I Think I’m Psychic, How Do I Develop My Gifts?

For few last days, I was having a nice conversation with truly beautiful lady name Conner* (an advantage of being blogger – you get to know beautiful ladies, my friend Maurio should try it) about developing natural psychic abilities. Turns out that not only people like me might have problems with psychic development.


To specify – “people like me” mean those who weren’t born with natural psychic abilities, but had developed them manually. Conner’s friend do have natural psychic abilities, but as it appears to me, she had never gotten a chance to learn how to use them properly. For people with natural psychic gifts, who would like to start using these skills, I’ve wrote this article.

I Think I’m Psychic

How can you tell if you’re psychic, hmm? Well, there are many ways to figure this out:

  • You might be having an Out of Body Experience – normal, and almost quite common paranormal experience, to live your physical body and go to a journey through the astral planes.
  • You might know things before they happen – classic examples, you might know the phone is about to ring, and it’s uncle Tom calling, or you might get intuition impressions, like “stop right now!” because a crazy guy might kill you at the crossroads.
  • You might see things – from colourful flashes of light (white, blue, green, red) to seeing auras and ghosts and spirits.

These are only few examples. If you want to have more of these, you just need to grab some book about psychic and paranormal experiences, and you will get the picture. Remember that everyone is psychic, but some people are more psychic than others. I never really had psychic experiences until I started developing in this field. Some people might experience psychic stuff from time to time, and for some, it might be a daily routine.

So when you’re psychic, you can either ignore these things, or develop control over them.

Do You Really Want This?

If things occur randomly, then psychic experiences can be quite cool. If they don’t occur at all, then if you want to focus on psychic development, you must be as a crazy person as I am :). And if they occur too often, you might want to learn how to control them. This article is meant for people who already experience psychic stuff.

How To Develop Developed Psychic Skills?

[adsensebox] The trick is to stop waiting for psychic phenomena to occur, and instead, start intentionally gathering psychic data. But how to do this actually? First, you need to learn some theory.

So, you’re already psychic – this doesn’t mean that you have the skills of psychometry, telepathy, telekinesis, aura view etc. Being a psychic doesn’t mean you have any skill at all, it only means that you have the potential to use your psychic mind in order to acquire information from your environment, through nonphysical senses. This means that you need to re-define the terminology.

What is psychometry? No, it’s not a psychic skill – it’s a technique only, through which you can acquire information via psychic means from physical objects. All these funny terms like psychometry or telepathy stand for techniques that utilizes your psychic mind – and that is why there are so many techniques – because everyone has different tricks, through which he or she gathers information via psychic means.

The Simple Process of Psychic Development

You’re different than normal people only because you already have some predisposition towards using psychic abilities, and that’s all. You should:

  • Practice Energy Work it won’t hurt you, and it will improve the way psychic energies flow within your body.
  • Learn Meditation – meditation will put your mind at peace, and will greatly improves your patience and focus, it’s almost mandatory when you think about controlling psychic abilities.
  • Learn Psychic Techniques – there are many techniques available for free on Tutorials page, and more in my guidebook. But ultimately, you need them to understand how to define your own techniques. Some people will use my techniques because they will work for them, others will create their own techniques based on them.

Quite simple, isn’t it? Things above will teach you control over your skills, so you will be able to use them at any time possible.

OK, but these are quite detailed things. Generally, you should grab some books that were written by psychics as forms of psychic autobiography – psychics often explain how they begun to use their skills. By reading over examples of using psychic mind, you will get ideas for your own development. If some psychic use his “gift” for something, you can do this, as well.

What Are You Going To Do?

As you can see, your psychic development is not really different than the one of normal people – the only different is, while they need to focus on energy work at first, you need to understand that being psychic means “having a predisposition to do extraordinary stuff”. The question is: what are you going to do with these predispositions?

