False Psychic Vampire, When You’re Addicted To Energies

Yes, I believe there are real psychic vampires out there – but as I already mentioned, sometimes psychic vampires might be mistaken as to their origins, often because of their life style and diet. Today I need to present one more issue related to false psychic vampirism – an addiction to energies.


If you think you’re psychic vampire, and you need to feed on the energies of other people, keep reading and let’s see if you can put yourself in the following situation.

The Day You Were Born

That day you were born, you were strongly connected to the energies of the source – psychic energies from around you. But then, socialization happened and you was forced to learn the rules of the society. There is a natural exchange of energies between people – when I get your attention, you’re giving your energies to me and vice versa.

The Problem Is Growing

And people like energies – when you have a lot of energies, you feel good, productive, emotionally stable. When you’re out of energies, you feel week, sad, depressed. Does it sounds familiar? Now imagine, what would happen if someone would suck all the energy out of you? Yep, you would feel tired. And what would happen if you would suck energies out of someone? You would feel good, right?

So you’re going to school and you’re starting to meet people – some are cool, some aren’t. Perhaps you’re not cool enough – those who are in the centre of attention, gain the energies of people who admire them. If you admire someone, or at least focus on someone – because he or she is doing something that deserves attention, you give him or her energies. And when someone admire or focuses on you, he or she gives you energies. This energy exchange is quite natural thing and there’s nothing to be worry about just yet.

When you turn into psychic vampire

But at some point, you might notice that only getting the energy of other people can satisfy you, nothing else. This is when your psychic vampirism begins. You became addicted to Chi, because your body forgot how to use other energy sources. And you don’t need to be the centre of attention – all you have to do is to figuring out that you unintentionally drain energies from others to sustain your needs – the subculture and popular psychic vampiric beliefs will do the rest and you will fall into a trap.

Voila, you’re a psychic vampire now… How to fix this?

How To Fix Your Vampirism

Since such psychic vampirism isn’t caused by damages to your energy body, in order to fix it, all you have to do is to reconnect yourself to other sources of energies – for example, through Reiki initiation. Then, you need to remember that:

  • Reiki should be performed daily – for example, meditate for 25 minutes while being opened to Reiki.
  • Change your approach – don’t do everything so people will admire you, just live your life and be helpful, but don’t try to be the centre of attention.
  • Eat well, face the Nature – go outside, visit local park, or go for a mountain trip. Eat well, focus on vegetables.
  • Feed not – most important, shield often and don’t feed on other people intentionally. Natural energy exchange is OK, but intentional feeding is not :).

I’m not saying that each and every psychic vampire is capable of fixing his or her vampirism – but there are people who aren’t really vampires, but simple became addicted to energies and they need to withdraw from this addiction – this is possible.

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