Psychic Development, Skepticism And Spirituality

Ah, the ultimate war between skeptics and believers that rages on for hundreds of years. The more I know about psychic phenomena and spirituality, the more I’m sure that it’s impossible to understand each other. Skeptics tend to be logical scientific minds, psychics are often spiritual souls. This small difference becomes a major problem if you want to explain the reality of psychic phenomena to a scientific mind. Because you might want to become psychic, or maybe you are psychic already, I think it’s worth to share my point of view upon this psychic-skeptic war.


Imagine following situation for example – a scientific mind, a skeptic ask you to explain the nature of psychic abilities. So you do as he ask, you describe psychic experiences, intuition, psychic sensations and so on. And when you’re done, the skeptic complains that what you just said are just feelings, emotions, spirituality, basically irrelevant stuff. You say “Yep, this is it“, and he respond “So, it’s bullshit then, it doesn’t exist“. Does it sound familiar to you? For me, it’s well known situation. But actually, all you describe as psychic experience does exists, but on different level. I think (at least for now) that the problem is not with psychic phenomena itself – the problem is with the skeptics. And their educational system.

The Western Civilization

The Western civilization is based on logical and rational thinking. I have to admit that this works in case of technological advancement, but for a cost of social and spiritual deprivation. Western schools and society teaches that logic and rational thinking are the only reasonable ways to perceive the world. It’s the Western “belief”, almost like a religion. And know this – religion and beliefs are things that should be kept for yourself, really. But Western minds are often trying to force their point of view upon others. Today, “western point of view” isn’t limited to the citizens of North America and Europe. It’s a term that describes a mind that is often closed, logical and rational – it’s way too much for me.

A western man wants to study and research everything through scientific approach – touch it, see it, smell it, put it under microscope, and label it somehow. Everything must be logical and rational, and if it isn’t, it should be cast out, burned and destroyed. Or at least labeled “impossible” or “fake”.

It’s the perspective that was developed in Europe and then, during the age of conquests and colonization, spread all around the world, almost entirely destroying spiritual civilization of North and South America, India and China.

Therefore, such rational people can be found everywhere these days, as this approach is perceived as the only way to live a successful life. But among those who think in rational way, there are also people, who deny this point of view and prefer more spiritual approach. And what is really weird – they often live more successful lives than those who prefer rational thinking.

Illogical Point Of View?

Skeptics are created by this Western civilization, people are taught that if you can’t touch something, smell it, taste it and study in controlled environment, then it doesn’t exists, and if it occurs, then it’s either a lie, or mass hallucination. Yet at the same time, our science glorify people like Galileo or Copernicus, or inventors of technology like radio or TV. There were days when electricity was a fake and mass hallucination. I won’t give examples here, but the truth is – glorifying past scientific discoveries and yet classifying paranormal or alternative technologies as fakes or hallucinations proves only the fact that most modern scientists are blind in their own ignorance and hypocrisy.

Every skeptic should understand – your belief in rational thinking is just that – irrational belief. Why do you follow your skeptical path? Because you have seen that rational thinking leads to technical advancement and scientific results? Good enough for me – but still, believing that your point of view is the only correct point of view is just ignorance.

I will tell you why psychics follow their path – because we have seen proofs that our own approach leads to spiritual growth. Through our actions, we saw relationships restored, peace achieved, smiled on people’s faces put, depression and physical illnesses healed. We have proofs on our own – proofs skeptics don’t understand because they think in rational way, while we think in spiritual way, through feelings and intuition. There’s just no way for skeptic to understand this if he won’t experience this on his own – period.

There’s a difference between skeptics and psychics in case of their beliefs, though. Psychics do not negate the results of rational thinking. I work on computer, call people with cellphone, drive a car and so on. I use technology, and I know that rational thinking and logic leads to technological and scientific advancement. And I know it’s good. And other psychics knows it.

Psychics perceive the world as energetic structure – they recognize that we are all connected, that we have spiritual souls and we are capable of spiritual growth. Different psychics follow different religions, but every psychics recognize the fact that human being is spiritual being, and without spiritual growth, we are at risk of self-destruction.