* Hah, no link here! Sorry, but I care about privacy of people who seek my help.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. So, I read the article and I can totally relate. I’ve had that “stop right now” experience and others throughout my life and now I want to learn how to control them. I hope this leads me to exciting places…

    by Michael M. / June 2nd 2011

  2. Michael, indeed – psychic growth can lead to many fascinating places, events and great people! Good luck with your journey!

    by Nathaniel / June 2nd 2011

  3. I have been having experiences frequently for the past few weeks, I am having a really hard time finding anything to help hone my abilities or at least help them not to interfere with me and my job… I’m massage therapist/ esthetician and its important to not be distracted. I’m enjoying the experiences and find them to be quite cool because some of them i know exactly “who” is giving me that experience… i.e. a relative whose passed. hope this can be of help…

    by Lauren / June 12th 2011

  4. Learning control is the best way to make your skills interfere not with your life. They can even improve your work results if you know how to use them :). But everything starts with learning things first.

    by Nathaniel / June 13th 2011

  5. i feel all those thing you listed up there and more,,,,,, i kno what commercial comes on the tv next……i know what people say befor they say them……. and when i get really mad and electricity goes hay wire …. just last night i was so mad that i walked into my room and my light bulb exploded….. and some times i can move small things with my mind…..i really want to control this

    by JAMES / June 29th 2011

  6. James, the only way to learn control is to start your own psychic development :).

    by Nathaniel / June 29th 2011

  7. how do i do that

    by JAMES / July 1st 2011

  8. For start, you can purchase my guidebook – http://astateofmind.eu/how-to-develop-psychic-abilities/ :)

    by Nathaniel / July 2nd 2011

  9. I can relate to this so much! I’m so intuned with the “paranormal”. And I’m such at a young age. Since I was little I’ve always had this ability. And to be honest, I love it! This stuff happens to me randomly all the time, but I wanna control it to happen. But I don’t know how. :( Pleassee help anyone.

    by Elizabeth / September 1st 2011

  10. Ok umm I’ve never done something like this before. But. Here goes. I always been interested in people that can see the future and things like that because I think that I myself have some kind of gifts, I would love to try to control them or learn more about gifts that I’m really not sure I have. Ok so I had read this article and let me tell you why I think I have a gift, and I hope someone can share some light on this I would love feedback. I will list some things that happens to me all the time and I mean all the time, even as a child I new something was different with me that no would that I knew had the ability to do not so much see but what was done.first off I’ve never really seen any ghosts or things like that, I did have some experiences that I can not explain but never saw dead people, except in my dreams. Ok here it goes the list

    A. I can look at some people and tell that they are sick. And not just the flu and a cold and things like that. It’s sick as in they will die if not treated
    B. I get feelings that something is going to happen. And not good happen. Bad happen. Like I can predict every time I get in a car accident. That sort of thing
    C. I dream alot and it always comes true
    D. I can tell u who is calling when the phone rings no not caller Id the phone can be in another room and I know exactly who it is
    E. I can think of people that i have not heard from in a long time and I mean a long time years at that and that same day that I think of this person or persons they either come up in a conversation or call me or show up somewhere
    F. I can finish peoples sentences
    G. I can sometimes tell what people are thinking without them saying a word
    H. Some people say that when you dream of people that have passed then it’s a visit but. Just to let you know that I dream a real lot of people that I’ve known ,family members, friends, and sometimes people that I’ve never even met that have passed on. Sometimes when I dream about some of these people they want me to give a loved one a message or a message is meant for me. Now I know it’s a dream but I’m not sure if that means anything
    I also dream about the world ending alot. I dream of angels and even dream of the lord himself. Sometimes he even talks to me, and very rarly I will even dream of satan himself. Those dreams scare me to death.
    I. I can also feel other peoples emotions and not like you can tell if they are angry or upset by their face expressions it’s much more involved in that. I actually feel what they feel
    J I have the ability to tell if a person is nice or not so friendly. And I know that we are not to judge anyone but it’s not really judging them , I just can tell that thats not the person I want to talk to or just want to be friends with.

    I think I have listed to the best of my abilities or as we call them gifts. I think there may be more of what I can do but I’m sure I’m missing some. If someone can tell me if this is normal and happens to alot of people I would love some feedback and if they are gifts then I would love to learn hoe to control them.

    by Lisa sparaney / September 22nd 2011

  11. i have seen colourful flashes of light and i have seen spirits befor and more and my mom side that i was psychic so i think im psychic now can some one help me some more pleassee

    by kiara / September 30th 2011

  12. today i was thinking of something and it happened what does that meen?

    by kiara / October 1st 2011

  13. ever since i was little I’ve had this abilitys and i love it so much

    by kiara / October 2nd 2011

  14. Sorry everyone for late reply, I was forced to move my “repond to comments” task to the bottom of my TODO list :(.

    Theory + practice = psychic development. By learning theory, you begin to understand psychic abilities, and this is the first step towards controlling your abilities. Beside that, standard psychic developmnet, as described in my book, for example, is the best way to begin the journey of psychic development.

