Light Side Versus Dark Side, Why Should You Walk The Light Path Of Psychic Development

I’m big fan of Star Wars universe. Well, sometimes too big as some subconscious blockages proved me lately. Star Wars universe, The Force to be more specific and the Jedi and Sith are so universal metaphors for our own world that often when I speak about psychic energies or God/The Source, I’m using Star Wars terminology. Believe it or not, it works – because even in this world, we have the Light Side and the Dark Side of the Force.


And you, as explorer of esoteric arts and psychic practitioner, you need to choose between these two paths – the Light Side and the Dark Side. I hope Lucas Arts won’t sue me for this article, but the truth is, so far I haven’t figured out any better metaphor to put it. There are Sith and Jedi among us. Which one are you? And which one would you like to be? The problem is that often, people think they’re walking the light path, but in reality they’re on the dark side – why? Because books and courses told them they were doing the right stuff – and this was far away from the truth.

Two Paths, Two Sides of the Force

We can say that there are two paths to develop psychic abilities, the light path and the dark path.

  • Light path is the path of self-improvement and spiritual growth. It’s based on meditation, removing subconscious and energy blockages, changing the way you perceive the world, becoming a better person each day.
  • Dark path is the path of the ego. It’s based on practicing ego magick that focuses on your own needs that are met at expanse of others, practicing Left Hand magick and working with low vibration energies.

Unfortunately, often people decide to choose the dark path because they rarely understand the consequences of their choice. I will explain the consequences soon, for now let’s answer the question – why do people decide for the dark path, anyway?

The Difficult Simple Path

People choose the dark path because it’s “easier” and “faster”. I’m sure you’re familiar with courses like “7-days psychic training workshop” or “become psychic over the weekend“. Heck, even my Psychic Development Simplified is meant for at least 5 months of work :). That’s the biggest problem that exists these days in the field of esoteric arts – people don’t want difficult stuff, they want things that are easy, simple and fast – people lack patience, and this can lead to serious problems.

So they’re choosing simple and fast workshops and courses, or books that promise fast results. They’re choosing Chaos Magick, Left Hand practices, false teachers and courses, books that provide false informations and nothing else. Why? Because as I said, they want simple, easy and fast stuff, and the market responds – different authors and workshop hosts provide them with fast and simple training programs.

What are these programs based upon? Let’s take a fast look:

  • Low vibration energies – let’s recall some headlines like “persuade that girl to love you” or “achieve that business deal” – do these look familiar? There’s nothing wrong in using magick or psychic abilities to attract love or business success, but there’s a difference between attracting love, and persuading specific person to love you. The difference lies in intention, you can either want to force someone to love you, or you can open yourself for love. You can either force someone to sign up the business deal, or you can open yourself for good business deal. In both cases, that first approach will always use low vibration energies, energies that are representing the magick of ego.
  • Spirits work – Goetia is quite famous here, an art of summoning spirits for gaining knowledge or power. But other schools also exists, teaching how to summon spirits to achieve specific results, for example persuade someone to love you. Yet rarely books and courses mention that working with spirits is based on the universal law of exchange – you need to give something to the spirit in order to get something in return. Often, it’s your life force, your Chi.
  • Guru – a lot of systems is based on the “wisdom and power of the Guru”. Such systems are teaching that in order to achieve something, one must meditate through Guru’s third eye, or through Guru in general, thus giving the Guru his or hers own life energy, creating Karma connection that will last for many generations to come.

These are three most popular elements of most “fast path” systems. I know this, because I was also practicing things like that in the past. How did it end up?

I walked the easy path once – and it’s not like I was walking the dark path. I mean, I was doing bad stuff because I thought it was right. I’ve learned things based on books that were constantly talking about positive energies, and positive fast results. And of course, I had fast and positive results. But no one ever mentioned that low vibration energies attract astral critters seeking pray.

I catch an attachment of some nasty astral being that decided to feed upon me. This resulted in lack of Chi, and this resulted in depression, sadness, constant headaches, illnesses and things like that. Stuff that worked for me stopped working, I was no longer able to perform many psychic abilities I used to be good at. And I was unaware of this attachment for over a year until my new teacher noticed the entity and removed it.

Books will speak of positive changes, but the reality is often much different from what the books and courses says. Low vibration energies, black magick, Left Hand practices, false spiritual paths can lead to attachments, and attachments aren’t pleasant – they can block your intuition, and make you unable to use any psychic abilities at all, even turn you towards psychic vampirism. And this truly sucks.

In result, the fast and easy path often brings very fast end and serious consequences. Sure, you can get effects very fast, but at what cost? Attachment? Psychic vampirism? Demonic possession? Depression, illness or even dead can also occur. The dark side, even if fast and often simple, just isn’t worth the effort.

What About The Light Path?

Turns out that the light path that is supposed to be difficult, in reality is much simpler, safer and faster. Sure, it requires you to face your problems instead of running from them, but after dealing with them and fixing stuff, you’re gaining wisdom and abilities that benefit everyone around you, not just you. You can shape your life as you want, you can be whoever you want, and you can do things you want. And of course, you can learn psychic abilities :).