Logic Isn’t Always Right

You must understand that logic isn’t always right – watch few episodes of Star Trek to understand this :). The truth is, that you cannot perceive everything through “math”, sometimes you must perceive the world through feelings. Have you ever tried building a relationship through rational thinking? “OK, this girl is healthy, cause she have the right size of feet, right size of breasts, she’s tall, with healthy hairs, blah blah blah, I will copulate with her to make sure our species will continue”. Sorry, but this is what animals do. We have consciousness, we are spiritual beings, and we have to use our feelings.

Even Albert Einstein was using his psychic potential to get inspirations for his research and experiments. Sure, maybe skeptics would like to prove that our creativity is another complex chemical reaction, I’m sure it’s possible, but the point is – denying your own spirituality is a path to destruction. I have never met any skeptic or rational thinker who would say “I’m happy with my life” – they all have their problems. On the other hand, I’ve met many “spiritual walkers” who are happy people. So simple.

Maybe one day it will be possible to understand the scientific background of psychic phenomena. But for now, there’s another issue here. A question.

Why Should We Prove Anything?

Exactly? Skeptics like to say “you have psychic abilities, prove it!” And I ask, why should I prove anything to anyone? My answer is simple – when you will be ready, the answers will come to you. Rational thinker cannot stand such answer, because they don’t understand it – it requires spiritual depth to understand why spiritual workers aren’t proving anything. I was skeptic at some part of my life, and I often use rational thinking during my paranormal investigations. In the old days, I was also thinking that if one have psychic abilities, one must prove them to the world, as it’s his or hers responsibility. Today, I don’t think in such way anymore – rather, I say:

When the student is ready, the teacher will come. – an old Taoist saying

If I would have to describe it with words, I would say this – at some point, you will understand that there’s no point of proving anything to anyone, and that everyone receives answers he’s ready for. Skeptic wont’ get the answers to his psychic questions until he will be ready to receive them. And “being ready” is the matter of inner growth – you can only guide people in their own development, you cannot make them grow.

Therefore, the circle is complete – skeptic won’t believe in psychic abilities without proofs, and most legitimate psychics have already passed their life episode in which they wanted to prove everything to everyone. When the rational thinkers will be ready to accept some spiritual truths, these truths will be revealed to them. Until this happens, all we can do is ignore pseudo-skeptics and close-minded rational thinkers, and focus on two things – our own growth, and spreading the word about spirituality.

Is Technology Bad?

That talk about skeptics have led me to another question. Is the scientific advancement bad? Is it wrong, evil? In my eyes – no. On the contrary, it’s good – we have received the gift of rational thinking for a reason, to advance the mankind, improve our lives, make them easier thanks to technology. From cars to computers to fridges and so on, technology makes our life easier. Less time in work means more time for spiritual development.

Ah, yes – that’s the final problem we’re facing. The Yin lacks Yang. Black have forgotten about white. People created technology to give themselves more time, yet instead of using that time for spiritual pursuits, they’re wasting the time for more work, just to give themselves more free time. It’s blind circle that need to be broken. How can you help in this process of change?

  • Popularize psychic and spiritual growth – for example by promoting A State of Mind :). But beside that, spread the word about Buddhism, Tao, spirituality, psychic phenomena, Reiki.
  • Spread the word about holistic medicine – energy healing, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, even elements of Feng Shui, be sure to popularize them as well.
  • Popularize alternative technologies – spread the word about simple things like Window Farms, and more advanced things, like Orgone generators, or Zero Point Energy generators.

But more than that – focus on your own psychic and spiritual growth. As Mahatma Ghandi used to say:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Bringing Things Together

When the Western world will finally discover the benefits of spiritual development, we will make a huge leap forward! Maybe one day, the technology will serve our development, instead of killing. Maybe one day alternative technologies like Zero-Point Energy generators will replace oil, coal and nuclear power. Maybe one day, we will be able to change our diet entirely into fruits and vegetables, instead of killing animals. Maybe one day, holistic medicine will be widely known and practiced, supporting the healing of physical illnesses.

