreamed i was in math class one i hadnt studyed for and all i could see was the answers on the sheet and i had dayjavu the next day while looking at my test sheet and after writing the answers i saw in my dream i got 100% on the test.

    by Cheresa / July 30th 2011

  4. Its funny because earlier this week prior to reading this I came up with similar conclusions myself. Lately I’ve been consuming alot of coffee during the day at work and have noticed significant decrease in my sensitivity.

    Also, I work reception at an inn that houses construction workers and sells gas along the highway. Everyday around 6:30 as the workers come back I start getting headaches and feeling malaise as the sensation becomes stronger. Like you said, I’ve never tried to cleanse the building but instead create a shield to block their negative influence, and immediately feel relief.

    Although I like to avoid negative environments, I really enjoy working in this hotel. It gives me a broad range of psychic practice. Whenever I am away from my desk, I remotely keep an eye on my area and practice expanding my area of influence so I feel whenever someone gets close to the building. It gives me daily shielding practice from the negative people who enter to the negative energies and entities that reside here, and even helping some move forward to the other side.

    So while I agree, those negative places exist out there and generally we leave them as they are or avoid them, sometimes I think it’s a great challenge and opportunity to practice areas of development we are working on. I guess it really depends on each individual situation and what practices are okay at that time.

    by Zack / January 24th 2012