The truth is, my own development’s performances speed up when I decided to change my approach and walk that “difficult” path that proved to me to be very easy. So why should I waste time on some weird magical practices when I can practice things that give me better results and I feel good about this?

But why people think that the path of inner growth and spiritual development is difficult? My opinion about this is simple – they’re misguided by books and courses that provide them with headlines like “don’t waste time on years of development, choose our weekend psychic development course” or “forget about spiritual growth that takes months, get effects within days”. But at what costs, hmm?

No, the light path isn’t difficult – it’s all about being patient and brave enough to try.

How To Walk The Light Side Of The Force

How to actually walk the light path of psychic development and inner growth? Here are few advices from me:

  • Meditatemeditation brings your mind at peace and helps you expand your consciousness. Choose Zazen practice (a Zen meditation school) instead of Trance techniques that only makes you blind. 25 minutes of Zen meditation per day can change your life, I know this from experience. I used to have very chaotic mind full of random thoughts, but it took me less than 2 weeks of Zen meditation to calm down and put my mind at peace. I’m no longer controlled by chaos in my mind, the chaos is simple gone.
  • Improve yourself – don’t run from your problems, instead always identify their sources and work towards dealing with them. Learn each day how to improve yourself, how to be a better person. Study Buddhism teachings, especially the knowledge of Zen school. Collect inspirational quotes, read inspirational and wise books.
  • Be a better person – be kind to other people, be tolerant, be helpful. Make someone smile each day, do something good, help someone with his or hers work.
  • Deal with your spiritual problems – this means that you should change the negative patterns from your life into positive patterns. Deal with negative memories and habits by using rebirthing, regresing, Core Images work or affirmations. Heal your intentions, heal your connection with the Source, trust your intuition.
  • Study and practice energy work arts – take a Yoga class, or Tai Chi Chuan class. Take a Reiki workshop and become Reiki practitioner. Work with your chakras, do not be afraid of alternative medicine, don’t be afraid of using psychic advices regarding your energy body for your own advantage.

You might think that all the points above are related are very egoistic – you meditate, you improve yourself, you study Buddhism, you practice Reiki and so on. But the difference is within your intention.

Working With Intention

Intention is very important in both spiritual growth and psychic development. What is intention? Intention is your reasoning, an answer to question “why do you want this?” – intentions can be good or bad. If you want something for yourself, it might be good or bad. For example, if you want to learn Reiki to help others, it’s good intention. But if you want to learn Reiki only to touch young beautiful girls, then it’s bad, negative intention. Your intentions shape the energies you’re using, and of course – the results of your practice.

So you might ask, can you practice Chaos Magick with pure positive intentions? Well, of course you can! But the problem is – some practices are overloaded with negative energies. Black magick, Left Hand practices and Chaos Magick for hundreds of years were being used for negative purposes of ego magick, thus – they carry negative charge that can still attract astral critters and negative experiences into your life. Therefore, the risk remains.

But sometimes, it’s good to study the background of specific techniques – even Chaos Magick includes elements of meditation and Zen practice – and 60 years of negative misuse cannot change the energy behind positive technique.

Anyway, I advice to practice esoteric arts that were always filled with love and positive intentions.

When you do practice meditation for your own purposes, when you study the ancient wisdom for your own purposes, when you practice Reiki art for your own purposes, but you keep pure intentions in your hearth, like an intend for meditation to become a better person, for Reiki to help people etc., then you’re on the light path. Light path improves your connection with the Source, with the Force, and the Source can then guide you through your intuition:

  • You can learn which practices will suit you, or which teachers can really teach you something. You will know which exercises should you try, which books should you read, which area of esoteric knowledge should you study and so on.

And the coolest part is – that if you decide to get rid of the chains of “fast” practices, your progress can be very, very fast – literally within few weeks you can notice a big different, and within few months you can become more psychic than some famous psychics in TV! :)

Which Path Do You Choose?

The choice is yours – you can either meditate, work with affirmations and become a better person each day, or you can choose the path of ego magick, thus suffer consequences. I decided to walk the light path – and even if sometimes problems I face are difficult, the techniques to deal with them are so simple that I just cannot say that this path is difficult in general. It’s more challenging, but it provides much better results.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. What you are really talking about is intentions here. There is no Light” or “dark” side to psychic abilities. When you start talking about sides then the issue then becomes polarized and is misunderstood.

    It’s like magic, people think there is “white” magic and “dark” magic but all there is is “magic”.
    Intentions are the issue, not the ability.

    I am just not sure that falling back on the old “good” versus “light” really represents any ability well. I think it is this method that leads to a misunderstanding to begin with and leads to categorizing people and labeling.

    Just my opinion.

    by Ryu / April 8th 2011

  2. I think beyond intention, what Nathan is talking about is the effort and patience it takes to develop a sound psychic practice. We can have the intention to put our abilities to good use, but if you cheat to get there it will come at a cost.

