Troubles On Psychic Development Path? Understand Them, You Must

After initiation to 2nd degree of Reiki, I’m experiencing different cleansing events in my life – it means that old patterns are being deleted, replaced by new patterns. Yesterday, I had very interesting cleansing, that once again proved me something – when you got troubles, it means something.


Troubles With Meditation

So I was trying to meditate as always – but for last two days, I just couldn’t – I wanted something different, new way of “sitting”, new technique of breathing, but everything I did, was just useless and it wasn’t something I wanted. I felt bad because something that worked for me for last 3 years, suddenly stopped working.

But quickly, I recognize my state of mind – I knew there’s something going on, something that required my attention.

Exploring the Problem

So I begun to read over some books – I let my intuition guide me, I asked myself simple question:

  • I have a problem with my meditation. What should I do now if I want to deal with this problem?

After asking this question, I let things be, I let myself to be guided. And I get an urge to start reading a book I was planning to read few months ago. Inside this book, I’ve found an answer to my problem. As it appears, the meditation practice that I was focusing upon for last 3 years is no longer useful to me. It’s boring and beside the fact it’s fun, it won’t help me improve myself. But meditation like Zazen which I’m practicing for some time now – it is the answer to my needs.

Some Things Need To Be Changed

As I have decided to change my 3-years routine yesterday and focus on Zazen only, so you will have to change things from time to time. One day you might notice that something you have been doing for many years, suddenly doesn’t work well for you any more – it’s boring, and you have your doubts, that generates many different problems.

Such problems cannot be ignored, they need to be dealt with – an example as how to do it you have in this article. You just ask yourself what should you do to fix the problem, and you let go – your intuition will guide you. How? You will just have an urge to do something, you will feel you want to read a book. It won’t be like “I must read a book, I will find an answer there”. No, it might looks like this:

  • You will have an urge to read a book because you just want to relax and play lazy for a moment. During reading, you might simple get a brilliant thought unrelated to things you read. And this brilliant thought will be the answer to your problem.

You see, psychic development is about intuition – and your intuition will guide you through your development process, as it knows better what you should do. So, chaotic thoughts and troubles on your path signalizes that you’re not in harmony with your own Tao. It doesn’t meant that you shouldn’t be trying to achieve specific goal in your life. It only means that achieving that specific goal requires you to take different path.

And your intuition will make sure you will notice that you’re walking the wrong path – you will face problems, and they are sufficient sign that you need to change something. Trust your instinct and follow your intuitive thoughts. When you feel that you should do something – just do it and don’t think why or how you should do something. This is the Tao of a psychic.

Have you ever had such urge to change something? How did you reacted?

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  1. Good post, Nathaniel. All should trust their intuition and change accordingly, as not following it surely puts into trouble. Meditation is difficult for most without guidance. Understanding energy (Reiki is of course a plus) is a must for psychic development, in our opinion.

    by Meditation and Psychic Development Teachers Connect with Spirit / February 24th 2011