How Did My Life Change Thanks To Reiki

I’m big fan of Reiki, you know? Even if I’m fresh to this stuff, I know enough to advice everyone to become Reiki practitioner, as soon as possible. Today I wish to share my personal story, explaining how did my life changed thanks to Reiki – and it changed a lot.


I moved to my current city over a year ago, before that I had no chance of becoming Reiki practitioner – I’ve heard a bit about this system, but I finally decided for initiation on November, 2010. I was expecting some increase in psychic abilities, and well – I received a lot more.

1st Reiki Degree

I took first degree initiation on November, 2010. I can’t say there were any fireworks, as some people talk about after theirs initiations. In my case, it was a hell of a grounding. I felt so grounded, but beside that, there was nothing flashy or psychic related. Just peaceful initiation.

After that, my cleansing period begun and it lasted for at least 2 months. What happened after my initiation? Beside the fact my headaches were finally gone, and I dropped drinking beer and coffee, my psychic sensitivity have increased a bit. Nothing else – of course, I was able to use Reiki to help people with pain or different illnesses, and I was also able to defend myself against cold few times (my immune system is strong like hell now), nothing extraordinary happened.

But it wasn’t peaceful time for me – my cleansing was quite intensive, and a lot of patterns and negative emotions have surfaced from my subconscious, and I had to deal with them, so I felt slightly depressed all the time. But I managed to deal with stuff, and I felt it was time for second degree initiation.

2nd Reiki Degree

[adsensebox] My second degree happened two weeks ago, on February 2011. The day of initiation was peaceful and I felt good that I’m 2nd degree now. Again, no fireworks happened, it was peaceful initiation. Well, beside the fact that my teacher had to remove some astral critter that attached itself to me. What happened next will be remembered by my journals as one big-pain-in-the-ass-week. I never thought I can be so depressed and I was eager only to sit still and stare at the walls of my room. It was terrible, I had lost interest in everything, and my motto for that week was:

I don’t give a shit about anything.

Such depression lasted for five days, and finally on Friday afternoon I made the choice – I decided what I really want to do, what I want to learn, what are the priorities and once again, I felt good. Next day, my Reiki teacher explained to me what really happened. As it appears, that astral critter that was attached to me wasn’t really a small deal, but it was something serious, so serious that I had felt into huge depression, and my teacher got huge punch into his ass.

“Something” didn’t wanted me to go to the light, and walk the path of spiritual growth. As both me and my teacher suspect, it had something to do with my interest in black magick and Chaos Magick practices. All these practices were cleansed – I mean, I’ve lost interest in their practical aspects after my 1st degree initiation. Good for me, I guess.

But the “thing” was dealt with, and I made up my mind regarding nearest years – and the darkest period was over. I have to admit, I haven’t had such great week like last one in many, many years!

How Did My Life Changed Thanks To Reiki

I’m back in business, I might say – I decided that I wish to return to my old astronomy hobby, and it gives me a motivation burst. I’m back in ghost hunting – at least I want to do some investigations from time to time. I’m  back in business, currently I’m finishing my next book, but first about e-business (sorry, only for polish readers for now). I’m back to blogging about web and Social Media. And I’m creative like hell, I haven’t felt so many energies in many, many years. Now this is the best “get things done” system I ever learned :).

But these things are related to the materialistic side of the world – in case of psychic development and spiritual growth, things are on the move as well. I’m expanding my knowledge of Buddhism, and my psychic sensitivity is increasing. Also, my psychic intuition is louder than ever, which feels great – there’s no single day without some cool psychic experience. Nothing flashy, just my favourite extra-sensory perception.

Also, I guess I’m done with outside knowledge sources – my intuition is beginning to give me tips regarding my further development. Example? I don’t care about books on meditation, I just close my eyes and let my intuition guide me to some deeper trance levels now. What a relief for my budget!

These are not big things for some – but let me give you another example. A nice lady came for esoteric meeting I’m organizing once a month. She wasn’t really into this stuff, but she was curious. 90% of participants were reiki practitioners, so whether she liked it or not, she was influenced with reiki flowing around. Within following month, her life shifted a lot, she became owner of two companies – is is sufficient to say that reiki changes lifes?

Reiki isn’t only energy for healing – it’s life changing experience, and everyone interested in spiritual growth, psychic development, or just changing his or her life, should consider at least initiation into 1st degree.

Are you reiki practitioner? If so, how did reiki changed your life?

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  1. I was directed to this site from, which I was directed to from and… wow! This is quite a website – this is the first post I’ve read but I intend to read more. I currently have a Reiki “master” degree, or Reiki III as some people like to call it (not a practitioner though). I was introduced to Reiki when I was … Hmm… Around 15 or 16, I’m not entirely sure, and my interest in the paranormal exploded because even though I was interested I never thought it could ever happen to me. It really made me question what I knew and over the years, well, stuff’s happened. It’s great. :)

    When I think about how Reiki changed my life, I think about how it triggered my spark, my interest, in this stuff, in the first place – and I only got that first Reiki treatment out of chance, practically, because my mum wanted me and my siblings to go. It’s been quite a journey, and the journey continues – I am only 19, but I have achieved quite a few interesting feats over the last few years and met the most amazing guy on the face of the earth who I am in a romantic relationship with (and have been for almost 2 years now) – we’re peas in a pod, really, in a way – especially when it comes to the paranormal and that sort of thing. It’s like we were made for each other, but now I’m probably sounding overly gooey.

    Anyway, just wanted to share my story. I look forward to browsing this website more. :)

    by PikachuParty / February 26th 2011

  2. Welcome to A State of Mind!

    Thanks for sharing this story and good luck on your Reiki journey!

    by Nathaniel / February 27th 2011

  3. Thanks. :) It’s not all entirely related to Reiki so I wouldn’t really call it a Reiki journey, but it did certainly start it, so, just journey on its own is fine. :) After all, these sorts of things play a part in every aspect of our lives (or at least, it does with mine!)

    by PikachuParty / March 1st 2011