How To Cleanse Your Subconscious Of Bad Memories And Beliefs

Cleansing your subconscious, thus also removing energy body blockages can be performed through many different techniques, like affirmations. Personally, I use a technique called “Core Images Work”, based on teachings of Robert Bruce, with some modifications made by myself. This technique can help you deal with negative past memories and experiences very fast and easy. As you should already know, dealing with your past is an important step in psychic development and personal growth.


The Problem Lies In Blockages

As I have already stated in an article about spiritual development, a lot of problems regarding psychic abilities are related to blockages on your energy body, blockages that can also be tracked down to your subconscious mind. To your memories, to be more specific. Every bad memory or experience or negative pattern creates blockages on energy channels (meridians) or chakras, thus the energy cannot flow freely, and thus, your chakras cannot return to a proper balance.

This always results in problems with psychic abilities – either you cannot develop your psychic sensitivity, or you can’t hear your intuition, or no psychic abilities works for you. Some people don’t have this problem, as their blockages are minor. But some people got huge blockages that block their psychic development path for good. But not only that. Subconscious blockages can also block your efforts to run a successful business, or have a successful relationship, or achieve your personal goals or dreams.

This is why it’s important to deal with your subconscious blockages – not only to improve your overall psychic abilities, but also to improve your life and make few steps on the path of personal growth. You already know a great technique to deal with your problems – affirmations. But affirmations can be a slow tool. Core images, on the other hand, are very, very fast, because they hit the source of your problems directly.

Disclaimer: not everyone will benefit from Core Images work. Everyone is different, and some people might have troubles with breathing, relaxation, visualization, and so on. Some people might have other blockage that makes it impossible to use core images work. How so? For example, you might have been taught that such “mind programming” is just a trick, and it doesn’t really work. In such case, core images won’t work because of your belief. Therefore, you will have to write down affirmation to remove that blockage, in order to start working with core images later.

Still, try it anyway – because there’s no way of knowing if this technique works for you if you won’t try it.

Working With Core Images

What do you need to start working with core images? At least these things: some free time, peace and quiet, dark room or something to cover your eyes, because darkness improves your relaxation. And of course, you need to relax on a comfortable chair or bad. Finally, you need core images to work.

Preparing The List Of Core Images

The term “core images” refer to all negative patterns (beliefs, opinions), memories and experiences you have. These images not only create blockages, but often they can also act as attachment points for astral entities and psychic vampires, and it’s a good idea to remove them in order to get rid of vampiric attachments and astral beings that feed on you. In order to work with core images, you need to be aware of them, and you need to create a list of them.

Therefore, prepare a notebook, in which you’re going to write down your images. When your notebook is ready, you need to start identifying your core images.

  • When writing down affirmations, on the right page of your notebook you’re writing down your emotional responses. Sometimes, you might recall a bad memory or belief like “no, no, life is difficult”. Your bad memory is the core image to work with, and your belief is a message that someone taught you, that life is difficult, and you have to recall the memory of that “lesson”.
  • When you’re doing something, and suddenly you recall some memory that brings emotional charge with it that is negative charge like sadness, aggression, depression, fear, then this memory is a core image.
  • Any negative memory you have creates core images to work with. If someone punched you when you were a child, then it’s a core image. When you lost your favorite toy as a child, it’s core image. When your boyfriend broke up with you, and he brought emotional pain, it’s core image. This creates negative belief patterns: beating might have created a belief that people are only waiting to punch you; loosing your toy might result in fear of losing in the future; heartbreak of teenager will create relationship problems in the future.
  • Any negative pattern you have can be traced back to negative memory and experience. Just observing your behavior is a good way to identify your core images. Ask yourself why do you behave this way? For example, imagine that you’ve met that nice lady, she’s kind, good-looking and intelligent, but you’re afraid to talk to her. Ask yourself, “why am I afraid to talk with her”, and during core images work session, try to recall your very first memory when you had problem talking to a girl (you will learn how to recall memories in just few moments) – et voila, you got your core image.
  • Observe your dreams – keeping dreams journal is always good thing to do, and dreams can also carry information about core images for you. Observe your dreams and pay attention if there are any experiences from the past that might occur to you in a dream state. Write them down, even if they’re not true memories, but typical dreams – work with dreams then, as they might also help you remove some blockages and negative patterns.
  • Sometimes, different events in your life might trigger negative memories – buying a new car, meeting a new person, getting a new job etc. Pay attention to all memories and emotions that are coming to you each day.

