7 Principles of Safe Psychic Work

Psychic work might not be as safe as you think. A lot of psychic often make simple mistakes that brings their careers to end, or at least friendships to end. If you will stick to the rules that I have published below, your psychic career will be safe… Or at least, your friendship and family relationship will be OK.


The Grandma is About To Die

Why am I mentioning this? Few weeks ago I’ve experienced something knew. One night, I woke up and I “just knew” that grandma is about to die. I thought that it’s about my girlfriend’ grandma, but I decided not to tell her about my psychic input. Few weeks later, grandma died…

Except the fact that it wasn’t her grandma, but my own grandma. Now imagine what would happen with my girlfriend if I would tell her that her grandma is going to die? She would get depressed, and yet, nothing would happen – I would have only put few weeks of sadness on her*.

7 Principles of Safe Psychic Work

If you don’t want to get any problems like me mentioned above, you should stick to few rules.

  1. Don’t tell if someone is about to die – how to recognize if someone is about to die? Some people got flashes or images, some just a gut feeling, others, who can perceive aura, see that the aura is gone, or quite pale. No matter how do you know if someone is about to die, simple don’t tell it to anyone. In most cases, you can’t help the person, and telling it to him or her, or friends, is going to make things even worse. People don’t like those who know when others are going to die. And especially when they predictions come true.
  2. When you see someone’s ill, tell it to him or her – but when you know through psychic means, that someone is ill (most probably by the look of his or her aura), just tell it. Often, the illness that is spotted quite quickly through aura view, can be easily cured, which might even lead to saving life. You don’t need to say “sir, I see black ribbon above your heart through aura view, this means you’re about to get heart attack, you should go visit a doctor” – this won’t sound OK, especially to people you see on the street. But telling the same guy about just having a check of his heart might be enough to save another life.
  3. Don’t give business or medical advices, or they will sue you :) – the problem is, that when the businessman that you gave business advice to, will go bankrupt, he might wish to sue you in order to get his money back… from you. Don’t give business advices as “sure things”, don’t give them at all as psychic. Same thing relates to giving medical advices – if you’re not a doctor, don’t give medical advices, you’re not qualified.
  4. Don’t play with summoning things – you’re a psychic, who works with energies and people, and also sends spirits to the light from time to time. If you’re not skilled in demonology or exorcisms, don’t play around, don’t use Ouija board, don’t summon things, and don’t play with things you don’t understand. It might not end up well.
  5. Make no enemies – this doesn’t require any explanation, right? Be cool, be kind, be always helpful, and make no enemies. Don’t be arrogant, nor aggressive. Simple, be a good person.
  6. Don’t tell the future – let’s say you just got a vision of the future. You wrote a book, or you just talked about this with people you know, and you spread the world. But the future didn’t came – what will happen now? Technically, you’re reputation and psychic career is over :). Precognition is simple skill, but the effects of precognition might be misinterpreted, keep this in mind, and don’t talk about the future.
  7. Know yourself – know what you can do, and what you can’t do. Know your limits, so you won’t agree to find a missing person if you have no idea what remote viewing or clairvoyance is. Being able to see auras won’t help you find things, just like being able to find missing cats won’t help you in reading person’s aura.

Stick to the rules, and you will be safe psychic.

What about you? Do you have any additional tips and rules regarding safe psychic work?

*Back to the grandma thing, I took a look on Annette’s grandma’ aura. It’s quite pale and weak, and this isn’t good thing.

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