Why Should You Unleash Your Psychic Potential, Anyway?

There are many paths, which lead to learning psychic abilities and becoming psychic. But really, why should you even care to unleash your psychic potential? Why should you become psychic, anyway? I can think of number of reasons anyone of you might have, but I think that most of you has been mislead by terminology. Honestly, psychic abilities should be learned by everyone – teachers, businessman, etc. – not just by people who want to give psychic readings.


You see, to become a psychic, doesn’t mean that you will master the skills like telepathy, or at least some form of clairvoyance that can be used for psychometry or psychic readings. To become a psychic means to unleash your psychic potential. And that psychic potential is much more than some fancy psychic abilities many people want to have these days.

Why I Wanted To Become Psychic

To give you a better perspective, let me share my own story with you. Below is reason why grandpa Nathaniel decided to walk the path of psychic development :).

If you have ever read my short bio, then you should already know that my own adventure with psychic abilities started about 6 years ago with a computer game. I wanted to become psychic because it was cool – yea, I know, it’s not some spiritual goal, right? But as you can see, some people start their adventure with psychic phenomena simple because it’s cool. Hey, on the other hand, if it wouldn’t be cool, no body would be really interested in this, don’t you think?

So yes, I started with computer game, so my searched led me to some websites like PsiPog.net, where I learned the basics 6 years ago. But my motivation was quite simple – I wanted to learn some fancy psychic abilities because they were cool and I wanted to feel special. And then my interested has shifted towards books and spirituality, then to magick, and then back to spirituality.

This approach lasted for about 4 years, when finally my interest in psychic abilities shifted again.

My today’s perspective is slightly different. I still perceive psychic abilities as cool and fancy, but I’m learning new things not because I want to be cool, but because I’ve learned that true psychic mind gives you more benefits than you can ever think of. All the benefits fall under one term, which I’m using, your psychic potential.

It’s hard to understand what your potential is without giving some examples first.

What Is Your Psychic Potential, Really?

Your psychic potential is the natural capability of your mind to be yourself. This is the most basic explanation of this term that I can think of. To help you understand the term better, let’s start with some examples:

  • When you’re in times of trouble, you can listen to your intuition. Through your psychic intuition, you are receiving guidance “from the above”, from that greater power some people call God, and I call “The Source”.
  • When someone is missing, you can use your psychic abilities to help local authorities locate the person. The same thing applies to missing objects or animals, or even treasures.
  • When someone is in trouble, you can ask your own intuition to help you give the best advice to this person as possible, if this person is unable to unleash his or her own psychic potential.
  • You can help unveil the mysteries of the past through fancy psychic ability like psychometry, an ability to acquire information from objects and places via psychic means.

These are few examples. Generally, your psychic potential is your capability to stay in touch with the Source (God, Universe, or whatever you believe in) and use this connection to help yourself, and help others; it’s capability to perceive the world as it really is and make it a better place for everyone.

Wouldn’t You Like To Help People? Or Yourself?

I’ve seen it many times – most young people say that they want to learn psychic abilities because they want to help people. But in reality, they just pretend they want to help others, they just want to be cool and help themselves. And to be honest, I see no problem with that. I started my journey because I wanted to help myself. It was a selfish decision. But it’s OK, because if you won’t harm others, then everything is all right.

Personally I believe that when a person start unleashing his or her psychic potential, he or she will decide to help people at some point, because as I’ve stated in my previous article, psychic development is connected with spiritual growth, and spiritual growth turns people’s selfish perception towards more… helpful to others, at least.

As you can see, if you’re going to help people one way or another because of your psychic development, then don’t worry – there’s nothing wrong about being selfish at first. Everyone must learn; everyone must grow up towards being helpful to other people. If you want to develop psychic abilities because you want to be cool; or because you want to be respected; because you’re tired of who you are right now, and you want something else; then go for it!

The only rule you need to keep in mind is simple – as long as you’re not harming others, it’s OK to be a little selfish. Your personal goals are the best motivator. And motivation is very important in case of psychic development.