Your job as psychic isn’t about changing the world – it’s about changing yourself, and your environment – your close family, friends or co-workers, simple by gently guiding them in their journey. The more people change their lifestyle, the better place Earth will become, and maybe one day, our technology will help our spiritual growth, instead of destroying our spirituality entirely. And maybe one day, skeptics won’t be so close-minded.

Do not think about any glorious mission – just do what you want to do, explore your psychic potential to make money, improve relationships, solve crimes, search for treasures and so on. Develop your psychic abilities and your spiritual self, but remain normal human living in material world. This is your job, and it’s the job that will serve whole mankind even if you think it won’t. Be psychic, but also – be yourself.

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Have you ever tried to persuade skeptic to your psychic perspective? Do you believe that Western world lacks spirituality? And do you believe in peaceful co-existence of technology and spirituality?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. You are 100% correct that when a person becomes ready, they will know, and not a moment before. The irony of course is that absolutely anyone can develop their intutition and psychic ability, but only at that moment. I do think that technology is doing an amazing job with bringing everyone together from all over the world on the internet so that we can have these discussions, and that is no accident. I really liked this post, I Stumbled it :)

    by Julie / May 7th 2011

  2. Just wanted to say. All that is, must have logic in it. If your system does not allow it, it is wrong.
    Just a heads up, I’m currently a BSc Laser Physics student and in the future I plan to show with physics that this all is real. Given it will probably be theoretical at first, but all things starts small. That is why I’m pushing hard into the subject of understanding how exactly my powers work and how everything fits in, for if I can’t finish it there might be others to follow. My current idea makes logically and spiritually sense. In that there are 11 dimensions, as predicted by M-Theory.

    This is something that I can sense I must do, open the eyes of the people, it is my purpose for this life. I’m confident that I can do it. I will never forget the words that the psychic Mell said to me, was the second thing she said ( first thing was that my guide is not happy that I dropped art xD) “You are a sorcerer, and people can even call you Merlin if they want to” For those that know about numerology, I’m an 11 and all of my challenge numbers are 0.

    I wish to one day open a school dedicated to using the true potential of each child. I have seen so many years wasted coz of ignorant adults. When they are of proper age they can chose whether or not they wish to do psychic development, for non should be forced to do it. Some of us simply don’t want to embrace it in this life time. This is after I have done enough researching of my own. -grins-

    Wanted to share this with you all, so that you all can know that things are moving on and one day you can openly practice in the streets without worrying about what others think, that is if you are bothered by ignorant people. =p

    by Henk / May 7th 2011

  3. @Henk:

    Thank you for your optimism. Here’s some advice- coincidences do not exist. Ponder that a bit, the implications are amazing.

    by Valridagan / May 8th 2011

  4. @Julie,
    Thanks for stumbling :)

    I think you missed the point of this article :). Do not try to open the eyes of people who are blind, anyway – when they will be ready, they will see on their own, your job is self-growth, not persuading the world that psychic stuff is real. You will only hurt yourself by doing so, I know this from experience.

    Of course, that’s my opinion – but if you feel what you’re doing is right, then go for it :).

    by Nathaniel / May 10th 2011

  5. Great article.. I truly believe what you have said.. Its just sometimes depression n logic take over.

    by Lovely.. / May 11th 2011

  6. @Henk, you’re awesome. I’m currently studying a science degree in psychology, intending to study neuroscience in future to do a similar thing, only from a different perspective. It’s great to hear I’m not the only one on this path (and I’m sure there are others aside from us, in fact, there definitely are) and it just shows how important intuitive thought is to scientific development. After all, if we didn’t get ideas for what to study, where would we be?

    I’d just like to say, even though not everybody is a believer, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Great minds can exist without a belief in the supernatural. It’s like working in different fields, but in the end we’re all attempting to decipher the same thing: the universe.

    by PineTree / May 30th 2011

  7. Pinetree, you’re right – you don’t have to be a believer do be a great person. The problem starts when a skeptic tries to prove psychic phenomena and spirituality :).

    by Nathaniel / May 31st 2011