Your Psychic Growth, Psychic Gifts And Helping Others Grow

Some people prefer to visit psychics and use their services, others prefer to become psychic themselves (I hope most you’re that second type). Which option is better? In my opinion, it’s much better to become psychic and rely on your own abilities, than been dependent of the abilities of others. But it doesn’t mean that by being psychic, you don’t ask other psychics for help. Not only that I have an esoteric teacher I’m close to, but I also use psychic services of others. Why? Because I can’t do everything.


When It’s A Matter Of Gift

I believe that every psychic ability can be learned and mastered. But some abilities might look more like true gifts – something that has awaken because of your development, yet it was not your intention to develop that skill. In my case, such “gift” is an ability to psychically perceive chakras and energy body. I didn’t wanted to learn this skill, it just appeared out of nowhere and I said “heck, I can work with that”.

As you will walk the path of psychic development, you might want to practice different things – spoon bending, telepathy, psychometry, psychic readings and so on. In order to develop such abilities, you will meditate, you will work with energies, and you will work with affirmations and core images (or other mind techniques). During your psychic journey, useful skills might just awake on their own, skills you never thought about, but they’re here now, and you should start using them.

Sometimes I think that such “gifts” are our inborn psychic abilities that were dormant for many years until we begun working towards inner growth. These skills might be programmed by our previous lives (if you believe in reincarnation), or maybe they’re governed by genetic code, I don’t know. The point is that not every psychic sees ghosts, and some psychics have other gifts.

You Have Your Own Skillset

Some psychics do psychic investigations, they solve crimes. Some can talk to spirits, and help them move into the light. Some can do psychometry or use rods for dowsing, and are into psychic archaeology. And some psychics feels good as psychic counselors, offering intuitive counseling. Of course, this is just the tip of an iceberg. You might want to learn different psychic abilities, but in the end, you will choose your specialization – either because you want to do something, or because you feel you should do something.

At some point, your natural skills will awake, they might be very close to abilities you wanted to develop, or they might be very different.

The awakening of your skills might be a surprise, but it can be quite normal, as well. I do remember how I realized I can do chakra readings. I’ve met with a bunch of “witches” – I mean ladies who were slightly into the occult. And one of these ladies just gave ma photo of her friend. All they knew about me was that I was practicing psychic development, but I never said I can do psychic readings (even if I was doing psychic readings at the time).

OK, I have nothing to loose, I thought. So I looked at the photo, and visualized the man. I got intuitive thought “visualize his chakras”, so I did. And then I just used the knowledge I had based on all the books I’ve read, and I started reading the man. How surprised I was when the lady started to confirm my intuitive findings. Few minutes later I did correct reading to second lady on that meeting. And then I shared my insights with my teacher, and he confirmed I do see things. And I just started doing readings.

Now I know what I can do – and I know how to work with this skill, and I also know that with this ability I can slowly head towards intuitive counseling in much wider degree.

I want you to remember this – do not struggle to awake your natural abilities – just keep unleashing your psychic potential – meditate, work with energies, work with negative mind patterns and practice psychic skills you wish to have. Everything else should be left in the hands of the Boss above. And don’t think that if you will awake one skill, it will be the only skill you will working with until you meet the maker. Who knows, maybe you have many natural abilities just waiting to awake, your very own skillset?

What Is It That I Do – About Chakra Reading

What do I do is very simple – beside channeling Reiki energies (which is a skill everyone can learn by being attuned to Reiki), I can also see chakras and energy body. This means that based on your photo or during face-to-face meeting I can see how do your chakras work, are they energized or blocked, weak or strong. It’s very useful ability that can be used to speed up both spiritual and psychical growth. How? Here’s an example based on a reading I did not so long ago.

A person contacted me because he was unable to tune into his intuitive thoughts and spiritual insights, generally his psychic development was blocked and he didn’t know why. So I took a look and saw that his 5th chakra is completely blocked, disallowing the energies to flow freely towards Third Eye and 7th chakra. This resulted in blocked psychic abilities.

Based on intuitive thoughts I was able to point out which emotional problems caused the blockage, and I advised how to deal with them, to unblock the chakra and allow energies to power the Third Eye. After few weeks of work, the person has reported changes – he still wasn’t able to tap into his psychic abilities, but he reported that he started doing things intuitively, and felt a bit stronger spiritual connection. It’s not much, but he made few steps forward.