Continue the work on your core images list – it might contain few points, or few hundred points, it doesn’t really matter. A word of advice – do not worry if you have hundreds of things to work with. Work with them point by point and be patient. Worrying will only generate new core images to work with in the future. Think about big lists in a positive manner. Think, that now you know what you need to deal with. Think that with this big list you have, you will soon deal with all your problems and your life will change within few months.

Core Images Work Session

Now you have your list of core images, it’s time to have your first work session. So find some time to relax in quiet, dark place, or use something to cover your eyes. Darkness will help you relax. Sit down or lie in a comfortable position. Remember first few points from your list – one, two, maybe even five. Don’t push yourself, five images per session are enough. Personally, I’m working with a maximum of three core images per session.

Now, follow the procedure carefully. Be sure no one will disturb your peace for the next half an hour.

  • You have to close your eyes, and relax all your muscles. Now you have to start breathing – take deep breaths. Breath in and breath out fast, one second to breath in, and one second to breath out. Make from three to ten of such breaths, no more. And then, again – relax.
  • Say “I’m going back with my memory to…” and define the moment of time, the moment when your experience has been recorded and is now a memory. Then observe that entire experience once more. Negative emotions might appear, just observe them. They’re no longer in control, so don’t be afraid, don’t worry. You might want to cry – that’s OK, cry. It’s an emotional response meant to decrease emotional pain.
  • Observe the event you’ve just recalled. Relax, don’t worry, don’t be afraid, just observe it. Say “I’m observing, and I’m feeling good, I’m relaxed, I’m calm, I’m secured” and feel good, feel relaxed, feel calm, feel secured. You’re in control. Know, that what you’re observing is the past, and that past cannot hurt you anymore from your current point of view. You’re safe.
  • Say “When I count down from 3 to 0, my fear/sadness/anger/depression will go away, and I will feel good, relaxed, calm and secured“. Then slowly count down from 3 to 0, and let go all your negative emotions. Feel good, relaxed, calm and secured.
  • Often, some memories might carry additional belief – that you’re responsible for something, or that someone is responsible for something. For example, when you have made a huge mistake, you might think it’s all your fault. Or that when someone broke your heart, its that person’s fault. In such case, forgive yourself or that person. Just say “I’m forgiving myself …” or “I’m forgiving NAME …“, and when forgiving, do this with your heart – really forgive yourself or that specific person. It will be a relief for both of you.
  • Now visualize a beautiful scene – visualize a place you enjoy. For example, I’m visualizing wonderful plains with high grass, calm and warm wind, at the time of sunset. You need to visualize a scene you enjoy, it might a romantic sunset, or peaceful Buddhist’s temple, or whatever. The point is that this visualized place must feel safe to you. You must feel at peace when looking at this place, you must feel calm, relaxed and secured. Use your vivid imagination!
  • Now visualize the scene, the event or experience in question, visualize it as paper postcard. This postcard is hovering within your peaceful scene which you have visualized in the previous step. Then visualize that postcard moving away, and away, and away, until it disappears beyond the horizon.
  • Now visualize the postcard back again, it’s hovering in front of you, within your peaceful scene. Visualize that you’re holding a blessed sword in your right hand, and holy flaming torch in your left hand. Use the sword to cut the postcard to pieces. And then use the torch to burn these pieces. Visualize the pieces to burn entirely, leaving no trail, and see that beautiful, peaceful scene you’ve created earlier. Focus on it’s beauty, and all the positive emotions the scene brings you. Enjoy it as long as you want.
  • Say “Thank you that I’m now free” and that’s all – you can now open your eyes and end your session, or move to another core images and repeat steps 2-7.

It might look complicate, but after few sessions, you will learn. Each session might take as little as 5 minutes, or even 30 minutes. Personally, I never needed any longer session, and I don’t advice you to push yourself to the limits. After 30 minutes, end your session. If there are still emotions attached to your core images, just mark that on your list. You will return to this core image next time. Don’t push yourself!

