Setting First Steps On The Path Of Spiritual Development

Whether you like it or not, the process of development of psychic abilities is strongly connected to spiritual growth. Therefore, if you wish to become truly psychic, and use all these fancy skills not only to give psychic readings or locate missing people, but also for dealing with daily problems or improving your financial condition, you should learn at least the basics of the spiritual growth.


Four Energy Bodies And The Chakras

In order to understand why psychic development is connected with spiritual growth, you must first learn a bit about your energy bodies and chakras. According to theory, there are four basic “bodies”:

  • Physical Body – you know, hands, torso and such.
  • Etheric body – also known as energy body, this is the direct representation of our physical body in shape and size. This is where our energy channels and chakras are located.
  • Astral Body – astral body’s shape is simple, and it looks like a ball. This is the body, in which our emotional imprints and patters are located. And this is the body in which we can explore the astral planes.
  • Mental Body – there’s also mental body that governs our mental self. It’s also a ball, but a larger ball :).

Each body, starting from energy body to astral and mental bodies, have its own set of chakras. You might say that chakras run over all nonphysical bodies. These chakras are responsible for our balanced state – both physical and mental. But they also need fuel to function, a fuel that we call “psychic energies”. Basically, we have two types of these energies which I call them Earth Chi and Source Chi:

  • Earth Chi – this is the energy we gather from our¬†environment, either by eating healthy food or visiting local park or forest. This is also the energy we collect through practices like Tai Chi Chuan. This is the energy that gives you both physical and mental strength.
  • Source Chi – and this is the energy that is supporting us from “above”, the energy of the source – call it Zero Point Energy, God, the Universe or whatever you like. Because I’m Reiki practitioner, I call this energy – Reiki. This is what it is, the energy of the source which all kids up to 5 years old are connected to. This energy gives you faith, inspiration, creativity and spiritual guidance. You can also use Qi Gong to gather this energy.

You might say that Earth Chi is flowing into your body from below, and Source Chi is flowing into your body from above. Inside you, the energy mix and fuel your entire being. Energies flow into your energy channels, forcing them to expand, so they can afford greater “energy traffic” than in case of most people. Then,¬†energy flow into your chakras, healing them and opening them further and further with time. And this process continues through all your lives.

Reincarnation And Your Natural Psychic Abilities

I believe in reincarnation, and I believe that, after death, you go back to the source where you recharge your spiritual batteries, and you go back to live another day. When you die, your physical, etheric and astral bodies decays, and only your mental shell remains to see the Might of the Source :). But within this mental shell, a seed of your other bodies remains. This is why the concept of karma and negative patterns from previous lives can function.

But let’s skip the karma thing for a moment, and let’s focus on psychic abilities. That seed from your mental body can be “reborn” in your astral and etheric body when you go back to life in the wheel of reincarnation. And this seed can cause some energy channels and some chakras to be already developed nicely, if you had been developing them in your previous lives. And that’s why some people have natural psychic abilities – I call it “their good karma” :).

It doesn’t make you worse than those who have natural psychic abilities – they’re not really gifted, but they just worked pretty hard in their previous life. And this gives every single psychic wannabe a hope – that, with training and effort, you can learn psychic abilities here, in this very life. And even if you don’t believe in reincarnation, don’t worry – you can still use the knowledge from this article for you own benefit. And knowledge for psychic development is simple – practice, and you will learn.

But this is just first element of the puzzle.

Spiritual Development Is About Guidance of Your Psychic Intuition

Spiritual development is the second element of the puzzle. Don’t worry, in reality, spiritual development has nothing to do with religion. To be honest, in my opinion religion is more a business than it is a spiritual practice. Spiritual growth can be defined as:

  • Dealing with your own fears and negative habits
  • Learning how to achieve happiness in your life
  • Becoming a better person in all aspects of your life

All of this happens on two levels – your subconscious mind and your energy bodies. For now, just remember that third eye chakra is responsible for your psychic abilities. This chakra need to be fueled with psychic energies, but these energies can’t get to the chakra because of the blockages on your energy body – blockages that are created by negative habits, negative patterns, fears, negative emotions and general bad stuff.

This is where spiritual development comes in. Through specific practices and exercises, you’re dealing with negative patterns that hide in your subconscious. By letting things go, you’re not just becoming a better person each day, but you also remove blockages from your energy body. This allows the energies, both Earth Chi and Source Chi, to be transmitted to new areas of your energetic bodies. With enough blockages removed, the energy will reach your third eye chakra finally, and once it does, the chakra will be fueled enough to open, and this will unleash your psychic abilities.

So much for theory – in practice, things looks nearly the same, but for one exception. Some channels are blocked totally while some are totally unblocked. You psychic development and spiritual growth practice will remove blockages, but it takes time to remove all the blockages. But if some blockages will be dealt with, some amount of energy will reach your third eye chakra, and this might lead to experiencing flashes of psychic phenomena. You might reconnect with Source Chi to such level that while you might not be able to see auras yet, you might be able to get the creativity or basic intuition working again. This is something, and definitely, it’s a way to start.

Still, there’s no way of telling which blockages are blocking the energy to your third eye chakra, so you need to work on all the blockages.

Your Negative Patterns

The blockages on your energy body might be caused by many things, for example:

  • Traumatic events – something that caused you fear, sadness or either physical or emotional pain.
  • Negative habits – for example, one day something happened to you, when you were sad or angry, and your reaction to this event was aggressive because of this. A habit is created based on this first reaction, a negative habit that might create a negative situation later in your life.
  • Socialization – people around you, let’s say your parents, siblings, school buddies, teachers and so on, they try to teach you many things based on their own experiences. And when someone tells you all the time that life is difficult, a blockage is created, you think life is really difficult. When a person tells you that you’re stupid (even if he or she tells it in anger, and he or she doesn’t mean it really), another blockage is created. When teachers tell you “no, this is impossible”, another blockage is created, blocking your creativity.
  • Wrong practices – bad magical or spiritual practices might cause blockages as well, and that’s why you should not work with black magick, and you should choose your teachers well.

