Chakras 101 – Part 2

In the last article, I’ve described in short all seven chakras, which you should know when developing your psychic abilities. Today I’m going to dig deeper into the theory, and provide more explanations regarding these mysterious energy centres, including some important tips regarding working with chakras.


Chakras looks like a vortex, yes – they’re often visualized as lotus flowers (traditionally), or as funnels, and that’s how I describe their opening in the guide above, to help your own visualization – but in reality, chakras are balls of energy, or even more – areas of high concentration of energies, where different nadi – energy channels – cross each other. For example, the root chakra is represented by flower with 4 petals. In reality, there are 4 channels crossing there. 6 petals of sexual chakra means there are 6 channels crossing, and so on.

Chakras are present in all three of our non-physical bodies, the etheric body (known also as energy body), astral body and mental body.

Why Is It Important To Develop Chakras

Chakras governs our bodies – they keep us in well shape, both physical and emotional. Thus, if you want to develop psychic abilities, you need to work with your chakras. Healthy chakras means healthy body and mind. For example, a root chakra is responsible for drawing the energies of the Earth, but it’s also responsible to keep your lower digestion system at perfect health, and your emotional state balanced.

If the root chakra is out of balance, you feel week and depressed, you don’t feel secure in your life, and you might experience health problems related to your lower digestion system or your blood. But that emotional issue is what you should really focus upon.

You need to know that with time, a lot of blockages can be created within your chakras and corrsponding energy channels. Working with your chakras, and increasing the energy flow have simple task – to destroy the blockages and improve your life. For example – if you haven’t received enough emotional input while you was a child, you might have a blockage in your heart chakra, and this might cause that you won’t be able to show off your own emotions towards others – or even worse, it will create aggression towards others.

[adsensebox] If you was influenced by scientific minds during childhood, you might have quite logical look upon the world – which causes blockages in the third eye chakra, and this might block you to intuitive thoughts – and of course, psychic input. Do you understand now?

Balanced and healthy chakras means that your life is balanced, and you feel good. This is an important step in becoming psychic, that’s why I’ve included a whole section regarding chakra development within my Psychic Development Simplified.

What To Keep In Mind When Developing Chakras

There are few things you should know when developing chakras.

  • Chakra after chakra – don’t try to develop 3rd eye chakra when you just learned that there are such things as chakras. Start with the root chakra at first, and then move higher and higher.
  • Use any mean necessary – this doesn’t mean you can do anything :). But there are many ways to develop chakras, for example you can use mantras, mandalas, crystals, other sounds, smells etc. Even contemplating the beauty of nature can help you balance your chakras.
  • Stop when needed – when you don’t feel secure, and there’s something going on wrong, just stop, take a bath, or a walk. There’s no rush. You might experience many weird sensations when working with chakras, but you will know when something will be wrong. Basically, tingling, push, and even slight pain are quite normal when activating chakras.
  • Take it easy – work with single chakra for few weeks, for no more than 5 minutes per day. Take it easy and slow, there’s no rush. Development of your chakras is quite safe, but as with anything – if you will disobey my adivces, and you will rush for 3rd eye chakra right away, you might push to much.
  • Close the chakras – although personally I do not think that chakras can be closed intentionally, you can use visualize to close your chakras by imagining the funnel closing and getting smaller – perform this after each exercise that includes chakra opening. It won’t hurt you since my believe is based on pure focus – so if you focus on chakra, you open it, thus if you focus on closing the chakra, you still open it. But if closing do works, then focus on closing visualization will close the chakra and make no difference to your practice.

And if you’re ready to start your chakra development – there are many chakra tutorials on A State of Mind to help you do this. You can also refer to other sources that can be found in your local bookstore.

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