8 Principles of Safe Energy Work

Energy work is one of the principles of successful use of psychic abilities. But energy work can also be dangerous when one doesn’t know the principles of safe energy manipulation. Learning these is another step in successfully developing your own psychic powers.


There’s a lot of dangers in the field of psychic energies. Knowing the principles of working with psychic energies is a step towards safe psychic development. I remember when I was just starting out – I often suffered from psychic overloads, when I had too much energy in my system and it couldn’t handle them.

But I also remember when I pushed to far, and I spent too much energy on making psiballs. This resulted in catching cold and flu a way to often. But with time, the more I read and knew, the more skilled I was in manipulating psychic energies – this resulted in quite safe energy work I perform these days. You should learn some principles as well.

8 Principles of Safe Energy Work

Below are general guidelines for your psychic energy practice. Keep them in mind if you want to stay safe.

  1. Grounding – releasing energies when you have too much of them is an important thing in psychic work. You can either release all the energies, or just part of them, or even specific energies, like these charged with negative emotions that may get you dirty.
  2. Beware of people – when you go among people, set up psychic shield. People who aren’t aware of the energies around them and within them, will not try to control them. Thus, they will often project tons of negative energies towards the world. And intentionally or not, you will pick these energies up – I don’t need to mention that they can screw up with your entire energy system and emotional state, right?
  3. Don’t take too much – when you draw energy from sources like trees, lake or ocean, don’t take too much of them. I mean, when you’re beginner, take small pieces, but regularly. After few weeks, take more energies, and continue taking more and more, but within reasonable period of time. Take your time, let your energy body get use to larger amounts of psychic energies within you.
  4. Stress not, worry not – don’t worry, don’t stress, don’t be afraid, think in positive way. Negative emotions drain your Chi, your psychic energies that are already stored. The more you worry, the less energies you have, and this gives problem when it comes to using psychic abilities.
  5. Clean yourself – once a week, perform cleansing of your chakras and energy channels. A lot of energetic dirt gets stored within your chakras, and this may turn psychic abilities impossible for you. Just as you clean your physical body each day, you should cleanse your energy body from time to time.
  6. Eat well – junk food, fast food and food prepared with microwave isn’t the best choice for you. Keep this in mind, and take care of your diet. Eat well, make sure you eat both meal and vegetables, and when you eat, turn your eating into a magical ritual. This will open you to more psychic energies, and it will improve your psychic abilities.
  7. Meditate a lot – when you meditate, your energies calms down, and you open yourself to the greater psychic energies “from the above”. But it also relaxes your mind, and relaxed mind is important in psychic work. So meditate a lot, or at least once a day.
  8. Go for a walk, face the Mother Nature – psychic energies are everywhere, but the more Mother Nature you see, the more energies you face. Go for a walk to a park, or a forest, walk by the beach, spend some time admiring the beauty of the world around you. This is a method of opening yourself for more psychic energies.

This is it – with the tips above, you will keep your energies at bay, and you will constantly develop your energy body further and further.

Do you have another tips and advices regarding safe energy work? What about you? Do you stick to the guidelines above?

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  1. One of the most vital components of mastering psychic powers is practicing them!

    Psychic ability requires conscientious practice, like learning a musical instrument. Unlike music, however, progress can be hard to measure because it’s difficult to know how or when psychic phenomena will happen. The aggravation level can be high, so the key to success is to not give up.

    Don’t let frustration or failures make you stop. Try your hardest to be realistic. You can’t expect to practice for a few days, then master all your innermost psychic abilities! Psychic abilities, even for those who have developed them to a high degree, can be random and inconsistent. The secret is to learn to recognize when your psychic powers are working… and that comes with experience.

    by Abdul / January 3rd 2011

  2. Oh, I couldn’t think of better comment, thanks Abdul!

    by Nathaniel / January 4th 2011