Why should you unleash your psychic potential

Now that you know that it’s OK to be a little selfish at first, what should you really unleash your psychic potential? There’s one popular reason among people, and here it is:

  • To learn some fancy psychic abilities – everyone would like to use telekinesis, telepathy or mind control, right? Some people, especially young people, would like to learn some fancy psychic skills, and they consider their ultimate goal. But what can you do with these fancy skills later, hmm? I’m afraid that just because you want to learn fancy skills, isn’t answering the question why do you want to do this.

Skills are just that – skills. They need to be used for some specific purpose. You do not learn math because you want to learn math. You learn math because you want to become an astronomer and math is very important in this job. Below are some reasons why people want to become psychics.

  • To deal with para-archaeology – and perhaps search for hidden treasures. Para-archaeology is a field of science in which psychics are using their abilities to find archaeological sites, and explore the history of mankind. It’s very effective field of “psychic science”, and many archaeological sites have been discovered with the help of psychics. Perhaps you’re young Indiana Jones wannabe, or you’re an archaeologist – why not learning some psychometric abilities to help yourself or others in archaeological work? For me, it’s pretty fun.
  • To hunt ghosts and do paranormal investigations – paranormal is a wide field of our existence, paranormal activity occurs all over the world all over time, and there are people who seek answers what is paranormal and why is it happening. There are many psychics who deal with paranormal investigations only, and it’s all right to use psychic abilities for such purpose.
  • To heal people – psychic healing, biotherapy and energy healing is very popular these days. And it doesn’t have to be psychic healing at all, I know some acupuncturists who are using aura view to diagnose people. Who knows, maybe your favourite doctor is able to perceive auras? If you study medicine, it’s very good idea to learn aura view or become Reiki practitioner.
  • To give psychic readings – not everyone is psychic and not everyone is able to tap into his or her intuition to ask “the above” for advices, that’s why many psychics are offering psychic readings. It’s a nice way to help people with their lives, and to make money in addition. Let me tell you something, as long as you give honest psychic advices, then don’t worry that you take money – it’s another way to make a living.
  • To become psychic detective and help locating missing people – one of the most popular goals of psychics is helping to solve crimes or locate missing people. Psychic detectives can be found almost in every city and town these days, and their offers are often accepted by police departments and “classic” detectives.
  • To teach psychic development to others – this is rarely the primary reason why people become psychic, but you can consider it as a side effect. Some people just love to teach others.

These are quite simple and ordinary reasons for people becoming psychics. But there are other things as well, things that aren’t being mentioned in books or articles often. Psychic abilities are meant to be used on a daily basis – how? Below are few examples.

  • To keep your family happy and free of arguments – don’t you think it would be great to be able to sense if your kids have problems? Or even being able to identify the source of the problem psychically? And of course give best possible advices to your family members thanks to your intuition?
  • To make good decisions all the time – we make decisions all the time, whether you’re a teacher, a businessman, a policeman, a driver – unleashed psychic potential can help you always make good decisions, so you won’t make bad business decision, so you will always find free parking lot, so you will always buy healthy food, so you will always cook a great dinner (yep, I call it “intuitive psychic cooking”).
  • To make big money – if you can unleash your psychic potential, you can open something I call the “inspiration channel” which you can use to get inspiration for money making. How does it work? Basically, you ask the Universe to advise you how to make more money. And then, the Universe will point you to honest ways of making more money, perhaps by utilizing your hobby and Internet tools, or you might get inspiration for your own business, or you will get an idea for a book that you can self-publish later. Now this doesn’t sound very psychic, does it? But your psychic mind can help you in this area of your life, as well.
  • To unleash your creativity – if you’re a writer or an artist of any sort, wouldn’t it be great have that fire of creativity burning all the time? With psychic mind, you can, because you won’t be pushed back by the society, and your psychic mind will be free to create new ideas.
  • To enjoy your hobby and your passion – let’s say you’re passion is astronomy. How can your psychic potential help you here? For example, by giving you ideas to make more money for the equipment, or inspiration for your own astronomy business, so you can live your hobby 24/7. Or if you don’t want to turn your hobby into your job, your psychic mind that help you find other people who are interested in astronomy, and together you might create local astronomy club to embrace your hobby. Or, your mind can lead to you new asteroid discovery and become famous in your local community, as a result.
  • To embrace your job – as a teacher, you might notice psychically that one of your students got problems. As fireman, you might sense where people are trapped in a burning building. As policeman, you might use that “gut feeling” to solve crimes. As a doctor, you might use aura view to improve your diagnosis. As a nurse, you might use Reiki to get rid of your patient’s pain. No matter what you do – unleashing your psychic potential can embrace and improve your work.

