What Do You Need To Know About Spiritual Growth

Before you close this page because “spirituality doesn’t interest me”, please – read over this article and you will save yourself a lot of troubles. There’s an important issue that I have to introduce you to – an issue that will become very dangerous if you won’t be able to recognize it – an issue related to meditation and psychic development.


Psychic On Depression

Everyone was promising that when I will start meditating and working on my spirituality, things will get better, I will feel calm and my mind will be at peace. After few months of development, I screamed “bullshit!” as things weren’t getting better, on the contrary – things were getting worse. And if it wouldn’t be for some wicked coincidences, I might have had end up on drugs or in mental¬†institution.

I’ve met teachers on the path of spiritual development who explained me why meditation is causing negative feelings, and how to deal with them. And I have to say, it’s outrageous that most books about spiritual development, or psychic development never ever mention these things.

What Comes With Psychic Development

As you should already know, human being have few bodies – physical body, etheric body, astral body and mental body. Astral body is also known as emotional body – it represents our subconscious mind to some degree. And whatever problems, experiences or traumas we have, these negative emotions create blockages and nodes (knots) on meridians – the energy channels. On the physical level, we dig problems in our subconscious – either with forgetting about them, or using drugs of different sort. But this does not eliminates the problem – it only hides it.

But psychic development is directly connected with basic spiritual growth – energy manipulation and breathing techniques are causing the brain to receive more oxygen, and energy body to increase energy flow. Thus, your negative nodes and patterns are going to re-emerge themselves, and you will have to face them.

That is why psychic development might cause negative side effects like:

  • Aggression – towards yourself or others, but caused by no reasonable source.
  • Fear – fear of loosing something, or fear of the past.
  • Depression – caused by many different things, like memories or lack of perspectives.

All our dreams, emotions, experiences etc. create imprints on the emotional body, imprints that might be problematic if you wish to move on. These problems need to be dealt with when they emerge. And they emerge mainly as memories, or specific emotions related to similar events from your current life. For example, if you have been harassed as child, and you see someone being harassed when you’re already adult, you might recall negative emotions that won’t let you live your life.

How To Deal With Past Patterns And Imprints

There are many different methods to deal with things that re-emerge along with spiritual growth, to name the few:

  • Affirmations – repeating specific statements that are meant to cure subconscious.
  • Working with core images – method created by Robert Bruce, explained in Practical Psychic Self-Defense.
  • Rebirthing – a form of alternative medicine mainly consisting of a breathing technique.

You should be aware of these techniques, and have someone who help you with emotional imprints that might re-emerge. But will they re-emerge? Yes – they will, I don’t know when, it might happen after few weeks of meditation, or few years. In my case, it was about 4 years before things became very unpleasant. But you need to be aware of this possibility, and you need to be ready to deal with it.

I’m not saying that you should to develop psychic abilities, but you should be aware of things that might happen – if you will recognize them as soon as they appear, you will be ready to deal with them, and move on. No one said things will be easy :).

Have you ever experienced negative patterns re-emerging along with spiritual growth? How did you dealt with them?

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  1. I’d agree that getting more in touch with my magical/subconscious.whatever side has made me more emotional, which can run me and the people around me a bit ragged. But it’s part of life, right?

    by sortofpsychic / February 15th 2011