How To Recall Memories

In addition, if you’ve identified negative pattern, but not the core image itself, you might want to use a simple method of recalling bad memory.

  • You have to close your eyes, and relax all your muscles. Now you have to start breathing – take deep breaths. Breath in and breath out fast, one second to breath in, and one second to breath out. Make from three to ten of such breaths, no more. And then, again – relax.
  • Say “When I will count down from 3 to 0, I will return with my memory to the first time when …” and name the pattern you’re working with, for example, “… when I was afraid to speak with a girl“. Your mind should respond with a memory – it might not be the memory you were seeking, but still, it’s a core image of some sort, somehow related to the pattern you’re working with. Use it!

In the case when you won’t get any memory, don’t worry. After working with some images, you will deal with many blockages, and new images will appear to you. It takes time to fix your subconscious, but it’s worth it!

Additional Tips For Working With Core Images

Below are some additional tips for working with core images.

  • As I said, sometimes you might end your session, and you won’t feel relief. On the contrary, you might feel that the core image is not yet cleansed. In that case, don’t worry. Some powerful emotions require more time to deal with than weaker emotions. Just return to the specific image during the next session. Use as many sessions to deal with specific image as you need. Remember – you’re not a contest, don’t rush, be patient and take your time.
  • Core images can be old or very fresh. Work with both types. If you had an argument yesterday, then it’s core image, and it need to be cleansed as soon as possible. Treat it as any other core image.

Regarding that fresh images, I have a story for you from my personal practice:

Few days ago I had minor blockage on my subconscious – I was lead by fear, sadness and anger because my boss didn’t pay me this month. These emotions were primary emotions I had, and for some reasons it influenced all my additional income. So I decided to use Core Images and cleanse these fresh emotions that appeared few days earlier.

I cleansed the negative emotions, and freed myself from them, then took a nap. After waking up and checking my email, I was surprised learning that I just made a record of daily passive income by selling so many copies of my e-books. Great!

Some might say it’s coincidence, but I’m psychic long enough to understand that coincidences are psychic phenomena as well, and they’re not accidental, they’re intentional.

Finally, you might ask “I’m done with the core image – should I feel anything?” – well, you might feel a relief. Or you might even sense more energies flowing through specific part of your body if you’re psychic sensitive enough. Or you might notice changes in your daily life. The only thing you should really feel is nothing.

I’ll explain – that nothing refers to your emotions when consciously recalling specific core image. That’s why you should not destroy your images list. Read it from time to time once again, and recall the events and memories. If you can feel negative emotions, then it means the core image hasn’t been cleansed yet, and you still need to work with it. But if you’re recalling the event or memory, and you can’t feel negative emotions at all, then it means you’ve successfully dealt with the image and you should be proud :).

Everything else, like physical sensations or life changes, is just the result of your work. But – there’s an important thing I need to say. Sometimes, removing blockages might result in serious physical response – you might catch the flu, or you might notice a pimple on your face (and it doesn’t matter you’re 60 years old), or you might get muscle spasm or like that. Don’t worry, this is a good sign, it means that your energy body is working to heal itself. You should see my face today after I dealt with some nasty attachments :).

Working With Positive Images

There’s one more thing I need to mention – positive core images. These are the images usually related to astral entities and psychic vampires. They’re like open doors for these beings, allowing them to attach to you and feed upon your energies. These images can be cleansed as well, but with little different approach.

  • In case of positive images, you feel positive emotions – if the image is allowing an entity to feed upon you, it needs to be cleansed. You can dot his with standard procedure, with a small difference to points 3 and 4. Instead of saying that you “feel good, relaxed, calm, secured”, say and feel that you’re neutral and calm, and that positive emotions are leaving. Say “I’m no longer accepting these emotions, I’m no longer allowing access, I’m closed to these entities“. The point is to change positive emotions into neutral emotions – not negative, but neutral. Your subconscious must know that you’re closed for anything that might be attached to these specific core images.