Your psychic intuition, psychic abilities, creativity, spiritual growth – all these things create something I call your psychic potential, potential of becoming a better person each day according to your own goals and expectations, a potential of living your life as you want it, a potential of living a successful life. They can be used by everyone – a nurse, doctor, fireman, policeman, negotiator, businessman, teacher.

Generally, everyone should unleash his or her psychic potential, this is a great step towards wellness – living your life that is purely awesome! Because with psychic potential unleashed, you can see what generates problems in your life, so you can then deal with these problems. You can find enjoyment in your old hobby and find pleasure in each and every day. You can earn respect in every job, and you can improve you relationships. For this, and for many, many other reasons, you should unleash your psychic potential!

So if you think that psychic abilities are just for people who want to give psychic readings, please – think again :).

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Why are you developing your psychic abilities? And are you focusing only on psychic skills, or are you embracing your entire psychic potential?

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Comments and Discussion

Be sure to add your own comment, feedback, opinion and/or suggestion :).

  1. Everyone always thought how much fun it would be to be psychic. I’ve always been had the ability to know things and see things. It is helpful; but can also be difficult.

    My oldest and dearest friends found out as we sat in all day in one of the largest hospitals in the nation. Know who would live; who wouldn’t; seeing those that still remain.

    Be cautious of what you wish for; as my friends? No longer think it would be so much fun, after all.

    Heart Centered Psychic

    by Brenda / March 12th 2011

  2. Brenda,

    Well, it’s just one side of the coin – just because some people are tired because of their psychic abilities doesn’t mean that everyone is tired. For some people it was cool, it is and it will be cool for the end of their days :).

    As with everything, it’s just a matter of point of view.

    by Nathaniel / March 12th 2011

  3. I was born with abilities. Studding has only made my understandings grow. I will say this though: The psychic mind is the deep mind. We see both the action and the consequence of not just our own actions but the actions of those around us.
    Deep understandings are not for everybody. If you know that bad things are out there and there are lessons to be learned from all things then psychic growth will be a benefit to you.
    On the other hand if you are often suspicious and superstitious seeing the deeper realities will likely scare you more, lead you to regrets and more superstitions. (Which is not so beneficial.)

    p.s. I see you did some updates. Looks good.

    by Ren / March 12th 2011

  4. I do understand there are two sides to every coin; and I respect and honor the right to each and every one’s opinion and beliefs. That having been said; I’ve seen others don’t, experienced things things that would scare others. To be awakened by others standing by the side of the bed, even as a small one; is something that most would be frightened by.

    I’ve never been superstition or frightened, I simply have silently helped others as much as I can; when I can! I simply never bothered to go around advertising myself; as it’s not in my nature. Yet; everyone keep urging me for years that to do such would help others!

    Ren; if you are speaking of the updates on my site? Thanks go to the web designers. They did a terrific job!

    by Brenda / March 13th 2011

  5. I know what you mean. It’s not that I don’t wish others could experience and know the things I do. It is more the fact that even if I could teach others to do what I do. I can’t protect them from the individual experiences or the potential threats that come from opening yourself up to psychic impression.

    For me I think it comes down to one saying: If you don’t want to know, don’t ask.

    by Ren / March 13th 2011

  6. Hi Nathan,

    I’m in it for the spirituality and the fun, and mostly because I really enjoy it so I get where you’re coming from =) The perks can be pretty cool, I find that I’m not caught off guard at work as much as I used to be. Its great when you’re somehow prepared for emergencies.

    On the fun side, I have been trying to get a “How-To-Guide” for telekinesis. Its a guilty pleasure in the making. I really can’t see any justifiable use for it but I’m still really interested. Any idea where I can learn how to do this safely? (if it’s even possible!).



    ps … Brenda, I understand your point too! School was really boring for me, I always seemed to know the right answers and it sorta takes the surprise out of learning =)

    by Geena / March 13th 2011

  7. Thank you for such kind words; Ren!

    I never wish harm for anyone or anything. I have been asked many times to teach; and others have told me I could be famous; yet that’s not my calling. I help others quietly and in the most caring and loving way possible.