    Anyhoooo, can you (nathan) give us more examples of the light/dark path? I like the concepts ybut I am having trouble identifying the actual behaviors that you would associate with the dark path. Especially the “fast results/feeding” etc.

    by Geena / April 9th 2011

  3. Well, you’re right – psychic abilities are neutral. But beside psychic abilities themselves, there are also more complex practices, rituals and techniques that are just filled with negative intentions because for hundreds of years they were being used with negative intentions :).

    by Nathaniel / April 9th 2011

  4. Hi there!
    What a strange synchronity that I am writing an article on the shadow self and the ego, when I stumble upon this article (well, stumble and stumble..). I must say I agree with the ‘Guru way part’. I kind of find it depowering, you know?

    Something I’d like to commet on, however, is the ‘Intention’ part. I will stress this: Intention IS important. It’s basically what makes up your world. The reason why you do things may not seem very well – defined, but it’s smart to look into it. Sure, you can do all the ‘hard’ work – if you even define it as work that is. You can do all the ‘fast work’, that won’t yield any results. It’s about consistency. Then, when you fail, you blame it on the ego when it’s you that’ve unknowingly used it to put blocks in your mind. You reap what you sow. So, you can ask yourself when everything comes to everything: What do I really want?

    by Sol / April 10th 2011

  5. I have swayed back and forth in between the light and dark paths. I am definitely trying to get all that I can out of life, but I am also willing to serve or contribute back to my world.

    I’d like to hear more about the astral energy that was feeding off of you. How did your teacher remove it?

    by Justin | Mazzastick / April 11th 2011

  6. @Geena,
    Examples of the light and dark path, it’s blurry, really :). Definitely dark paths are the ways of Chaos Magick and most of the Lew Hand practices (Left Hand Path focuses on ego magick, curses and psychic attacks, summoning and working with spirits, but also attracting love and money, but through destructive practices – sacrifices, “mind control”, spirits work etc). A lot of post-theosophical and Western hindu-based sects where there is a guru, can also be destructive. I will not post names because it would make a target, sorry.

    Light path can be explained with Star Wars metaphor – while dark path of the Sith is ruled by ego and the Force is just a tool, a Jedi (the light path) is guided by the Force, the Force is an ally (and a powerful ally it is). There are different paths that can be defined as “light” – all have similar elements: peace, true love towards every living being, tolerance, helpfulness. You know, be a good person, help others, teach others, be nice and don’t let your ego take control. Buddhism would be the best example here.

    You’re right, it is our own mind to blame for our failures – that’s why true development on the path of psychic work or spirituality must start with dealing with all these negative patterns and blockages we’ve created in our minds.

    Astral entities attach themselves to your energy body directly, or through energy link – the trick is to remove the link or the attachement through energy work practices. Such entities don’t like positive energies like pure Reiki or pure Source energy (some call this energy God), so the trick is to punch the entity with the energies of the Lights, in addition using your own energies to literally cut the creature off. Of course, don’t play with exorcisms with such small bits of knowledge :).

    by Nathaniel / April 11th 2011

  7. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by “chaos magick”. Do you have an example, or a program type, or something like that?

    by Valridagan / April 24th 2011

  8. @Valridagan,

    You don’t know what Chaos Magick is? Whoh, nice! I thought every modern occult explorer knows this. Basically, Chaos Magick is a modern system of practical magick that evolved from XIX century orders. Read books by Phil Hine and Peter J. Carroll to learn more.

    But I do not recommend practising Chaos Magick, it can turn your life into mess.

    by Nathaniel / April 25th 2011

  9. @Nathaniel,

    I’m mostly self-taught. I got some basic techniques and theory from Laurel Chaisson and the Vampire Codex, but that’s about it, except for some knowledge on programs. Oh, and almost all my knowledge on crystals comes from Judy Hall, and I’ve picked up things from movies and TV shows, but not much more. So no, I don’t know about Chaos Magick.

    by Valridagan / April 25th 2011

  10. Good for you :). Chaos magick can be a real pain in the back :).

    by Nathaniel / April 27th 2011

  11. The light path is always pleasant to walk through. I’ll go with it. Why should make things complicated?

    by tarot card / April 30th 2011

  12. I find this piece very close to home as I have been a practioner of the dark arts for years and have only found that i end up the bad man in the end and the depression and angst that comes with it can be unbearable. I am begining again to refine and I guess re tune my abilities for the light. But find the old habits hard to break as I struggle to find the place were I began I find a lyrical stand point from NVN nation appropiate if i would shed my skin the layers lost but not the lessons learned. It would not undo what I have done nor grant forgiveness for some better days to come. Because there are those you hurt you can never help because they will never trust you again. So those of you considering the left hand path just be ready for the darkness that will engulf every thing you do. For it was once said a wise man learns from the mistakes of others a smart man must make his first to learn from them.

    by Rayvin De Angelo / April 30th 2011