Affirmations 101, What Do You Need To Know About Using Them For Inner Growth

Do you know what affirmations are? Basically, affirmation is a phrase which we can repeat constantly, and this repetition is meant to reprogram our mind, for example, we can use affirmations to change our negative habit into positive habit. But affirmations are more than this – they’re powerful manifestation tools, especially in the hands of skillful psychic.


Dangerous Practice, Sometimes

Still, a lot of people think that it’s sufficient just to repeat an affirmation in your mind in order to get it to work. This isn’t entirely true, yes – repeating affirmation in your mind will work, but only if you will repeat it for few months or even years. A good affirmation should be written down, and it should be written down correctly. What does it mean? Look at the example below, please:

I don’t have a headache.

If you will repeat this in your mind, then it’s affirmation, but it’s negative affirmation. Why? Because your subconscious mind, upon which we’re trying to operate through this technique, doesn’t recognize negation. To your subconscious, the affirmation above looks like this:

I have a headache.

Simple as that, your subconscious doesn’t care if you want or do not want, if you have or don’t have. So when you want to start working with affirmations, you need to pay attention now, as there are few things you need to learn first.

How To Create Good Affirmations

First of all, good affirmation must keep thinking in a positive way. It cannot include any negative words or phrases. Below are few examples of bad affirmations:

  • I don’t have a headache.
  • I’m not worried.

Instead, you should create affirmations that say “my head feels good and OK“, “I’m calm and secured”. An affirmation must be always positive, in order to replace any negative pattern you might have stored in your subconscious mind. Below are more examples of good affirmations:

  • I, Nathan, am happy.
  • I, Nathan, am innocent – if someone is accusing you.
  • I, Nathan,  work efficiently and I like my job – if you have problems in workplace.
  • I, Nathan, experience pleasure each and every day.
  • I, Nathan, have the right to feel safe in my home – if you feel threaten.

Quite simple, isn’t it? Generally, as I’ve stated in one of my previous articles, we create negative patterns throughout our entire life. Emotional traumas, scary events, bad experiences, they all creates our behavior habits, and some of the habits we just can’t stand. Affirmations are one of the methods to reprogram our mind, and change negative habits and negative thoughts, into positive habits and positive thoughts.

Notice there’s always “I, NAME, something” – it’s an affirmation for you, so it should include your name – remember, it’s a tool to work with your subconscious, and your subconscious need a name for identification. Just stick to this rule :).

Let’s say you’re always tired at work – but you like your work, you’re doing what you love, yet you don’t experience that energy burst some people have. You might figure our it’s because few years earlier, you were working in a place you didn’t like, and you lost your interest in any kind of work. This is a negative habit I’m talking about. You can now use affirmation to reprogram your mind. Simple by focusing on “I’m always full of energy during work time” you can become a walking power cell one more.

Interesting fact is that affirmations are tools to work with your subconscious, and your subconscious is a nasty pet. For example, if you will change that affirmation a little into “I’m always full of energy in my workplace“, then it will work, as well. But notice the keyword workplace – now what might happen if your boss will send you for a delegation? You’re no longer in your workplace, and your energy might decide to take a break :). Another reason to pay close attention to your keywords.

How Do Affirmations Work

As I said, affirmations are tools to work with your subconscious. If you focus on each affirmation, and you focus on it with your heart and brain, after few days, perhaps few weeks or months, it starts to overwrite your previous subconscious pattern. It’s like a mechanical way to deal with these subconscious problems. Personally, I use affirmations to deal with problems I cannot identify as core images, so I can’t work with them with my standard practice.

The best way to explain how affirmations really work will be to give you simple example from my own practice. I had problems with money. I wanted to make more money from my own businesses, but I was just unable to. Some inner growth practices have pointed me to the source of the problem. I had that negative pattern in my mind that was constantly telling me two things:

  • First, something that others have taught me in the past – that it’s hard to earn money.
  • Second, something I had taught myself – that those who are rich, are dishonest assholes.

