What Do You Need To Know About Your Own Psychic Defense

I’m working on a new book (well, actually I’m writing fragments that will later turn into book) that will cover the subject of psychic self-defense and psychic hazard of different sort, I think it’s good idea to share some insights with you. You can already find a lot of articles about psychic self-defense on A State of Mind, but the subject requires some more explanation. Because psychic shield is just the beginning.


Classic Psychic Self-Defense

There are many books on the market about psychic self-defense already, from old works of Dion Fortune to modern publications of Robert Bruce, and nearly each and every book about psychic development (including my own workbook) covers the subject. But read over the books in question, and you will learn that there are few methods of psychic self-defense that are most popular:

  • Energy means – like psychic shielding or warding.
  • Magical means – like sprinkling salt, or putting amethyst crystals in your office, or even some magical rituals of protection.

Let me focus for a while on these defense methods just to remind you what they are, and how to use them. Let’s start with energy work.

Energy Work Techniques

Energy means include for example psychic shielding – it’s the process of creating a psychic shield made of your energies, that is meant to reflect or at least stop incoming unwanted energies. Such shield can be created through simple visualization. What’s interesting is that this kind of shielding does work in some cases, and not in others. For example, based on my own experiences I know that psychic shield can:

  • Block psychic scanning, for example making psychic readings much more difficult or even impossible.
  • Block residual energies, so you won’t be affected for example by negative mood in the room.

I remember some time ago, I received psychic reading from a friend, a reading that was incomplete because the reader wasn’t able to “access” me. I simple forgot that I had psychic shield set up and glowing, and because of this, I was blocking any psychic scanning process.

So, a shield can be used if you want to block yourself from others for some time.

At the same time, it’s hard for psychic shielding to block more complex energies, like these with specific intention, for example energies meant to attack you. I’m talking here about psychic overload, when someone is sending you more energy than your energy body can handle. In this case, psychic shield can slow down the energy input, but in addition I recommend grounding, so you can send energies back to the ground.

Often, a person can become a victim of vampiric attack, when someone, but not necessary a psychic vampire, is draining your life energies out of you through an energy link. Again, psychic shielding can make it more difficult to create a link, and additional energy work can stop the energy flow. Many psychic defense techniques like this can be learned from Psychic Vampire Codex or from my articles in psychic defense category.

Magical Means

[adsensebox] Of course, pure energy techniques are just the beginning. There are also many magical means to achieve proper level of psychical protection. For example, people suggest sprinkling salt or holy water in rooms that have negative “feel”.

  • “Holy Water” isn’t necessary water blessed by Catholic priest. It can be any water blessed in spiritual ritual, even you can create it. For example, if you’re Reiki practitioner, you can charge water with Reiki energy and you’re done. And if you’re not Reiki practitioner, then just place your hands over the bottle or jar with the water you want to charge, and visualize bright white spiritual light flowing from above, through you, into the water, charging it with powerful spiritual energies. Et voila :).
  • It’s hard to say if salt have some energetic properties that allows it to cleanse negative energies, or is it just your intention to cleanse these energies that truly works.

But as you should already notice, salt and holy water won’t work for psychic attacks, or astral entities, really. These methods can be used only for cleansing the room of negative energies. In case of astral entities, cleansing the room of negative energies can be helpful, yes, because some smaller entities doesn’t like sitting in a place that feels too “positive”. But know this, removing negative energies doesn’t mean that you will automatically fill the room with positive energies. This requires additional work that I will cover in another article.

There are other methods of magical protection, for example creating and carrying amulets, or performing complex ritual for protection that can be performed to support your natural psychic defensive capabilities.

Positive Spiral Mandala

Positive Spiral Mandala

In his book about Psychic Self-Defense, Robert Bruce also presented many different magical and semi-magical methods of protecting yourself and your environment such as creating water barriers, or even using garlic. An expansion to these semi-magical techniques can be found in modern radionics practice and use of mechanical and semi-mechanical devices that cleanse and reflect negative energies. Radionic devices are using principles of sacred geometry and years of radionic studies to create devices capable of interacting with energies.

The basic example of such super simple “device” is an energetic painting on the right. It’s a spiral meant to draw positive energies from the Source and fill the room with them.

