Dangers That Come With Psychic Channeling

Do you know what psychic channeling is? I’m sure you do, there are so many books about the subject available, that I guess everyone is familiar with it. But did you know that channeling is often dangerous? No, you won’t get killed in the result, but you might create misleading knowledge through contacting entities.


What is Channeling

If you don’t know what channeling is, let me post a short definition. Channeling is a process, in which person is using psychic techniques to get in contact with disembodied entities from astral planes (or even other planets) in order to acquire information.

How Channeling Is Generating Problems – 2 Stories

Personally, I never experienced any channeling – I was never interested in the subject from the practical side, but I have learned a lot from my teachers and people who were practicing channeling. The simplest example why channeling is wrong can be found in at least two topics:

  • Reiki – at first, there was Usui Reiki Ryoho, but with time, when Reiki found its way to channeling societies, people begun to create new forms of Reiki – kundalini reiki, gold reiki, angel reiki; supposedly because Mikao Usui, the creator of original Reiki system, has hidden the knowledge because people were not prepared. Now, this is bullshit :). Usui said that the system is complete, but people that were in contact with unknown entities did not accepted it – after all, they were receiving wisdom from the higher planes… Oh, really?
  • 2012 – Mayans never said anything about the end of the world – yet people practicing channeling begun to share the knowledge they gained thanks to higher beings, knowledge about destruction and great changes in our minds. Will anything happen? No, but the creatures that are sending us these information must be having fun :).

If you want more, just wait until 2012 comes :).

3 Problems You Face

There are at least three problems you might face when trying channeling.

  1. Entities might lie – you never know what’s on the other side, and if you say “of course I know, it’s the great archangel Michael”, then you are a fool. No, you never know, because while you live on this earthly plane, you have no way of checking who the hell is the entity you’re talking about. Entities might want to search for believers who will feed them with emotional energies. Some entities are just parasites, nothing more… Beware of this.
  2. You can hear, but you can’t listen – even if there is an entity that would like to share useful and real knowledge with you, you might hear the message, but you might not listen to it. You might only think that you understand the message, but let’s be honest, you have no way of knowing if you two speak the same language, and you understand things exactly the same – it’s nearly impossible. Thus, the original message might be received in wrong way.
  3. You open yourself – when you perform channeling, you open yourself for the entity, and tell me – what will happen if the entity isn’t as nice as you thought? You might end up being┬ápossessed, and this isn’t nice experience.

Dangers That Come With Psychic Channeling

With the problems mentioned above, dangers come as well.

  • Creating False Knowledge – by not understanding the message, or receiving fake messages from evil entities, you create false knowledge. You might even alter the real stuff that is already proven or set in stone by contacting the entities. False knowledge serves no purpose.
  • Misleading People – I don’t have to explain that false knowledge misleads people, and through your channelings you might push them towards wrong path of their own development.
  • Becoming a Guru – and if you don’t control yourself, you might become a guru with many followers, creating yet another destructive sect, that will alter the common knowledge further and further…

That’s why I consider channeling to be dangerous, even if sometimes entities want no harm. If you know something that does channeling, or if you practice it yourself, the best thing to do is to stop doing it…

Do you practice psychic channeling? Or do you know someone who does? Do you have any negative or positive experiences with channeling?

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Comments and Discussion

Be sure to add your own comment, feedback, opinion and/or suggestion :).

  1. An excellent post!

    I’ve noticed that when people are still new to psychic abilities but have started to get the basics down, many of them end up talking to some entity/spirit/etc. who claims to be a minor god needing their help to save the world (or some variation thereof). I’ve seen many promising psychics and energy workers turn all conspiracy theorist and cult-ish this way, and even if they managed to get out of it, it still crippled their development.

    I’ve spoken to entities before, usually at the request of other people who wonder what the entity’s motives are. Almost every single one I’ve spoken to (and that is not a terribly small number) claimed to be trying to help and teach, and yet was very self-serving and actively lied and bent the truth as much as it could to suit its own plans.

    If you really wants to get into channeling, wait at least until you have a *lot* of experience and are able to read what an entity is trying to communicate on more than a surface level. It’s also extremely important to stay grounded and keep you wits about you when dealing with entities–if what they’re telling you starts sounding like a scifi novel, get out fast.

    All in all, I definitely agree, it’s better to avoid channeling and entities if at all possible. There’s very little to be gained from it (lies and misinformation mostly), and it is much more likely to hamper your psychic development than to help it.

    by ShadowRain / January 13th 2011

  2. I have to say that I find this post to be slightly bent… I believe Channeling Medium is the term you were looking for.
    Channeling can suggest calling any form of energy or power or focus to you. In effect creating a Psy ball is the act of channeling psychic energy.

    I might agree that channeling for the very specific act of seeking blessings or trying to find “God”, is dangerous. Then again, asking your best friend in the whole world, to do all your thinking for you, can be a dangerous too…

    As for opening yourself to entities… Just remember it’s the same as opening a connection/link to anyone. You can create a connection and you can break a connection and you set the parameters for how deep a connection can go.

    And the big problem of Becoming Possessed is really this:
    If a person opens the door to possession (meaning deep down they no longer wish to be in charge of their own existence) they get attached to the proof (that someone else can be in charge). So even if they don’t like the consequences of possession they will often become possessed again because they seek something that comes with that lack of control. -Just like abused spouses often find refuge with the abusers themselves.- Once you have learned to identify yourself with something it is hard to see yourself in a different light. -Even if that connection might kill you. Even if it’s not what you want for yourself in the end.-
    ~So maybe, calling for an exorcist or a demonologist isn’t the best answer, call for a psychologist instead, because they are not just victims of possession but also of their own mindset. Send them to a psychologist and very specifically not a psychiatrist (because all they do is prescribe drugs which makes these cases worse due to the dissociative disorders).

    by Ren / January 13th 2011

  3. Ren, I would go that far regarding psychologist, considering the fact that nearly the half of residents of mental hospitals is psychic seeing things :)

    by Nathaniel / January 17th 2011

  4. As far as being mislead or taken advantage of for that matter, it’s pretty much the same with anyone. Whether you’re communicating with other humans, with trees, animals, spirits or any other entity.

    It kind of goes along with this old Japanese proverb “If you believe everything you read, better not read.” If you’re going to believe anything any entity tells you, it’s better to stay out of it altogether.

    by Sikura / January 27th 2011

  5. Sikura,
    I’m going to add that quote to my personal journal :).

    by Nathaniel / January 27th 2011