And these blockages are being created all the time, in this life, and in your previous lives, and often, they’re being pushed from your conscious mind into your subconscious. But psychic development exercises, for example, something as simple as breathing techniques, sooner or later will cause these things to re-emerge. And this will give you problems, why? Because once more all your fears and concerns are on the surface of your mind and you need to deal with them. Negative patterns might re-emerge along with energy work as well, from New Energy Ways to Tai Chi Chuan or Qi Gong. Why is it so? Because you collect more energies, and more energies are flowing through your channels, and they might push the blockages, causing them to re-emerge.

Such negative patterns are not only blocking your energy channels (thus causing illness of a different sort), but they can also influence your energy level. When you’re angry or sad, you’re loosing energies, and you don’t have much of it if you have many blockages. As you can see, all these things that are screwed up in your subconscious are influencing the speed of your psychic development.

Fixing Things Up

And I can assure you – no matter what you might think about yourself – you have something screwed up in your subconscious, something that is blocking you in one way or another. How can I tell this? Because I have many things screwed up as well, so I know how to recognize them. Basically, if you want to notice that you have blockages in your subconscious, think carefully, which area of your life doesn’t work well – in which area of your life you have problems? That problems are symptoms, signs that not everything is OK with you. Let me give you an example.

One of my own biggest problems is the attitude towards people who achieved success – I was born and raised in Poland, and the mentality of people around me imprinted a common point of view on such people – that they lie, steal, and hurt people in order to get their money, and generally that they’re assholes :). Now, who’s an ass, really? :P

Now obviously, this is not truth in case of 90% of rich people, but it generates problems in my case, I just can’t become truly rich because my subconscious mind is blocking my “law of attraction” thinking – I wish to pass over $250 USD of passive income each month, but I just can’t :(. So my current goal is some mind work that deals with such negative thinking.

Therefore, I’m sorry Mr. Darren Rowse that I didn’t think about you with respect – I truly believe you’re an awesome person who achieved great success by teaching others, keep doing this! I’m sorry Mr. Glenn Allsopp. I really think you’re an intelligent guy who wrote a great e-book and achieved huge success by using available tools and knowledge for your own advantage. I’m sorry, developers and designers at ThemeForest, I truly think your bestselling templates are just awesome!

Through different techniques, you need to cleanse all the negative patterns you are aware of, and negative things related to money are such negative patterns. Cleaning the mess related to your financial issues is also a part of spiritual growth, because:

  • First of all, you’re learning how use some methods for your mind cleaning, methods like working with core images or affirmations.
  • You’re cleaning the mess related to money in order to get more money – sorry, but in XXI century money is mandatory if you wish to purchase good books, and learn from good teachers.

I would say even more – dealing with your money problems is the first step towards spiritual development. But truly, this is a subject for a different article. For now just remember – it’s OK to have a lot of money if you have earned them honesty.

Of course, remember that you can’t fix everything at once. Of many negative patterns, you’re not even aware. They will re-emerge when you’re ready to deal with them, and the more time you spend on working with your inner-self, the more blockages you can remove. The more blockages are removed the faster your psychic development will progress.

So what do you need in order to deal with negative patterns? Well, a prayer is the first thing. But not a prayer from any specific religion, I’m talking here about prayer that comes from your heart. And it doesn’t have to be directed towards any specific deity, no – you can direct the prayer towards yourself, asking your higher self for guidance and support. Beside that, you might use:

  • Meditation – because it expands your consciousness, and it also calms down your mind, allowing negative patterns to re-emerge, so you can recognize them, and deal with them.
  • Affirmations – simple technique that is used for changing subconscious patterns. A true affirmation should be a written one, so yes, they require a lot of writing. But they’re basic technique you might use.
  • Rebirthing – more advanced breathing technique that is used to cause negative patterns to re-emerge.

Some people are using affirmations to change their negative patterns. Some people prefer rebirthing, personally I have my own technique of working with core images, a modified technique first introduced to me by the book of Robert Bruce.

Bringing Things Together

Let’s summarize – psychic abilities are governed by chakras. Chakras need fuel in order to allow you to use psychic skills. Fuel flows through energy channels that might be blocked by blockages, negative patterns you’ve created through negative emotional responses in this and in previous lives. If you want to progress with psychic development, you need to remove the blockages through various exercises. Removing blockages is improving your inner-self. And this is what we call the first step in spiritual growth.

Now you see why spiritual development is so closely related to psychic development. And you also see that spiritual growth has nothing in common with religious practices, but it’s a work with your inner-self. And I encourage you to work with it, as it will make your psychic development easier.

Do you work to improve yourself? What is your point of view upon spirituality? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. And share this article with your friends using social buttons below, please.

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  1. Ok it is more of a asking for help comment…….well you see i am 15 and yes i started liking it cause of want… it shifted allitle to spirtual perspective. You see i want to learn so i can be at peace with myself and use theese skills or developement to some benifits such as telepathy so i can talk to my friends about how i feel about them or why or who i am….lets get to the point can you suggest some things that will help me along my path to pure life living or living my life….use my email to message me please.

    by Lloyd / October 30th 2011

  2. @Lloyd,

    Meditation is a way to start. Affirmations, forgiveness practice, core images work, all these help you rebuild your subconscious mind. You should check the articles about affirmations and core images work first, as they provide a lot of useful info about the patterns of your Shadow Self. Facing the problems, worries, and negative habits that you may have, is the first step to grow on spiritual level.

    by Nathaniel / November 2nd 2011