But in the end, every single method of psychic protection is based on two things – energy and intention.

Energy And Intention

No matter if you create psychic shield, a ward, or you charge and program amulet for protection, you work with these two things, energy and intention. And you do this to defend against psychic attacks and unwanted influence – which is in reality, energy and intention. This is what the word is based upon, energy and thought (intention). So if someone decide to attack you on psychical level, he uses his intention to direct energies. It’s logical that you should respond in the same manner.

But let’s start with the basics – what and who are you up against? Other people and astral entities – this is the simplest answer. Now, to attack someone, one must intent the energies to perform specific task, but because attack is a low vibration intention (in other words, it’s wrong), it uses low vibration energies. The best energy defense you can get is based on high vibration energies – which means you should use positive and spiritual forces to protect yourself. That’s why revenge and counter-attack will never work.

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much. — Oscar Wilde

You see, positive and spiritual energies have higher vibrations, and they influence negative energies by erasing and weakening them. That’s why positive thinking and spiritual growth is the best way to defend yourself against negativity of any type – no matter if it’s psychic attack, or broken heart, or your company going bankrupt.

Small Techniques Against Astral Entities And Negative Energies

The basic technique that apply the above truth is based on surrounding yourself with pure, spiritual light. To do so, follow this small how-to.

  • Take a deep breath, ground yourself and relax. Now simple visualize bright white spiritual light flowing to you from above, feel that it is good, positive and powerful spiritual energy that fills you, and surrounds you. Feel the warm and peace. Know, that now you’re safe and protected from negative energies.

If you’re Reiki practitioner, you can also  use the 2nd symbol to enforce your aura, by projecting Reiki energies to all six directions (left, right, front, back, above and below), then feel your aura with bigger 2nd symbol and visualize the aura glow with pure spiritual light.

What you do with this technique is to consciously attract spiritual energies, and increase vibrations of your aura and energy body. Beside pure energy work, this can be also achieved by spiritual growth.

Disciplined Mind, (Psychically) Protected Mind

Spiritual growth is a psychic defense technique on its own, because along with spiritual growth, you are doing two things. First, you’re getting rid of possible holes in your subconscious and energy body, holes or “nodes” that are vulnerable for any psychic attack. Second, you are increasing your own energy vibrations so it’s less likely for negative energies to affect you.

What “holes” am I talking about? You should already know this – I’m talking about negative patterns, and bad memories you store in your subconscious, very same patterns and memories that should be dealt with using core images or other psychic “psychology” techniques.

Such holes in your subconscious, “points of attachments” can be problematic. Here’s why:

I’ve been having hard time because of the financial issue not so long ago – because of this, I grew tired and slightly depressed, and of course sad and nervous at the same time. Because my dominating thoughts were negative at the time, my natural psychic defense got lowered, and someone or something used the opportunity to punch me with energetic construct. Sufficient to say, it wasn’t pleasant as it caused aggression towards people around me. Fortunately, thanks to my teacher I got rid of the thing in my aura. But the experience taught me that negative thoughts can lower your vibrations, making you easier target. At the same time, positive and spiritual thoughts are increasing your vibrations, improving your defenses.

After I dealt with the money issues, my vibrations returned to normal.

As you can see from this simple example, negative thoughts can be problematic, so you should focus on spiritual growth – positive thinking,  clear peaceful intentions, helpful approach to others, less worries, more happiness. In this, your true psychic self-defense secret is hidden.

Attract The Light Side Of The Force

I could discuss the law of attraction here, or quantum physics, or the law of synchronicity and so on, but I will limit myself to simple statement – you attract things you think about. So if you’re thinking that the world is dangerous place, you will attract dangerous events. If you’re constantly feared of psychic attacks or astral entities, you will attract attacks and entities.

And this is the secret – if you want to feel same on psychical level, just focus on positive things. Think of a better world, think about positive changes, think about love, about helping others, be kind. Simple change your approach! Because if you think about positive things, you attract more positive things (and you’re increasing your vibrations).

Of course, this sounds easy, but the reality can be difficult – because we all have our perspective, our point of view we must change, point of view that is based on your life experience and knowledge. Here’s where Core Images Work and affirmations come to play – through them, you can change your point of view, you can re-program your entire mind and start thinking positive in every way.