Blockages on the 5th chakra seems quite popular, as I’ve seen a number of people with this kind of problem already.

By pointing out which chakras are not energized enough, which chakras are blocked and by identifying the sources of these blockages, I can advise people what kind of psychical or spiritual work they should perform at the time, and what kind of techniques they should apply. Because of this, people who contact me asking for reading, aren’t walking blind – they know what should they work with first, what should they work with next and so on. Instead of walking blind and spending six years developing psychic abilities, they can work for two years step by step, blockage after blockage.

  • Isn’t it useful? Instead of saying “meditate, work with energies” I can take a look and say “you have some bad memories of your childhood, regarding physical contact I guess – you need to identify them and fix them with affirmations and core images work, then the energy will flow easier and you will have better effects in your psychic development“. Hmm?

Energy Body reading can also support healing practices – according to Chinese Medicine, all physical illnesses are caused by energy imbalance, thus any further illness can be perceived on the energy body – I can advice which piece of your body require some Reiki or psychic healing. It’s very useful in my Reiki practice.

Every Medium Is Psychic…

… But not every psychic is a medium, it’s something most people forget. Because of this, most people think that psychic can only do them fortune telling, or help them talk to their grandpa’s spirit. It’s fine to talk to spirits, it’s fine to do fortune telling, but psychics are more than that. What’s most important is that psychics are intuitive. And through intuition, you can benefit greatly.

You might not yet understand what I’m talking about, but bare with me, please :). So – people are visiting psychics, seeking advices regarding their life. They ask about relationships, about financial issues, and recently I’ve been asked “what will happen to Davon” – well, I’m not sure what or who Davon is (or was it Devon?), but I gently pointed out that I don’t do relationship readings. For some reasons, people are afraid of being in control of their own life, so they want to give the responsibility to psychics – and if anything goes wrong, to blame them, instead of themselves.

It’s a reason why I don’t do relationship or financial readings. But it’s also a reason why I teach psychic development – because I believe that instead of visiting psychics seeking advices regarding love or money or health, you can become psychic yourself, and take full responsibility for your life – a responsibility on steroids, with decisions based on your intuition, and 100% guarantee that whatever will happen, it will happen for your own good.

  • First step in becoming psychic is becoming more attuned to your intuition. And intuitive thinking benefits in good choices, and good choices result in better life. Isn’t it simple?

If you could take full control over your life knowing that your actions dictated by your intuition will result in positive manner, wouldn’t you use the opportunity, even if it would require for you to take full responsibility over your life?

Psychics Still Matter

What I’m saying here is that everyone should develop at least his or hers intuition. But it doesn’t mean that psychic services would become useless. Personally, right now I can’t use psychic abilities to locate missing people – but I know psychics who can. I also know psychics who can solve crimes, but can’t perceive even their own chakras, so if they’re blocked, they can’t figure out why.

Because of this, even if you will become psychic, I’m sure you won’t be able to do everything, and you will still rely on the services of others. But you will be able to offer your services as well. The truth is, being psychic isn’t that different from being a teacher – a teacher might be able to teach math, but at the same time, teacher might need help with fixing broken computer. We can’t do everything, and we rely on each other.

  • Even if you’re psychic, don’t be afraid to ask other psychics for help – others can help you with your emotional blockages, or with health problems (not everyone is psychic healer, right?). Being psychic doesn’t mean you have to know everything and posses every fancy psychic skill that can be found in the Internet :).

Through this article I also want to point out to the fact that we are all different, and we all have different psychic goals and different psychic abilities, which we develop further and further. So do not worry if you can’t bend spoons and your psychic friend can. Don’t worry if you can’t see auras, and your other friend can. Keep in mind that you’re special, you have special abilities other psychics might not have. Work with things you already have, and be open, as some new things might be hiding somewhere, just waiting for you to be ready to say hello to them.

But know this – even if some abilities might appear as gift, if you want, you can still work towards development of the abilities you want.

The Beauty Of Cooperation

Finally I need to say this – it’s so wonderful that we have so many different psychics out there. Think about it – people like me can tell you what is blocking you on your development path. Energy workers can teach you how to work with energies. Psychic healers can fix your physical body, Reiki practitioners can also heal your emotional problems. Spirit workers can help spirits move into the light, especially useful if you have problems with a ghost. We, as intuitive workers, as psychics, we create global support network.