    There are ways to give insight to others in a positive, helpful manner. That’s all!

    Thank you again for such kind words…
    Warm Regards!

    by Brenda / March 13th 2011

  8. Well I have been reading your article Nathan and I guess that when you are doing this not for fun but to really help lost or missing persons or people in real need then you will receive all the directions and divine help you need to get great results when your aim is to do good ,not to earn money or be popular or so no just to be pure in the things we do ,then we receive all the help from our guardian angels .
    This is just my point of view ..

    by angelheart / March 13th 2011

  9. I don’t mean to sound harsh but..many of the reasons or situations given in which so-called “psychic” abilities could be employed are easily accomplished using normal, logic based functions of the brain.

    Intuition is not psychic at all but rather an amalgamation of information your brain takes in 24/7. As your brain sifts through the information it weeds out stuff that is irrelevant and processes the rest. Whatever conclusions it arrives at may be delivered to the “conscious” part of our minds so that we become aware of things. The problem is that we seem to lack such understanding that when we suddenly get a glimpse into a situation, we think it came from super-natural origin when, in reality, it came fresh from our own brains.

    Again..it is not my intention to be mean but as I read the article, I really could not see any real and compelling reason to develop an ability whose existence has not been unanimously agreed upon. There is still much debate and even greater disagreement on this issue.

    One can make better money developing skills that are useful to others such as law enforcement, medicine, financial services and so forth.
    Our lives are based in the physical world..all our issues and problems are caused by physical actions, not by some “psychic” ability.

    Yes..I am supremely skeptical of any claims of psychic skills simply because I think our minds are adept at interpreting and misinterpreting our surroundings.
    If there was concrete proof from years of solid, not spotty, research and if the results were unanimously agreed upon..then maybe I’d reconsider.

    If I offended anyone it is not my intention.

    by Ryu / March 14th 2011

  10. Sorry but something odd just happened to my post..some odd gibberish in another language..what was that?

    by Ryu / March 14th 2011

  11. Ryu, don’t apologize, you’re the kindest skeptic I ever seen :). As for comments problems – thanks, because of you I’ve noticed that I’ve accidentally switch wordpress files, the language you’re talking about is my native lang, Polish :). It said that your comment is awaiting moderation. Thank you for pointing this out!

    Anyway… You said that intuition is “an amalgamation of information your brain takes in 24/7” – have you read Psychic Intuition by Nancy du Tertre? Generally, Nancy explains that we most people think is some paranormal skills, in reality is just that – intuition, an amalgamation of all the info our brain takes in 24/7. Learning psychic abilities is nothing more than learning how to access some of the information that can’t reach our conscious mind. The problem of some scientific minds is that they keep looking for some extraordinary phenomena in cases, in which something we call “psychic” is already explained by science. It’s just a matter of terminology. Now this applies to ESP perfectly, you know – “knowing things”. And I agree that ESP can be explained by intuition as you see it. But another question remains – what kind of information can our brain picks up? We are subjects to so many sensory information, electromagnetic fields, radio waves and let’s admit it – scientists have barely scratched the surface of our cognitive abilities.

    This is where scientists need to be open minded – they can’t say “it’s impossible, the laws of physics won’t allow it” because if they do, they are simple showing their ignorance – who knows how many laws of physics really exist? Again, we barely scratched the surface.

    You say that it’s better to develop other skills – and I say yes! Because the cool thing about psychic development is that you don’t have to devote all your time to this, you can practice things in the evening for an hour, it will be sufficient.

    But we’re getting to the biggest problem – the problem of the world view. In business, I’m well grounded, like a hardcore scientist :). But in life in general, my perception is different, because I can sense energies, I’ve seen things, I’ve experienced things, that are shaping my life today. The philosophies I’ve encountered, and the Zen that I “walk” have resulted in different perception of the world around me. Most modern scientists of the West want to see, touch, measure, smell, analyze and put a nice label on things. Everything need to be proven, everything need to be classified. In my case, like in case of many people who are involved in esoteric arts, I prefer to feel the world around me, by looking deeper than any scientist – by looking into spiritual aspect of everything. And this, my friend, just cannot be explained to a normal Western man. Try to talk with native american shaman about the world. Or ask Zen master to explain you how he perceives the chair you’re sitting on.