    The same answer as the one to Elizabeth, plus – it’s hard to say if things you experience are normal, because what’s normal, anyway? From what I know, most people experience similar things, but they do not pay attention to them. The fact that you do pay attention suggest that you’re attuned to your natural gifts enough to begin conscious psychic development.

    What you’ve listed in your comment sounds very familiar. Some of the things I’ve experienced on my own, others are well known to me because of my psychic friends. The good thing is that none of the things above can really harm you :).

    Also, do not worry about missing things, I just call all of this “ESP” – extra-sensory perception. Sometimes, the general term is the best one you can use.

    Once again, you’re “attuned”, you’re aware of psychic occurences in your life. Colourful flashes, if your eyes are OK, and your brain is OK, as well, can be interpreted as signs of psychic vision. Nancy Du Tertre wrote about this in her book, Psychic Intuition – http://astateofmind.eu/2011/01/28/psychic-intuition/

    She refered to blue flashes as sings of deep, spiritual thoughts, for example. You may want to check her book.

    by Nathaniel / October 6th 2011

  15. you have no idea how powerful a mind is. I can look into peopls eye’s and relive every evil deed that has been done to them in there past I can feel ur mood I can sense ur thoughts I can can plant thoughts in ur head and push u to do what I want with out trying. Imagin if I was an evil person, or greedy. Its too much power for humans only for the chosen by god to lead the new generation of mankind true psyhcics,and the atunned. There is to many evils and demons for the weak minded it is not safe take heed.

    by Richmond / October 17th 2011

  16. I think I’m psychic… I think I am a physically beautifull woman, well I can make men fall madly in love with me, if I try really hard I can make them obssessed, my first boyfriend carved my initials in his arm after a week of dating and my last boyfriend has my name tattoed twice in his body. I know its not an appropiate way of using my powers but it feels good to be in “control” I wish I could fing a meaning to my powers other than controlling the opposite sex.
    Thank you

    by isis / October 22nd 2011

  17. I think I have a weird ability, Like sometimes when i make a decision somebody else will do the exact same thing. Ex: I look somwhere or walk some where somebody elese will do the same then they are all confused. when i first discovered this i expeirimented. I stared at someone really hard and made the decision to look at somthing but i didnt move ….the other person did. I have tried this many times now and most of the time it works. I also can find personality traits when i stare into someones eyes . am i crazy? or is it powers that i need to practice?

    by Elyza / October 23rd 2011

  18. i’v had vision before but now they stoped what i wood like to no is why they stoped

    by kiara / October 25th 2011

  19. I have had visions, especially through dreams, for years. I also have the ability to look through someone else’s eyes and see what they see. I can sense spirits, but not always see them. I want to be able to communicate with the dead in a more in-depth way, how would you recommend I focus and practice? I go to a college known for it’s spirits. I want to get to know their stories. I have researched them and communicated with them in my own way, but I want to see them, because I know I can. When I was a child I could see ghosts, now it is hard for me to do so. I also want to become more in tune with my clairvoyant and telekinesis abilities. How would you recommend practicing this? I just need help harnessing my powers.

    by Amber / October 27th 2011

  20. @Isis,

    I don’t call it psychic – I call it black magick. Beware of what you deal with, dark energies attract dark beings…


    Maybe you’re connected with the people you describe, and, instead of forcing their decisions, you’re picking up their decisions, thinking of them as of your own? Such “coincidences” aren’t rare.


    Things come and go. It’s like the moon – at some point, there’s fullmoon on the sky, and few weeks later, there’s new moon. Young kids have psychic abilities and can “see things”, but they lose the ability as they become more socialized. Sometimes, adults can experience few weeks or even years of psychic activity due to change of habits, or spiritual awakening.

    You should ask yourself – how did your life look like when you had visions, and how does it look like now, when the visions are gone? What’s the difference? Then, experiment with going back to these differences, and figure out which one cuases psychic activity to return.


    As always, I recommend meditation and mind work techniques, such as Core Images or affirmations, to cleanse your subconscious mind from negative patterns. There are few articles about clairvoyance on ASoM, you should check them out.