By developing on spiritual level, you improve your natural psychic self-defense capabilities, so the methods like psychic shielding or sprinkling salt becomes less important. But they can still be used. I say more, they should be used from time to time, because even higher spiritual power can use your help :). So don’t forget to learn about psychic shielding and warding, don’t forget that you can use magical means to create safer environment for yourself, and for others.

If you study carefully, and develop your spirituality and psychic mind, with time you become less and less vulnerable to psychic attacks and negative energies, thus making that small change in the world – the more people change their approach and become free of negative influences, the easier it will be to completely change this world.

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What kind of psychic self-defense method are you using? Do you agree with the statement that negative thoughts attract negative events?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. The method you explain on the shield of light you place on yourself is remarkable similar to the method I came up myself before I even realized that I was psychic. (I’m a natural psychic and I have always just trusted my intuition, just had no or limited explanations for things back then) Anyway the method I use, can be used for protection for not just yourself, but others and areas if you use enough energy in the creation of the shield. Note, best to first start with personal shielding and if you have the feeling of it you can start to protect others When needed. Never use anything just because you can. The more you use the more you become a target.

    This ain’t meant for beginners, so if you are, don’t try this. It drains a lot of energy and there are an number of things that can go wrong, best then to stick with easier shields. I’ll try and explain it the best I can for the rest for if you might need it in the future. It’s not something that should be rushed in learning to do.

    I create it with the intention to “burn” and “weaken” any beings that forces its way into the shields borders. It basically starts cancel out their energy and effectively damaging them. The shield it self will collapse if it uses energy in protecting, if and only if it was originally created on an target (not you) with your energy and no source for resupplying is setup in it’s creation, ie you should intentionally either set your own energy for it or natural elemental energies that it can draw on to stay at max power. If you use it on yourself it will keep draining your power to prevent a breach, so it can have a nasty side effect of being very drained if you were to be heavily assaulted, but the being will take severe damage. You will feel very tired if it comes to pass, best to either break the shield or to re-energize yourself then. You can also place a protocol in so that it won’t drain your power to stay active, though I recommend resupplying it and to recharge as needed, beings won’t attack to aggressively on the shield.
    The way I place the shield is fairly simple. I focus on the area or person I wish to protect, by basically projecting into the astral realm or spiritual realm, whatever you wish to call it, and viewing the area or person. Then I focus a small amount of energy first and manipulate my energy or if needed energy that I draw from the elements into a bright, soft, protective holy fire.( As you said the intention is really important, if you mess this up and just make an image of just an fire, you’ll probably do damage rather than protect.) Then you start to systematically cover the person with the fire starting from down working up and placing more energy into the shield as you form it, can add more in the end to strengthen it to your taste. When it is done it should be a clear picture of a flaming person or an wall of fire in your mind’s eye. For an area you simply focus on the border. It is just necessary to make a wall of fire that is high, about 2 to 3 times the hight of a person at the highest point, higher is safer. No need to close it at top for it is designed so that every being that you don’t deem welcome in the area in the walls will feel its effects. Closing the top will make it more effective, but take a lot more energy and focus, don’t make a flat “roof”. It will most likely be necessary to draw energy from the natural elements, to use it as the source of its power, to power the shield if it is rather big.

    Note if you don’t explicitly allow someone to “scan” or “read” you while the shield is active there is a chance that it will react as if you are under attack, depending on how the person goes to work.

    This is just a crash course in making it, personalize it and get a feeling of it if you intend to use it in the field.

    Hope it helps and feel free to ask any questions. :)

    by Henk / April 30th 2011

  2. Thanks Henk for this tutorial!

    Beside teaching another useful technique, it proves the point – energy and intention, everything else is just the technique :).

    by Nathaniel / April 30th 2011

  3. I use a white light or energy shield when I meditate. I visualize myself at the bottom of a hill filled with snow. Then, I start an avalanche. And when it is going, I change the snow to crystals of light with many colors that float gently down and cover me in love.

    I do not need to “protect” myself. The white light of love not only protects me but it actually goes out from me as though I am traveling in a bubble of white light. If I am having problems with anyone, I see them happy and smiling without preplanning anything. Things always work out better than I could have even contemplating planning them.

    by William / May 1st 2011