How To Flow With Tao And Get All The Answers

What’s the coolest thing of being psychic? Is it being able to predict the future? Bend spoons with your mind? Perceive energies and auras? Actually, none of these – in my eyes, the greatest thing you can use in your daily life is being able to ask the question, and receive the answer – from the Universe itself.


Some people might call it God, or the source, or the Universe, but this doesn’t matter. What matters is that there’s that higher spiritual power that can guide us whenever we feel weak. This is part of our inborn spirituality.

How I Got Punched

So I’m having a small trip yesterday morning, and I think “OK, I need to start some new cool business, so I could start the fire burning again”. So I ask myself (and the “upstairs”) what should I do, I ask for inspiration. And then I just observe – coincidences, wicked events, random thoughts etc., that points me to the answer which I’ve received in the evening – that ASoM and Runespath is my business, and instead of starting something new, I should keep my focus on things I already have. Pretty simple, huh?

It was like a punch to my face, a cold shower – and it worked.

One Must Flow With Tao

I used to say – if you like something, and if it works, then this is your Tao, and you should focus on it. When you flow with the Tao, you are in peace with your life, because you find it peaceful – it’s how things should look like. But when you’re not flowing with Tao, you’re constantly facing misfortune, problems, defeats and depression. If you’re not with peace with your current life, it means that you need to make some changes. And changes can be made with simple means – by asking for guidance.

We receive this guidance from the higher source. There’s no need to believe in anything – just ask the question, and wait for answer. How to do this?

  • Ask the question – if you have problems, or you need to make a decision, ask the question aloud, ask for advice and guidance. Just like that. Within the next 2 weeks, or maybe even within next few minutes, you will get your answer.
  • Receive the answer – an answer must be spotted. You might see a random event on the street. You might read specific headline in a newspaper. You might have an urge to pick up a book from your bookshelf, and read random page. You might meet someone, or you might engage random conversation.

You need to know that we all receive such guidance, but rarely we notice it. That’s why it’s important to observe the world around you, notice coincidences, events, articles, people, conversations etc. Because once you ask the “upstairs” for the guidance, it will do everything to give it to you. All you have to do is to pay attention.

Questions, Questions..

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…

Of course you cannot ask for lottery numbers, as you might already know. But if you need a change, or you have life problems, or you need to make a decision, or whatever is important to you – just ask, and wait for the answer. The universe will respond. The teacher will appear, like in that famous Buddhist prover quoted above. The teacher is not a person, at least not always – often the teacher is an event, a sign, a coincidence that is meant to direct us to new path, the path that is meant for us.

You might believe in anything you want, but being psychic doesn’t mean that you must pick up emotions from wedding rings – it also means that you can spot coincidences that can point your life to completely different trails, and use your psychic intuition – and you should use this ability! Just ask – it won’t hurt you…

Do you ask the “upstairs” for guidance, whatever the upstairs means for you?

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  1. Personally I just channel God so I can get my answers instantly, I know there are good and bad spirits so logically there will be a strongest of the good and that is the God I serve, He has saved my ass a few times and I know that he has my back in any future endeavors. There are things that He will tell me and obviously things to what He won’t… and yes I know of the dangers of channeling all to well, but I am using it and attempting to mastering it cause it is one of my strongest powers I have along with Empathy and yes I’m a natural psychic… Last year my powers started to spike and nearly drove me insane and caused my girl friend to leave me because I had no clue that I was channeling and feeling others feelings, Now I’m actively embracing all fields. So moral of the story guys and gals, its better to understand your powers under any circumstance than the alternative. :)

    by Henk aka Merlin / January 31st 2011