    What you need to answer yourself, is do you really can’t see spirits, or is it just that you don’t pay attention? When your mind is full of useless stuff – stress, worries, exams, boyfriend – you can’t tune in into subtle visions, messages and information. You need to clear your mind, through meditation you learn to get rid of useless thoughts, you learn to relax, and then, you can go out, sit down, and just listen to messages.

    Learning to calm down and clear your mind should be your first step in becoming more clairvoyant.

    by Nathaniel / October 28th 2011

  21. i don’t know if i’m psychic or not.. but i like know something is gonna happen before it happens.. i had a dream my sister was pregnant but she lost it.. my sister came home the next day and she took a pregnancy test.. my mother looked at the wrong test and thought she wasnt pregnant a month later my mother found the right one but she had already been out drinking and that so she lost it..

    another dream i had was about my brother when he went to london and he was in the london underground part, that there was someone there with a knife.. then he went somewhere in london and he seen someone putting a knife in their jacket:/

    My brother& i was watching this film.. i could hear what he was saying in his head.. he looked at me and said “what?” i said nothing.. then i could still hear what he was saying..

    I dont know what this is but i would like to know..

    i could say stories after stories like that.. & they all happen exactly the same as i see them.

    by vickybabiie / October 28th 2011

  22. Ive been seeing alot of different colors like flashs…. and Im seeing alot of peoples auras and it FREAKS ME OUT!! My friend told me the other day she was going through a hard time and I said you were mentally ill for awhile werent you? How are u doing? And she thought i was stalking her…. She was like ya….How did you know? I knew uncle was in trouble and he lives in Ontario and he called saying he was having trouble and that he needed my dad…Um whats going on? I feel like I cant feel peoples energies too….Scares me…..

    by JC / October 29th 2011

  23. I mean i feel like i can feel peoples energies whats going on?

    by JC / October 29th 2011

  24. Ive been seeing alot of different colors like flashs…. and Im seeing alot of peoples auras and it FREAKS ME OUT!! My friend told me the other day she was going through a hard time and I said you were mentally ill for awhile werent you? How are u doing? And she thought i was stalking her…. She was like ya….How did you know? I knew uncle was in trouble and he lives in Ontario and he called saying he was having trouble and that he needed my dad…Um whats going on? I feel like I cant feel peoples energies too….Scares me…..

    I mean i feel like i can feel peoples energies whats going on?

    by JC / October 29th 2011

  25. Trust me I know all about stress…but how does one clear their mind? How does one even find a peaceful place to meditate on campus? There is a chapel, ironically that is where the most spirits are. I go there to try and be peaceful, but still I can’t stop my mind from running. Can you give me a way to meditate correctly?

    by Amber / October 30th 2011

  26. for the past month i no what people wood say be for they side it. what i wood like to no is why this happend so suddenly and why it gust started to happen this month and not before

    by kiara / November 5th 2011

  27. umm are vampires real? because i think i am one i dont like light it makes my head and i love the dark and i can see almust perfect and people say my eyes look red

    by kiara / November 17th 2011

  28. and i can take the energie from batteries and when i get close to my radio theres always static its like im taking energie from the radio or something

    by kiara / November 17th 2011

  29. @Vickybabiie,

    It sounds like classic premonitions and “knowing things”, quite a typical stuff for psychics. Nothing to worry about, but a sign that you have a nice potential to develop your psychic gifts.


    Clairvoyance and psychic sensitivity, these are the keywords you’re looking for. Seeing auras is quite normal, a lot of people can do it. Psychic sensitivity is no exepction. You shouldn’t worry about it, you can either ignore it, keep it as “cool stuff”, or develop it further through general psychic development procedures.


    The point of meditation is to find peace of mind in the middle of New York :). There are hundreds of meditation schools, all I can tell you is – look for the school that suit you. For example, I dislike Viapssana, but I enjoy Zazen, from Zen Buddhism. Search for books about meditation, and for workshops near your place, try different forms of meditation, at some point, you will find the one that suits you. There is no correct or right way to meditate – some people just sit and breate, others perform visualization, others count in order to enter trance state. You must find your own path.