    You’re asking very good questions, Ryu, but you’re asking them as a man of the logical West. For scientific answers, you should head for scientific minds that research psychic phenomena. Because I believe that one day all the answers will be found, and the man of the West will understand psychic phenomena. Yet for many, logical path isn’t always the best path to follow. It’s another great problem because most modern scientists believe that logic is the best point of view and they’re trying to persuade everyone else that they shouldn’t believe in anything illogical. But for some people, logic just doesn’t work, it’s blind to reality.

    Conclusion – people who believe in psychic phenomena should embrace this believe and learn few things on their own. People who don’t believe in psychic phenomena, can simple ignore it – no one will die because of it :).

    by Nathaniel / March 15th 2011

  12. Personally I only ended up getting into this nonsense because I’d heard stories and thought it might be something interesting to look into one day and, here I am! haha. I have to say though that I do have a lot of trouble finding time to practice and I can’t seem to meditate properly at all.

    As for Ryu’s skepticism I have personally found that, throughout history “Magic (and thereby psychic/supernatural/whathaveyou) is only science that hasn’t been discovered yet.”

    by Sikura / March 25th 2011

  13. @Sikura,
    And what kind of meditation do you practice? Have you ever tried Zazen practice? But wait…

    Hmm, my intuition tells me that you might have problem with meditation because of some negative subconscious patterns, you should practice some affirmations – http://astateofmind.eu/2011/03/18/affirmations-101/

    For example, “I, NAME, find my meditation practice highly effective and peaceful”.

    Perhaps someone told you some negative things about meditation, or you have read that meditation is difficult, or maybe even in your past lives (if you’re into this stuff) someone told you not to meditate?

    by Nathaniel / March 25th 2011

  14. I don’t know as far as technique, I just kind of try to silence myself but I always end up getting antsy and have to go do something. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about it before but it seems like I may have trouble just sitting still and not thinking about anything.

    I mean, I have no trouble being still and quiet but usually at those times my thoughts are going a thousand miles a minute.

    by Sikura / March 25th 2011

  15. This whole “psychic” stuff is seriously real! The negative is that certain people also practice voodoo to manipulate the higher power in a negative way.

    I’m in this horrible situation right now, there has been a voodoo done on me that practically anyone I’ve known seems to be in on–or so the “voodoo” has me believe– that’s purpose is to ultimately send me “psycho” to a psychiatric ward. LISTEN TO THIS STORY. -_-

    In 9th grade, I had a thing for psychics. Been to a few until I stumbled upon this one psychic. She had warned me to get into the belief of god because there was negative spirits around me that would soon begin to expand in number. She gives me some channel to watch a preacher preach and asks me to come back to her after a month of watching it daily. I take her for a fake and ignore her warnings.

    Now, 5years later, I’m 21 and finally understanding what that lady saw in me. I first began noticing this “voodoo or curse” when I found myself in the house of a boy I wasn’t really familiar with. He stepped out to the living room to tell something to a family member and left me alone in his bedroom. While alone, this gruesome thick deep voice, says “What should we do with her? Should we just kill her or rape her too?” I immediately jumped up and FAST WALKED my way out of that house as not to seem too suspicious so that I would not be attacked on the way out the door.

    I found this to be ridiculous at first. I definitely was NOT a believer of any type of “voodoo or curses”. So to face my fear, I bring myself around this guy again. We were hanging out with a few people when I begin to hear voices. The voices were yelling horribly mean profane things at me. Trying to intimidate me. Trying to put me down. Attacked me in pretty much any verbal way possible. So I end up running out to speed drive home because I was confused and horrified. On the way home, between some thoughts, I hear and feel the vibration of a voice not more than an inch away from my face (lower left cheek). This voice tells me very sympathetically, “Sorry”. The voice of my ex. I knew for sure that I wasn’t going crazy, so that explanation was eliminated.

