How Can Reiki Help You In Your Psychic Development

Have you ever heard about Reiki? It’s quite popular system of energy work in the world, but rarely people know that beside healing, it can help in general spiritual and psychic development. This statement requires some more explanation, so keep reading, and learn how can you use Reiki for your psychic development.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a “great power from above”, as some people translate it. In reality, reiki is the energy of the source – spiritual energy, that once transfered, turns into Ki – or Chi, if you prefer Chinese term. If you prefer, you might consider reiki to be another form of psychic energy, an energy that can be used not only to sustain your physical body, and thus – heal it, but also to expand your nadi energy channels, and develop your chakras.

Therefore – Reiki can improve your psychic abilities. How?

The Reiki Intiation

You cannot learn how to use Reiki on your own – you need to be initiated by the Reiki teacher, he – through specific energy work – opens your chakras and expands your nadi – the channels, through which energy flow, this happens during first degree of Reiki. Then, for 3 months you work with this energy, and it flows through you, developing your energy body further, and cleansing all emotional and energetic dust and dirt.

Then, you can take second degree initiation, and make another step towards becoming a hell of a psychic :). Well, OK – it’s not that simple, because even with energy flowing, you still need to work with yourself in order to become psychic. Reiki should be considered more as additional help in psychic development, not the ultimate secret. For example – you can get my psychic development guidebook after being initiated to reiki, and practice the exercises – such mixture will give you even faster and even better results.

What Can Reiki Give You?

What exactly Reiki (both as energy, and initiation process) can give you?

  • Knowledge – before actual initiation, you must learn many things about chakras, energy body and psychic energies. You can as well learn them from books or A State of Mind, but being taught by experienced teacher is a quality on itself.
  • Expands Nadi – through initiation, you expands your main nadi – energy channels – and the energy flow easier through them. The faster the energy flow, the better effects in psychic work you have.
  • Open Chakras – initiation also opens your chakras, at least some of them – these that are most important for psychic work. The more open chakras are, the more energy you can transfer, the better psychic you become.
  • Self-improvement – reiki is also cleansing energy, it cleanse negative subconscious patterns or other patterns from your life. For example, you can stop practicing magick, but with new time gained, you will have more opportunities to practice pure psychic stuff, like the tutorials on A State of Mind.

In these four points, the greatness of Reiki can be found – remember, reiki won’t make you psychic, but it can open you the gate towards becoming psychic if you will still practice.

How To Get Initiated To Reiki?

How to get initiated? All you have to do is to find a Reiki teacher near you (keep in mind that you need some money – Reiki can cost you, since no one is willing to give out Reiki for free – why? Because if you’re ready to pay, then it means you’re really read to become initiated – if it would be free, reiki would be given to people who aren’t ready for it), perhaps through online websites, then schedule your initiation.

REMEMBER – you cannot learn Reiki from books or online courses, you must be initiated by teacher.

Are there any Reiki practitioners reading this website? Have you noticed that Reiki improved your psychic abilities?

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Comments and Discussion

Be sure to add your own comment, feedback, opinion and/or suggestion :).

  1. I’m attuned to Reiki level 3 (master/teacher).

    There actually are people who will give Reiki attunements for free, and distance attunements are possible (just like with any other kind of energy work). However, if you’re looking for one-on-one training or the “experience” of it, you’ll probably want to plan on paying for it. (Really though, a good class takes quite a bit of time to put together–paying the teacher for their time and skill is more than fair). Some teachers will accept trades or bartering instead of money, or will offer discounts for larger classes though (bring a friend :) ).

    Reiki masters and practitioners are actually encouraged during training to charge money. Hawayo Takata, who is primarily responsible for introducing Reiki to the western world, stressed charging money for it ($10,000 for the Master/Teacher level! Thank goodness the prices have come down since then) because she thought there was no other way to get people to properly value Reiki.

    Personally, I would recommend reading a good book on Reiki before taking the classes. It will introduce you to the concepts, and you’ll have a better idea of who is a good teacher when you look for one (there is, unfortunately, a *lot* of fluff out there). Essential Reiki by Diane Stein and The Spirit of Reiki by Lubeck, Petter, and Rand are decent starting places.

    Also, don’t be confused by all the different kinds of Reiki offered. Some people worked together on a forum in 2007 to compile a list, and there were 406+. Many of them aren’t actually different, they’re just regular Usui Reiki with a slight pattern change added in after the channeling.

    To answer your question, personally, it’s hard to tell whether being attuned to Reiki made a lot of difference in my psychic abilities, because I was attuned around the same time that I found an energy work teacher and started really learning and practicing. I’ve seen several people who are attuned who haven’t particularly improved though. In my opinion, self-discipline and being mindful to keep your energy system clean and healthy make a bigger difference. Though Reiki practitioners tend to do this because of their studies and the Reiki energy may help, I don’t think just Reiki energy nor the one-time attunement is solely responsible. Perhaps why “Reiki as a way of life” is encouraged.

    by ShadowRain / January 10th 2011

  2. First – Reiki attunement on distance is possible, but it’s not recommended. It’s hard to imagine a clean energetic envoirnment with no teacher to cleanse it ;).

    As for Takata, please don’t post misinformation on A State of Mind. She never talked about so much money, actually. No one really thought about Reiki Alliance when Takata was still alive. Actually, it was Phyllis Furumoton – and she did not thought that $10k is the price that will get people to value Reiki. She decided for $10k for pure materialistic reasons, you see – she went banctrupt that day when Alliance was created and she thought it’s a great way to make some money. It took her many years to change her point of view (so she said). So please, let’s stick to the truth, shall we?

    I represent the school of Usui Reiki Ryoho, the only original Reiki out there. Sorry, but for me, all that channeling modifications are just fooling around.

    by Nathaniel / January 12th 2011

  3. Thanks for the heads-up–my sources said it was Takata who taught that. I will have to look into that further too make sure I didn’t get it mixed up.

    I have to disagree about needing someone physically present in order to clean the energy in an area, however. That can easily be done at a distance as well if the teacher is experienced (which I hope anyone teaching Reiki would be). There are definitely other advantages to learning from a teacher in person, but most of those are unrelated to the actual energy work.

    by ShadowRain / January 13th 2011

  4. Point Proven via comments. Too much misinformation and lack of the knowledge and concept of the original. Every day there is a surge of new “masters” and “teachers” . Yet, they are so far variated they may as well be something else altogether. My husband has been practicing Reiki for years and years, long before it was the new and uprising trend at the salon on the corner for an over inflated fee of “your not paying for the reiki but paying for the time necessary to do it…”

    by Tess / January 14th 2011

  5. Reiki certainly helped ME open up the psychic flood gates. It was when I started practicing Reiki that I began seeing aura colors, meeting people’s spirit guides and just “knowing” things about the people I was giving Reiki to. Amazing stuff.

    I don’t think I’d ever condone getting attuned (at any level) via distance. It just seems to “cheapen” the attunement in some way.

    by Lindsay / May 5th 2011