    Psychic vampire, hmm? Well, first of all, please read the two articles I’ve wrote on the subject:



    Not every psychic vampire is really psychic vampire. Sometimes, you have problems with your energetics – bad food, bad people around you, or a nasty entity attached to you. First, check the articles, improve your diet, start practicing Yoga, or Tai Chi Chuan. If that won’t help, find a clairvoyant specializing in attachments, and ask him to check you out.

    by Nathaniel / November 17th 2011

  30. Earlier this week, on thanksgiving, i was thinking, i need to babysit someone, im going to need to babysit someone. i was thinking i was gunna need to babysit my dads friend’s son(jimmy). i didnt ask because he lives in town. so i asked if i could babysit my dads friend daughter that lives down the street. well that night, around 3am, we got a call. Jimmys brother had gotten in a horrible accident and they needed someone to babysis there son. (i didnt do it i was freaked out :P )
    so me and my dad are sitting down, and he goes, sandi, im psychic, i can feel when people close to me die, and hes not dead hes just hurt, and i go, i know dad… i thiknk im psychic to, just not in the same way… i think of things… but i never can tell what they will be realated to, and my dad tells me, i’ve known your whole life you were pshychic, i just needed you to realize it before i told you.
    another thing i just remebered, is when i was in missouri (visiting) i had a dream, of my grandmas house. in the dream there were 3 bird like buzzard things at her house, and the next day, when i was driving back to texas… what three animals do you think i saw on the road dead as we came to the texas border? weird right.
    and last night, my dad was taking us to go see my sisters moms new house, i was counting the lights as they turned on, i counted 11, then the number 6 popped in my head… 6/11. i asked my dad what it was but the second after i asked i realized it was my youngest sisters birthday. i got kinda scared, and my dad looked at me like “i know your psychic” well it ends up that my younger sister really upseet my other sis by telling her mom one of her biggest secrets. so i think of her birthday and she does something shes not likey to do?? its weird…and i cant controll it, i never kow whats going to happen until i realize it. its like, i get the message, and i cant read it until its to late, thats why i need to get help

    by Sandi / November 26th 2011

  31. and as soon as you can give me tips on what i can do, how i can controll my powers because i read this article and i dont quite understand, (im a 13 year old girl andi can treally go anywher else for help) i’ve read this article a colple times but to many big worlds for my dislexic brain to understand :P


    by Sandi / November 26th 2011

  32. i’ve read the article a couple times and its kind of hard for me to understand (im 13 and dislexic dont judge me :P )

    #help? :/

    by Sandi / November 26th 2011

  33. I can get people to do what I want. And I feel horrible about it. I can say one simple word. Like “flower” and I know what they are going to say to that. And in the end throughout the conversation I alter their beliefs in some way. Am I evil? Demon spawn?. I can also see auras and predict phone calls and

    by Silvermoon. / November 28th 2011

  34. On a few rare occasions. I can take pain away also. I don’t feel pain. But when I take from someone else. I do. I can literally lay in the snow in a t- shirt for hours and not feel a thing. How can I make it stop

    by Silvermoon. / November 28th 2011

  35. @Sandi,

    The best thing to do is to grab a psychic development guidebook, for example the one I wrote. It’s hard to explain how to control psychic abilities in short words, that’s why there are books about this.

    I don’t believe you influence people, rather I would say that you can pick up their emotions, feelings and pieces of thoughts, and in the end, it looks like you’re influencing others, but in reality, you’re just pick up thing they’re going to do anyway. It’s classic example of empathy – learning meditation, grounding and psychic shielding are the first steps towards learning control.

    by Nathaniel / November 28th 2011

  36. thank you with your help… your the only one that can really help me at this point

    by Sandi / November 29th 2011

  37. I have had several psycics tell me that I have abilities and that my subconsious is talking to them how can i clear my head of negeative thoughts and reach the peace level.

    by vickie / December 3rd 2011

  38. @Vickie,

    There are tutorials for affirmations and core images on ASoM:

    Also, you should learn how to meditate.

    With similar techniques, you can begin working out your blockages and clearing your mind.

    by Nathaniel / December 9th 2011

  39. I have been experiencing things for a while now. I always think about things before they happen, just a thought like.. My mom should be home soon, and then she pulls in the parking lot. Or i know i shouldn’t do something yet because someone is about to call. I feel everyone elses feelings, when im with someone and they have strong feelings i know exactly how they’re feeling as if they were my own feelings. I want to be able to control my abilities, ive always thought that i had an inner power. How can i bring it out?

    by Jordan / December 22nd 2011

  40. Jordan,

    Check out the last two articles from FAQ category:

    They will answer your question :).

    by Nathaniel / January 3rd 2012