How Random Thoughts Proves You’re Psychic

Kind a cool think when it comes to psychic development is that you are already psychic – you do receive psychic impressions, but you’re not aware of it. Often, psychic development is about learning to notice these psychic impressions. This is tricky thing, but I’m going to teach you how to do this.


How Did I Bought A Magazine

One day, after shopping when I was leaving the store a thought popped up into my mind for no reason – the thought was quite simple, it was the name of the esoteric magazine I was reading few years ago. I didn’t analyzed the thought, I just turned around and head to the nearest newsstand and bought that magazine. I didn’t understood why, but then back home, when I read over it, I’ve understood – I’ve lost my connection with old approach to psychic phenomena and paranormal, the approach of explorer – something wanted me to rebuild that connection and be explorer once again.

Random Thought Is Out There

All the time, random thoughts make their way to your conscious mind. Or should I say, semi-conscious but you’re still not noticing them. But these thoughts are trying to reach you for specific reason – these might be often psychic impressions. Therefore, you should learn how to notice these thoughts. And this can be achieved with few steps.

  • When you notice the thought, pay attention to it – don’t ignore it, don’t analyze it, don’t think about it – just act on it. There is some kind of action, there must be reaction, right? If something tells you “turn left”, then god dammit, turn left! Don’t analyze why, just do this!
  • Set quiet time – each day, spend at least 15 minutes sitting down and waiting for random thoughts, then act on them. Just like that.
  • Go for a walk – go for a walk to local mall, or wood, or city park, and pay attention. Again, wait for random thoughts and act on them.

It’s that simple! Or is it? Technically, everything is simple on paper, but in reality, I have only one advice – practice, practice and once again, practice.

The biggest problem is to start and to learn that there’s nothing wrong in approaching someone on the street and asking “excuse me sir, but your name is Martin, isn’t it?” When you will learn how to leave your comfort zone, you will make an important step in your psychic development.

More Tips

I have few more tips for you regarding paying attention to random thoughts.

  • Meditate – this is kind a obvious, isn’t it?
  • Practice Zen – Zen is the art of perceiving the world as it truly is. Know that about 90% of sensory input is ignored by your brain. Learn to notice these additional 10%, and you will be psychic like hell!
  • Don’t give up – you’ve spent your entire life ignoring psychic thoughts, it will take time to learn how to see the real world all over again.

Do you experience such random thoughts? Do they prove psychic to you? How did you learned to notice them?

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  1. Hi Nathan,
    I enjoyed this article! I think all of your tips are very helpful.
    When we learn to pay attention to our thoughts the world becomes our oyster! This is the challenge of overcoming the “monkey mind.” Taming our thoughts is the key to success in all aspects of our life.

    Thanks for this informative article.
    Thank you for visiting me at Powered by Intuition too~!

    by Angela Artemis / January 21st 2011

  2. I must admit im usually a skeptic about all things paranormal & psychic but my wife insists on it so i’ve been taking the time to look around the internet and came across this and some of it actually rings true. I often get “unexplained” urges whether its to buy a particular item i’ve always drummed it up to subliminal advertising but some of the things that come to mind i’ve never heard off.

    Will be giving your tips a try over the next few days.

    by Michael Clarke / January 23rd 2011

  3. I’m sorry, but the witing/grammar of that article is really poor, relative to what I was expecting from ASOM.

    by Valridagan / January 23rd 2011

  4. Well, you can always have a bad day, can’t you? :)

    Well, have fun with the content which you’ll find on ASoM :)

    by Nathaniel / January 24th 2011

  5. Very good article, it is finding the time to have quite time that I find particularly difficult. Good read, hopefully will get to give it a try.

    by Karen / January 24th 2011

  6. I have to laugh at the person who made the rude comment about the grammar in the article above. How good is their portuguese??? Or would an article they wrote in that language be understandable at all?????

    by Ella / May 26th 2011

  7. hi there your going to find this funny but i go all day long insulting peaple psychicly but ii’me sufering ,i need help need sugestions to stop it thank you arjun

    by arjun / May 31st 2011