And it’s beautiful that we can cooperate with each other. Few days ago, Anna from Psychic But Sane, helped me figure out new blockages I have just through simple discussion under one of her articles. It’s wonderful that we can help each other grow. And that we can help people who are not psychics yet, grow as well.

So keep this in mind – you’re special, and you don’t need to learn every single psychic skill – just start your practice and enjoy it. With time, your psychic abilities will awake, and you will be able to use them to help others.

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Do you use psychic services, either as psychic-wannabe or experienced psychic? Do you agree that psychics and intuitive workers should help each other grow?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. You’re right about this. Last year it occurred to me (finally) that I would much prefer to develop my own intuition rather than asking for readings from others. I trained in a course and that led me to do readings for others as a way to develop my own intuition. Once I did that, I realized that I was not going to have one type of “skill”, I was going to get a whole bunch, and what we really interesting (to me) is that the type varied based on the person I was reading for and, to some degree, their openness or receptivity. I have a long way to go yet. So It is fantastic that there are a whole network of us out there to bounce things off of and learn from.

    by Julie / April 22nd 2011

  2. I’m in the middle ground here. I am intuitive and psychic to a high degree, but I tend to dip into negative patterns and become all.. I can’t explain it. That’s when I seek out readings from other psychics and intuitives. I really wish I that my content and I was of more help to people.

    It’s strange how everything reflects your emotional state, isn’t it. What I wrote above migh only be what I perceive, yet what I perceive is all that matters in that case. I don’t have a lot of people that encourage my psychic development, so I’ve had to develop psychic skills on my own. I’m so happy I have my spiritual friends, even though it’s hard connecting to them when I’m in a state like I’m in now. I know someone’s there for me, at least!

    Nice article, Nathan. Keep it up.

    by Sol / April 23rd 2011

  3. Thanks Nathan for sharing this. Even though I’m psychic, I love getting information from my other psyshic friends and seeing what they percieve. It’s like calling them up for their advice but instead of just getting the normal linear advice, I get the bonus of their deeper insights. It’s not a reading per se but rather just an extended ability they have to advise me. This ties in to exactly what you said about the uniqueness we all have with our own abilities. I have different friends I ask about different things and their unique psychic abilities make them each able to help in varying ways. The article was great and you really capture the heart of psychic. Carol

    by Carol G. / April 26th 2011

  4. @Sol,
    You’re never alone, if you want, you can always find someone to talk to, at least online :).

    You made me wonder – what would happen, if everyone would be able to provide such deeper insights, what would happen if everyone would be psychic, hmm…

    Thank you all for kind opinions about the article!

    by Nathaniel / April 27th 2011

  5. I would prefer to use my own psychic abilities as well but don’t mind getting a reading from someone else.

    by Justin | Mazzastick / April 27th 2011

  6. This is why I’m so glad I have a group of like-minded people nearby. I’m the researcher/runecaster/auraseer, a friend is the telepath/medium, and a third is the Wicca/healer. It works out quite nicely. Unfortunately, I know a lot of people end up being solitary. Personally, I’m glad to use the resources availiable to me.

    by sortofpsychic / April 27th 2011

  7. I really enjoyed reading your article. When I first started getting into New Age ideas I was skeptical of psychics but after having a couple of readings that has changed. I’m now more informed about how the information is channeled in a reading and don’t expect black and white answers.

    by Todd | ChannelingMyself / April 30th 2011

  8. Oh good, cause black and white answers are difficult to get :)

    by Nathaniel / April 30th 2011

  9. Hey! Great article, one tiny correction though on “psychic healers” (if you meant my mind of energy healing). We actually work with the subtle energy bodies, including the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual layers. The physical body sometimes sorts itself out as a result of the healings, but I imagine that it is very similar to reiki in terms of helping with emotional problems …

    Ps … Love that you talk about how there are dozens of psychic gifts, and even though we each have our own its good to make friends with intuitives who have others =)


    by Geena / May 1st 2011

  10. Geena,
    I did not write the details, but I do know how psychic healing works :). I mean on the energetic level, I just don’t want some readers to be confused :). But it’s a nice idea for an article, thanks!

    by Nathaniel / May 4th 2011