How To Use Psychic Abilities To Find Missing People And Items

Wouldn’t it be cool to use psychic abilities to find missing people or missing items? Or even treasures? Well, some psychics are using their skills to do such things – and the art of finding the missing is quite simple once you learn the base skills like clairvoyance. This tutorial is meant for more advanced psychic practitioners.


The Case Study

So the monitor is hiding an object in the room, and my task is to find it. I’m holding a map of the room in my hands. While closing my eyes, I’m moving my palm above the map – one of the map area is warmer, so I open my eyes and head to that specific area of the room. I look around, then close my eyes again and wait for psychic impressions to come. I have a strong “feeling” of wood, so I open my eyes again, and then I open the shelf – here it is, I’ve found the hidden object.

Basically, this is how things look like in case of using psychic abilities to find missing objects and people.

How To Use Psychic Abilities To Find Missing People And Items

First of all, as I said, you need the base skills – for example clairvoyance or clairvoyance, basically you need a way to pick up psychic impressions and you must be pretty good at this. If you are, then everything else is just the technique. An important element of this technique is a map, and few other tools.

  • A Map – whether you’re searching for missing person, or a missing item, you can use a map, or a building plan. Just as I’ve described, you can then use your hand to search for warmer or cooler areas, or psychic impressions that appear above specific areas etc. All of this depends on your own psychic perception, so I can’t really help you here.
  • Notebook – you might want to write down all your psychic impressions for further references. You never know when useless detail might become very important.

Another important thing is your intuition:

  • Intuition – it is something that governs your psychic mind, thanks to intuition you receive all these psychic impressions, so you need to learn to trust your intuition – the more you use psychic abilities, the more trust you have in your skills.

Then all you have to do, is to start your search.

  • Finding missing person – let’s say you need to find a missing person. You should be provided with the map of the area, in which the person might be lost, for example a wide area around the town. Then you can use your hand technique to narrow the search area. If no one knows even the wide area where the person might be lost (or someone has been kidnapped), then you will have to rely on your psychic mind even more. You should enter yourself a trance, and then wait for psychic impressions to appear. Make notes, and run interpretation of your impressions – check them out, confirm as many of them as possible.

You should always have a monitor with you – monitor is a person that make notes, and helps you with interpretation. Often, as psychic you cannot interpret things correctly, but another person can help you with this. The above technique of searching for missing person can be applied for object searches as well. If you can’t use a map, use your mind. And if you can use a map, use your mind with a map. This is how it works.

Cold Search Exercise

By “cold search exercise” I understand a simple exercise, in which a monitor is hiding an object in a room, or a wood, or in a home, and you’re meant to find the object. It’s simple exercise, as it doesn’t require a lot of work, and you can practice it anytime you want. Just ask someone to assist you in this exercise. And keep it fun!

The Ethics Of Searching

An important this regarding such psychic searches is – if you’re looking for a person or very precious item, or missing animal, or whatever – never assure the family or your “customer” that you will find that *thing* – say that you will try to provide as many useful information as possible. I say this because you need to understand – as psychic you never know if you will be able to actually pick up anything useful – well, maybe you will, but your interpretation of your psychic impression is another matter.

Have you have tried to locate missing person or object with your psychic abilities? Were you successful?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. This is a fun subject. In my personal experience finding missing objects is easiest when I know the object that is missing and know the need to find the object is great. For instance missing car keys.

    One method I use is to ask aloud where are my “keys” and see if my eyes shift when I ask. 9 out of 10 times I will look in the correct direction. (1 out of 10 times I wont shift my eyes at all.) Which gives me a good place to start my search.

    My second method for tracking down lost objects is just as simple. I close my eyes, relax (because I tend to panic when I loose things) and ask myself “what am I looking for?” I don’t know why this works because “duh, I know what I’m looking for”, but I usually will get a picture in my head of what I am looking for and that picture will also tell me exactly where that object is at.

    by Ren / February 10th 2011

  2. These are interesting techniques Ren, thanks for sharing!

    by Nathaniel / February 14th 2011

  3. One of the secrets exposed regarding the power of the mind is that of being able to make the impossible, possible and the fantasy to reality. We can make things happen by just thinking it will truly happen. There are several terminologies or scientific names attributed to the power of the mind, the most popular is the telekinetic power. The ability to move or perform a simple to complex, by practice of course, tasks using nonetheless but the human brain, the power of the mind.

    by Abdul / February 15th 2011

  4. Abdul I have been pondering that little amusement for quite a wile now. I think it’s hilarious. We are all so capable of making our own destinies. Yet we never tire of getting in they way of other peoples dreams.

    by Ren / February 16th 2011

  5. I am a psychic medium and I have been in contact with Arrna Beaumont of the missing Beaumont children,glenelg beach,SA,42years ago.I know the whereabouts of the childrens bodies.I have map,notepad and %100 intuition.The police will not ;listen to me.This site is on gov private property and I need help accessing this site..Anyone interested in helping please call me on 0428427078 ASAP.

    by christine winchester / February 23rd 2011

  6. It is something interesting to be able to do (Dang my hide and seek secret is out LOL)). What I do is try to envision the person and i repeat find (whatever their name is) when i do I will feel “pulled” in the direction of the person. In the case of the object I visualize the object i think about how it feels in my hands and feel that in my visualization and i will find the object. In case of a hidden item that i am unfamiliar with you hit the nail on the head Nathaniel. thanks for your article

    by Vouriel / August 12th 2011


    My friend has been missing for three weeks. Please contact me at my email if you think you could help in any way at all! Even advice. A psychic was out there looking for him.. met me and stopped and preceded to tell the leader of the search party that I was a clue and continually said ‘Not to doubt my dreams ‘ Not to doubt them…. Very very frusterating. Actually, if ANYONE has any feelings or an idea they could help PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE email me.

    by Emily / September 30th 2011