So I had to deal with these negative patterns. First one was telling me that I can’t really make money easy and with pleasure. Second one was even more problematic – how can I become rich if I consider everyone who is rich as asshole? Well, I’ve created two affirmations: “I, Nathan, make money easy and with pleasure” and “I, Nathan, have great respect for people who honestly achieved success“. Within less than two weeks, I’ve managed to deal with both negative patterns.

My income jumped about 30% up, and I’ve gained inspiration for dozens of articles, and 4 more new e-books I will write this year. That’s for first affirmation. For second one, here’s an example. My friend, Courtney, have published an article in latest TAPS Paramagazine issue. Normally (few weeks ago), I would envy her, and even feel sad because she did it, and I didn’t. But honestly, when I’ve learned about her success, I was so happy as it would  be me whose got published :). An awesome change of point of view!

By the way, go to Courtney’s blog and congratulate her on this great achievement!

Anyways, you see how affirmations work. Earlier this article, I have said that affirmations might work after few days, weeks or even months. Indeed, there’s no set-in-stone time for affirmations, because some negative patterns in your mind are weaker than others, and some are more established than others. Weak patterns can be dealt within few weeks, and difficult, and established patterns might require few months to overwrite. How to know when affirmation starts working? To understand this, you need to learn how to write and use affirmations.

How To Write And Use Affirmations

Before I explain how to write affirmations, I want to say that there are other methods of using affirmations, as well. You can record them and listen to them with your mp3 player; you can speak them aloud few times a day; you can paint them; you can type them on a computer, but based on experience of many people you should know that these methods require a lot more time for affirmation to work. The best way to my opinion is hand-writing.

Therefore, you need a notebook. When you open it, you can write your affirmations on the left page. On the right page, you should write all your responses. What is a response in case of affirmations? When you write an affirmation, you get a response from your body – it’s either physical response or emotional or mental one. For example, you might:

  • Feel physical pain, recall past memories, feel emotional pain, or fear, or get any kind of emotion – positive or negative. You might even have positive physical responses, like pleasure, or you can get simple thoughts like “this is not real”, “this is stupid”, “fake” or positive thoughts like “awesome”, “yea, it’s true”. All these responses should be written down with no judgement – just write them, and don’t judge yourself because you have some negative thoughts. If you focus on them, you get angry or scared, and this only makes things worse.

The point is to write all these responses on the right page, so they won’t be stuck in your subconscious anymore. An affirmation start working when you get only positive responses from your body and mind, it means when you write your affirmations, you get only positive sensations, thoughts and emotions, with no negative responses. This might take weeks or even months.

Some schools of thoughts say that you should write affirmations for 30 days, or even for 90 days. Well, my school of thought is different. You should write down affirmation for 7 days at least – if after 7 days you still got negative responses, then continue writing your affirmations until you will get positive responses only – this is the only rule you should stick to when it comes to answering the question “how long should I write”.

Now how to write affirmations, any way? You already know they should be as positive as possible. But you can’t just write “I’m happy”, because the way we perceive ourselves is not just ours. I mean, the way you see yourself is shaped by your thoughts and their thoughts – opinions and gossips of other people. Therefore, you should write down each affirmation in three persons, like this:

I, Nathan, make money simple and with pleasure.

You, Nathan, make money simple and with pleasure.

He, Nathan, makes money simple and with pleasure.

And this set of affirmations should be repeated 5 times, so in total, you will write 15 phrases. If you’re dealing with difficult pattern, you can also write 30 phrases or even more, if you like. As you can see, writing affirmations is quite simple :).

Working With Affirmations

When you write affirmations, please don’t act like a machine – feel enjoyment when you write each word, use your heart and “love” the phrases you’re writing. By adding positive emotions to positive affirmations you’re improving their effects, they just work better. But if you will write things down automatically, just to write them, then they won’t really work as they should be. So, feel positive!

I need to mention a very important thing – after few days, or perhaps weeks of writing your affirmations, you might experience a mental breakdown. You may get sad, angry, and you may think this doesn’t work. Do not stop writing affirmations now – because such a breakdown is a sign that affirmation is beginning to overwrite your old patterns! You must be strong, because few days later negativity will be gone, and your affirmation will really start to work. Some people experience these breakdowns, and some don’t. But if you’re going to experience it, remember to keep writing affirmations, as breakdown is a good sign.