Start Your Work Today

After few weeks of working with core images, you might notice a difference. Your approach to life might be more positive, and your psychic sensitivity might increase, while your psychic abilities might begin to awake, etc. But it doesn’t matter why do you want to work with the core images. You might want to increase your psychic abilities or to get out of debt. In any case, the effort of your work is worth it.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I can definitely feel when my emotional body is heavy and as a result it’s harder for consciousness to get through. It get’s a bit frustrating to say the least.

    I know that spiritual practices will and can do a good job of helping to remove blockages in the energetic body.

    by Justin | Mazzastick / April 16th 2011

  2. Y’know, it’s funny… I just stumbled upon your website yesterday. I’ve been having some real bad times in my life right now, and through a very odd series of clicks, I came here… I haven’t honestly explored into the paranormal in a long time, but I feel like this was directed toward me. Like, I was meant to see this on purpose. I’m going to begin trying this out as soon as I can, because heh, I have a lot of bad emotional baggage that is holding me back. Thanks for the great article, you officially have a new follower.

    by Jeffrey / April 16th 2011

  3. Very good,

    by seema / April 16th 2011

  4. @Justin,

    And that’s why spiritual practices exists – to heal our minds and souls, not just our brains.

    Well, the Universe works in strange ways and can lead us to places, people and events we currently need – there’s no coincidences… or in other words, every coincidence is yet another psychic experience :). Good luck working with your baggage!

    Oh, and – thanks for following and welcome to A State of Mind!

    by Nathaniel / April 16th 2011

  5. Core Images. The name sounds really cool. Kind of technological!

    While I haven’t heard of Core Images before, it seems like an interesting concept. Of the points you mentioned, I definitely agree to observe the dreams we have.

    However, I have a question:
    I know I have limiting beliefs and blockages, but when I write them down I get no emotional response. It’s the same with positive ones. I have a hard tiime connecting with emotions even when visualizing. The emotions get triggered by associations to memories and events, of course, but if it gets triggered, it won’t get triggered again. It’s kind of a one – time occurrence.

    You know, when you visualize and you’re told to think of ‘happy moments’ and you can barely remember any and if you do, you can’t feel the positive emotions because you already have?

    An intereting article that I’ll have to read through once again. Thank you.

    by Sol / April 16th 2011

  6. Amazing!
    Consciousness is harder to get through when the emotional body is not at good state. Thanks for the great article, you officially have a new follower. That is why there’s so called spiritual healing. This is to clean the minds and souls.
    I’m grateful for this article. .

    by Psychic / April 19th 2011

  7. I just came upon your site today as I thought what you had posted on Anna’s site was interesting and insightful. Lots of food for thought here (not quite sure I fully understood what you were saying about the positive images, but don’t really want to go there!) :)

    by Julie / April 20th 2011

  8. @Sol,
    Sometimes emotions might not occure again, but you can remember them, right? It’s all you need, just being aware that the emotions were painful. Then just observe them and relax. Also, if you can’t feel positive emotions when visualizing your peaceful plane, then just rely on your physical body and its relaxation.

    @Psychic & @Julie,
    I’m glad you like the article!

    Julie, you mean that final part? I mean that some positive images, positive emotions, acceptance and tolerance can be dangerous. Imagine that you’re tolerant towards psychic vampire, and you accept the vampire to feed upon you. In such case, he will have an open door and he will feed upon you no matter how protected you are.

    by Nathaniel / April 21st 2011

  9. Our Subconscious is much more powerful, millions of times more powerful than our Conscious Minds, and they are filled with every bit of rubbish we ever heard in our lives. Our higher Minds are even more powerful, when called on, than our Subconscious minds. Yet, most of us depend on our Conscious Minds to do our heavy lifting because we identify with our Ego, and thus, most of us have minimal or modest success. So, we really need a clean and healthy subconciousness.

    by angel cards / April 30th 2011

  10. I also believe that our subconscious mind is very much powerful.It helps us to solve things in a much better way.

    by Psychic / June 11th 2011

  11. Well written. Similar to BPI teachings. Thanks for sharing.

    by Mabeline / December 25th 2011

  12. BPI techniques? I don’t know this one, would you be so kind and explain this technique?

    by Nathaniel / January 3rd 2012