7 Tips for Psychic Teachers

If you teach psychic abilities to others, or if you would like to teach psychic abilities, there are some things you need to remember. I had the opportunity to learn few people, and been taught be few people as well, and now I would like to share some tips with those of you, who think about teaching others.


When Should You Start Teaching?

Before we move to the tips themselves, we need to discuss when you should actually start teaching others? It’s really hard to say, but having at least few years of experience in the subject is OK. The problem with teaching is that when you teach, you need to know your own limits. For example, don’t try to teach something you never tried for yourself. Don’t try to teach linking when you don’t know that links need to be cut. Teach things that you know, things that has been confirmed by your own teachers.

7 Tips for Psychic Teachers

And here are the tips I have for every psychic teacher “wannabe”.

  1. Don’t teach everyone – it’s my believe that bad people shouldn’t be taught psychic abilities. But how to recognize if someone is bad? Well, if you’re psychic teacher already, you should be able to perceive person’s aura, and within aura, you can see different things, and define person’ character. Now, how cool is that? Just remember, you never know what the person wants with psychic abilities, and trust me, becoming psychic doesn’t mean that someone will become loving person.
  2. Teach what they need to know, not what you like – personally, I like psychometry and different forms of extra-sensory perception. My student might like to learn psychokinesis. But I will teach him none – rather, I will teach him about psychic energies and psychic mind, from there we will be able to move further. But at first, don’t try to teach the person what he or she wants to know, do your homework, research the person, find out what he or she can already do and what he or she already know. With that knowledge, you will know what gaps you need to fill. Always teach the basics, before moving to more advanced stuff.
  3. Teach what you have practiced with – what I’m teaching on ASoM is something I have tested on myself, that’s why I understand how things work, and how others can learn them. It doesn’t mean I practice each and every single thing I have wrote – most of them I have learned, experimented with, understood and move further, today I don’t practice them, focusing on things I really find interesting for myself.
  4. Be patient – don’t think that your student will learn everything within few days or weeks. For some, it will take many months of even years to become psychics. Be patient, and teach them slowly – nothing will be¬†accomplished¬†with rush, but rather with slow yet steady progress.
  5. Be kind, but don’t be a parent – don’t be harsh – smile and be kind, but don’t try to be someone else than teacher. Especially, don’t try to be a parent. And most important, don’t give your student money. You’re not some kind of emergency fund, you’re psychic teacher. Keep this in mind, and teach.
  6. Know your student – knowing yourself is first step to become a teacher, but knowing your student is first step to successfully teaching your student. There are various types of people who want to become psychics. Some want to become powerful “X-Mans”, some are already psychic and just need some practice, others will start from scratches. Knowing what kind of student you’re dealing with will help you understand the needs of him or her. And because of this, you will be able to adjust your training to fit the person. You will teach different things to people who are already familiar with esoteric terminology, and other things to people who think that psychics are some kind of superheroes.
  7. Recommend a guidebook – you don’t want to be approached by your student all over the time, right? It’s good to recommend your student some guidebook, that will teach things he or she needs to know. This way, you will act as additional supporter to ones psychic development. Just like in school :). Trust me, it will save your precious time.

With the tips above, you will be fine psychic teacher, and your student will benefit from your own knowledge.

Do you teach others? What additional tips would you add to my list?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. So, should I start him/her off with breathing excercises?

    by Valridagan / January 7th 2011

  2. Well, if you think think this is the right course of action, then yes :). If you teach, you’re the teacher.

    by Nathaniel / January 7th 2011

  3. Love know your own limits and what you teach. Teaching what isn’t your thing, always backfires for everyone.

    I’d add: stay in balance as much as you can, and clear out your students at the end of the day.

    Ask that your own lessons are gentle and easy. It’s the teachers that can be hit hard so we pass them along, but they don’t always have to be!

    Good post!

    by Ronni / January 10th 2011