    Time passes, voices become clearer, and begin actually talking to me. They actually seem to be manifesting from my brain/top corner of the room? ..I see little flashes of light. Weird orb like light reflection with no explanation on my ceiling that moves. Have a photo of me thats full of orbs. Pens have been thrown at me, as well as, my shampoo bottle. Things aren’t where I left them. I smell HORRIBLE HORRID stenches at times. Even a random bug hugged my hand but I couldn’t find it and found a silver bug in my pants, that you could pull apart n it turned into something else? .. I seem to be walking into ALOT of bad luck. Getting sick frequently. Everyone just seems to dislike me alot; Including my very own family. (Which if you knew how our relationship was, wouldn’t sound so far-fetched.) And everyone just seems to try to be pushing me into a mental ward. o_O but, I’m not crazy. Furthering my idea that my family may be in on it. Though anyone that I confront with the situation, claims they are no part of any such thing. I’ve found it REALLY odd, no one has acted surprised when I bring this up. Just calm and convincing that they have nothing to do with it while saying certain indirect things that mess with my mind.

    My mother and I had went “psychic searching”. We came across this one botanica in my neighborhood that I got a good feeling about at first. I could sense the lady in the back and I could feel her power, oddly I knew that she was in the back to the right as opposed to the left. When the lady appears, immediately my mood drops, as I realize she is not only NOT going to help me, but she is indeed the woman who has performed the curse. Talking to her, she knew how long its been going on for. I know a psychic can tell you that you’ve been cursed, but to say how long it’s been in effect is a bit overboard if you ask me. Thing is this lady, for sure was real, you could see it in her eyes. She looked blind, but obviously wasn’t. She also, attempted to intimidate me? With a stare? …And without more than holding my hands, she tells me the “origin” of which this voodoo is coming from. There was many loopholes in her words. I was studying her, I had a bad vibe from her. But the vibe wasn’t that she was fake, just that she was “the one”. She told me that someone paid thousands, to place a curse on me. That possibly a “goat” or “cow” must have been sacrificed. &that this curse is pretty strong. With intentions to get me locked up in Prison or a Psyche Ward.

    I just thought you’d find this an interesting story. I’m steady looking for help. But find no one to turn to. I don’t, definitely don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on saving my life, unfortunately. I’ve considered purchasing voodoo books and practicing some spells of my own, to bring good luck into my life. I’m just not too confident on if this will work towards a curse cast by a very strong psychic. Considering I’m extremely inexperienced in this topic.

    If any of the psychics that pass on this site, have any suggestions, or ways of help it’d be much appreciated. As I am alone in this. Not ONE friend. Can’t hold a job or go to school in this condition. So any comments would be WELL appreciated. Thanks.

    by Maritza / August 2nd 2011

  16. First of all, you cannot manipulate the higher power, only the lower one :).

    To start with, you’re getting a bit paranoid – relax. The psychic you mentioned was not a person that cursed you, it was a normal lady trying to help. The fact that you sensed bad stuff from her was caused because whatever is upon you, is generating these feelings so you don’t seek real help. Still, sacrificing anything is not required :).

    Now, find an exorcists – anyone from a psychic to a witch to a shaman. A real one shall not take thousands of dollars, so trust your instincts and find a person that is going to help you. In most cases, if you will senses something wrong from someone who lives far away from your home and family, the negative emotions won’t be really yours.

    Don’t get into occult or voodoo books, or you will make things worse. Learn to use affirmations and to work with core images (an article and an auto-meditation recording can be found here: http://astateofmind.eu/asomguide-core-images-work/ so you can work out some of your “anchor points”. Learn to pray to God and to forgive your enemies and those who hurt you. You cannot fight the darkness with darkness, only with light.

    by Nathaniel / August 4th 2011

  17. Thank you , it’s nice to here we are not alone ,I have been on quite a spiritual journey ,after seeing aura colours ,energy,and see spirit,and only after 6 yrs ,will for ever continue to grow and learn ,I had gone to church for holy water ,seen channlers ,mediums ,seminars ,books ,healins ,and still after all that,I am seeking answers.Any inspuational words you can share ,would be helpful and I would be grateful

    by Shelly / November 22nd 2011

  18. Shelly,

    The only inspirational words would be my buddhist point of view – our journey never ends, answers give more questions, and your journey continues. Just don’t focus on the journey too much, remember that you have your life – live it :).

    by Nathaniel / November 28th 2011