Affirmations For Inner Growth And Psychic Development

Because affirmations are tools for working with your subconscious, they can be used for your inner growth. You can use them to deal with negative thought patterns that we all have, and overwrite them, change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. But they can be also used for psychic development. How?

Remember what I’ve told you about my financial problems earlier? Now think about it – what do you think about psychics? Do you respect people who can see auras, spirits, who can do psychic readings? Do you respect people who make money because of their psychic abilities, or with the help of these skills? If your answers are “no”, then explain – how do you intend to become a psychic, if you don’t respect psychics? Whether you like it or not, but your subconscious will simple block your efforts.

Or let’s say you have been taught that all psychics are frauds faking stuff, and psychic abilities don’t exist. Right now you might think “I want to learn how to be psychic”, but because your subconscious beliefs are blocking you, you will be constantly hitting the wall, and you won’t achieve much. Or perhaps you’re afraid of what people will think of you if you will become psychic. In such case, your subconscious will again block you from learning psychic skills.

In such cases, you have negative patterns in your mind, and you need to deal with them – affirmations are a good way to do so. You can write “I, NAME, have respect for every psychic“, “I, NAME, have respect for every psychic who makes money with the help of psychic abilities“, “I, NAME, allow people to respect me because of my psychic abilities“, “I, NAME, know that psychic abilities are real” and so on. Yes, working with such affirmations might take months – but trust me, if you won’t start working with them today, and subconscious blockages do exist in your case, then your practice efforts might be worthless.

A Powerful Tool In Skillful Hands

Affirmations can be used for many things – to reprogram negative patterns that govern different areas of your life: money, relationship, psychic development, spiritual growth, hobby, job. 20 minutes of writing per day are not much, but it can change your life – sometimes within weeks, sometimes within months, but in the end, your effort is really worth it!

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. This is very interesting, personally I’ve been having trouble with guilt issues especially concerning my psychic development and runic study and it gets tired after a while. I am definitely going to try this out and see where it goes!

    by Sikura / March 25th 2011

  2. Thanks! You offered a lot of great insight, but I’d like to add another point. When using affirmations, or anytime I am addressing the subconscious, adding a time frame or a condition when it applies greatly increases how well it works for me. The subconscious can tend to take things very literally, and if you don’t cover all the details, it sometimes finds interesting ways to ignore or twist what you are asking for. For example “I am filled with energy and confidence” might seem like a great affirmation, but what if you are filled with energy while trying to go to sleep? By being very specific, I get great results: “I am always filled with energy and confidence when I need it”.

    by Leo@Psychic Development / March 31st 2011

  3. @Leo,

    You are correct, I missed that one :). Yes, time frame is very important and one should take great care when \designing\ each affirmation. But sometimes, time frame is as simple as \here and now\, like with the affirmation from the article, the one about making money with pleasure – you should write it considering that it will work all the time from now till the end :).

    by Nathaniel / April 1st 2011

  4. I’ve started to try this. I went into my goal with a lot of enthusiasm initially, but I experienced the “breakdown” after only about a week or so. I suddenly started thinking “this will never really work” and “this is so silly” and kept forgetting to do it despite being so excited about it not long before. I’m pushing on through it.

    Writing and typing doesn’t seem to feel as effective for me, maybe because I’m the type to think “loudly” and I pay a lot of attention to my inner voice. Just silently repeating the affirmation and feeling my intentions with it seems to be very helpful.

    by Rat / April 15th 2011

  5. @Rat,

    Talk to yourself then :). If it works for you, then why not? Just keep writing as well and keep pushing through, that breakdown thing can be a real pain in the back sometimes. But it can be dealt with eventually.

    Good luck!

    by Nathaniel / April 15th 2011

  6. Hi Nathaniel,

    I am trying for a new job inside my company. Now i am working in a project which i dont like to continue as because my area of interest is different than my current project. I tried to use affirmations for this, but i get struck. Can u give me some ideas to create correct affirmations for this situation?

    i tried
    i have been selected in new project
    i am working happily in my new project

    but i feel i am missing something, can u please help me?


    by Suja / November 15th 2011