What Can You Learn About Psychic Abilities By Watching Star Wars

Have you ever seen Star Wars? I’m sure you did – and if have ever participated in the psionics community, you should be aware that most people wanted to be psychics because they thought it’s going to be like Jedi or something. But you might not know that Star Wars can help you with real psychic development.


Yes, partially Star Wars and the Jedi were the reasons why I wanted to learn psychic abilities. Then everything stopped – I mean, my interest in Star Wars connected with psychic development. But many years later, when I begun to study and practice Zen meditation, and my psychic exploration continued, I begun to understand why Star Wars are so connected to learning psychic abilities.

Zen + Star Wars = Jedi

George Lucas created the Jedi teachings based on the philosophies of Zen – at least partially. And this is enough for you to know, that Jedi philosophy uses a lot of real, Eastern knowledge. For psychic development, this is a great benefit. Why? Star Wars can really teach you important things regarding psychic abilities.

Things You Can Learn About Psychic Development From Star Wars

Here are the most important things:

  • Meditate on that, thou shallmeditation is great, but remember, it’s not only about clearing your mind of all thoughts. Master Yoda often meditated on many things. What does it mean? It means that when he was sitting and meditating, instead of clearing his mind of all thoughts, no exception, he was clearing his mind of all useless thoughts, leaving only one – the thought or issue he was meditating upon. You should keep this in mind, and when you have problems, or you’re lost on the path of psychic development, meditate on that – set a goal of meditation session, and seek answers and advices, and even inspiration.
  • Feel, don’t think – another important issue about which many psychic-wannabe forgets. If you want to get psychic impressions, you cannot think about getting them. You need to feel. This might be hard to understand at first, but let me give you fast example: when you see a car, don’t think “a car” – just observe it, and feel that it’s a car, perceive it’s colour and shape, try to get as many details as possible. Make sure no words pop up into your head, try to perceive your reality without thinking and without naming things. This will be a zen of psychic perception. And this will be one of the primary subjects of my next e-book that should be released by the end of this year.

Those are the most important things you can learn about psychic development from Star Wars. There are of course many more things like:

  • Patience – you can’t become psychic within one night. Jedi were training for many, many years before they became knights. You must be patient if you want to become psychic.
  • “Let go your feelings you must” – a psychic, just like Jedi, feels, but what he feels is not his feeling, but the feelings of the surrounding area. You must clear your mind of your own emotions and feelings, and “feel” the area around you. Logical thinking is prohibited.

These are all the things that you need to truly remember. But of course, by watching Star Wars you can learn a lot more.

Of what other things that Star Wars teaches, can you think of?

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