Should You Become A Vegetarian Psychic?

Common problem that each psychic wannabe might face during his exploration of psychic phenomena is that many guidebooks and even psychics themselves states that you should become vegetarian, if you want to develop your natural psychic abilities. I’m not a person that agrees with it.


Common Problems With Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism isn’t suitable for some people, for example:

  • Vegetables are expensive – if you think that meat is expensive, try to switch to a diet based solely on vegetables. You will find out that such diet is much more expensive than any meat based diet. Some people just can’t afford switching.
  • Your body might be different – some vegetarians trying to force their families and friends seems to have no knowledge that some organisms just can’t survive on vegetables only. Personally I’ve met many people who were forced to return to meat, so I know that vegetarianism doesn’t work for everyone.

And basically – if some Taoist master is one step away from illumination, yet he eats fried chickens each day, then why the heck should you switch to vegetables and fruits, hmm?

Misunderstood Knowledge

Some people who dig deeply into Hindu spirituality might say that switching to vegetarian diet is important if one wish to expand his spiritual consciousness. Well, I say that if you wish to switch to vegetables because some oriental philosophy says so, then you’re not ready to switch to switch to vegetables only and use this for self-growth – it won’t work. If you feel OK with eating meat, then just eat meat. It’s that simple.

So why many psychics associate vegetarianism with psychic development? I already wrote about it in one of my previous articles here on A State of Mind, where I discussed conscious profess of eating. Basically – both meat and vegetables contains Chi – the energy that we’re using for our own purposes, for example opening chakras and using psychic abilities. But vegetables have more Chi, than meat.

It leads to few conclusions:

  • Fill your diet with vegetables – you can meat eat with no worries about your spirituality or psychic development. But you should make sure that your diet is based on the 80/20 rule – 80% of vegetables and 20% of meat. This will do, you will have enough Chi to operate, and your body will stay healthy.
  • Cook your vegetables in correct way – if your vegetables will be of poor condition, genetically modified, and they grown on huge plantation, they won’t have much Chi within them and they will make you no difference. Also, vegetables put in microwave are useless as well. So, learn how to cook first, and choose healthy vegetables first.

Spiritual Growth VS Psychic Development

So if you think about psychic development, then you don’t need to become vegetarian, because it isn’t mandatory. Just fill your diet with vegetables, and this will do just fine. One day, you might feel that it’s time to become vegetarian – your body and your mind will tell you this, but only if it’s meant for you. If your body depends on meat, then you won’t get that feeling anywhere in your life.

Are you vegetarian? Or do you eat meat? How does it influence your psychic abilities?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Glad to hear it. I love meat. : )

    by sortofpsychic / February 7th 2011

  2. Yummy :)

    by Nathaniel / February 8th 2011

  3. So, ever since I became a vegetarian, for humane reasons, I have lost my psychic abilities. :/

    by Casie / July 2nd 2011

  4. Casie, seriously? Now that’s something new. Can you please post some more details, some history etc? Maybe we can help you a bit in regaining the skills :).

    by Nathaniel / July 2nd 2011


    We all know that animals have feelings Look at Dogs, horses, cats etc they show much compassion to their owners.

    It was a beautiful summers day and I was checking for any aircraft for sale on Ebay
    when I noticed there was an aircraft a Cessna 172 for sale It looked quite expensive however I thought I would give a call to the seller.

    The aircraft was at Kemble airport some 3 hours drive away.
    I rang the owner this is how the conversation went :

    Amarjit Singh “I am ringing about the aircraft for sale”
    Tom “I am sorry you will have to call back we are busy at present with our horse, who is ill ”
    Amarjit. “Do you want me to look at the horse and pray”
    Tom “How can you, you are at Biggin we are miles away”

    Amarjit ” I can ask God”
    Tom “Okay there is no harm in trying”

    I asked God and my Guru Sai Baba to allow my consciousness to reach the Horse
    As I looked at the Horse I could see that there was much disturbance in the abdomen which Tom confirmed internal organ failure!
    Then the Horse spoke and said, “Amarjit, Why is my head pounding away there is so much disturbance in my head please help me!”
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    I was shocked I could not understand what the horse meant!

    I asked Tom your horse wants to know where are his testicles”

    There was this silence and then Tom said ” It was nothing to do with me the Vet removed his testicles”
    The Horse then said ” It matters not who removed them , but who gave the command why were they removed?”
    Tom was by now very sorry I could feel his sorrow as his heart had opened up, for he truly loved his Horse I could feel waves of compassion for his horse emanating from him,
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    The Horse said I cannot forgive all involved in this , I will not forgive you all have to bear this wrong doing to me. I wanted to have children and a normal life I have been refused I have been denied this I curse all involved,

    I asked Tom to ask forgiveness, As Tom asked from his heart and as this was a lesson for Tom from God to awaken his Dormant spirituality his Horse agreed and forgave all involved.
    He died shortly after,

    We bought this aircraft later and it flies beautifully.

    This raises the question Do animals have a soul and feelings-
    think about this deeply
    Meditate and ask for the answers within yourself God always responds.
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    This mantra was initiated to me by my Mantra Guru Thomas Ashley-Farrand.
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    by amarjit singh / July 22nd 2011