2 Paths That Lead To Psychic Abilities

Each person thinking about psychic development walks a different path towards achieving the goal of becoming psychic. There are at least two paths to choose between – the Western path, and the Eastern path. But are they really that different? I decided to take a closer look on these different approaches to psychic development.


The Story of Me

When my interest in psychic development started, I was practicing the techniques of the field known as psionics. Psionics is a modern, Western path of psychic development that utilizes energy work as primary factor that causes psychic abilities to work – it’s a mixture, based on the teachings of the Eastern schools, but approaching the subject with Western, scientific point of view.

With time, I’ve tested many things, both Eastern practices, and Western technology. Today, I focus on Eastern arts that proved to be working quite well for me. But the truth is – I don’t think that Western and Eastern techniques are that different.

The Path of Scientific West

Here in the West (well, technically I live in Poland, it’s more like a middle zone), people have developed many different techniques of learning psychic abilities – both occult and scientific, so we have:

  • Body positions – developed thousands of years ago in the Near East (Near East is the primary source of occult knowledge of the West), useful for achieving altered states of consciousness.
  • Occult rituals – like these of the Golden Dawn, that were focusing on energy manipulation and development of the energy body.
  • Mind work techniques – like the Silva’s method, affirmations and many, many others.
  • Technology – like the Hemi Sync, and Gateway Voyage program.

These are the techniques we’re using in the West in order to become psychics – to name the few. And let’s take a closer look on the techniques of the Far East.

The Path of Esoteric East

In the Far East, we might recognize the following methods of psychic development:

  • Meditation – entering altered states of consciousness through sitting and breathing.
  • Yoga – very useful to develop your energy body.
  • Energy work techniques – Qi Gong and Tai Chi Chuan are the best known energy work techniques to us, that are practiced far, far away.
  • Mantras, mudras and mandalas – three “M”, the power of words, hands and pictures.

And of course, these are not the only methods we can learn from the East.

Are These Two Paths Really Different?

That’s a good question, and the answer is simple – no. Let’s do the math, for example occult body positions have the same function as meditation and Yoga. Most of the Western occult rituals is an offspring and modification of the Far East techniques. Our affirmations are “their” mantras, et cetera.

In reality, people have developed similar techniques and methods of developing psychic abilities all over the world – these things weren’t developed because people wanted to become psychics:

  • Either it’s the knowledge of the ancient world that was destroyed – if you like to believe in stuff like Atlantis, Lemuria and so on.
  • Or using simpler explanation, people wanted to improve themselves and walk the path of spiritual growth, now psychic abilities are just a side effect of spiritual growth.

No matter which version is correct, the point is clear – there are many different techniques with the same core, and same purpose. Names and terms might be different, but the very essence of the techniques which we are using all over the world, is always the same. The difference is in the general approach – Western world focuses on understanding why things happen. Eastern world prefers to master the phenomena, rather to understand it. Who cares how it works if it works at all?

It’s Time To Choose Your Path

Which path you will choose, is your decision to make. I prefer classical Eastern approach, because their tradition, values and knowledge speaks to me better than the dirty Western civilization. I like to analyze things when it comes to business, but when it comes to our minds, I prefer to feel Рnot think. Whichever path you will choose, your psychic abilities awaits there for you Рsooner or later.

Which methods do you prefer? Western science or Eastern arts?

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