How To Cleanse Your Chakras

You already know what chakras are, but even so, I’ll make a short reminder. Chakras are energy centres that spin within our energy bodies, they collect and manage psychic energies from our¬†environment. But they do not distinct between good and bad energies, thus, sometimes they collect negative energies as well.


This is why it’s important for energy worker to know how to deal with these negative energies, and how to cleanse your chakras.

Another Personal Discovery

I’m not all knowing, and I learn new things all the time. Many years ago I didn’t really accept the existence of chakras, these unseen energy centres. You can imagine how big pain in the ass this was – not knowing about something that is so important in psychic development. But because I love reading books, one day I finally understood what these chakras are about. And how important they are.

I also learned from some book that chakras might often gather negative energies, that form of psychic dirt. And these negative energies might influence our mood and mental state, creating aggression or sadness. But even more – I’ve learned that the more energetic dirt you have in your chakras, the less energies they can process – which influence both your physical, mental and psychical state.

I thought it was just New Age talk until I decided to try some exercises and cleanse my chakras. The very next day after cleansing my psychic centres, I noticed that I have more energies, and I’m picking up more psychic impressions. This was another breakthrough.

How To Cleanse Your Chakras

You should cleanse your auras at least once a week. If you’re returning from a place that is filled with negative energies, or if you work in place where negative energies are common (psychiatric hospital, or you’re a policeman or you’re demonologist), you should cleanse your chakras each day. Here’s how to do it:

  • Sit down and relax – close your eyes, take few deep breaths and just relax.
  • Visualize chakras – now, visualize your chakras within your body, as seven white balls connected through central channel. Think of them like vessels – then visualize black, dirty energy filling your chakras and the central channel.
  • Push the energies down – after you’re done with visualizing chakras filled with dirty energies, visualize bright white light flowing from above into 7th chakras. Visualize it flowing down, and as it flows, see it pushing the dirty energies down. See these negative energies leaving your body through 1st chakra, into the ground.
  • Continue visualizing – until you will see no dirty energies, and your chakras will be filled with light.

When you will visualize this, you might experience “push” or difficulties with removing these negative energies. Don’t worry about it, it’s quite normal. Just continue visualization and pushing your energetic dirt into the ground. This is how cleansing your chakras looks like.¬†If you experience problems, you might try to remove the energies from 1st root chakra, then 2nd, 3rd and so one. And when you’re done, cleanse chakras again starting from 7th chakra, this might make cleansing easier.

It doesn’t have to take many hours. Personally, I cleanse my chakras within less than 5 minutes, once a week. This might have something to do with the fact I’m Reiki initiative, but heck, when I wasn’t, I was able to cleanse my chakras within 10 minutes. See, no need to sit still for hours :).

And this simple tutorial is everything you need to know about cleansing your chakras.

Do you cleanse your chakras? If so, what technique do you use?

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  1. I have been wondering about chakras and the best way to do it as so many articles had some crazy way of doing it that seemed nearly impossible to accomplish which really made me overwhelmed. I downloaded an isochronic tone for chakra balancing..are those ok to use? When I used it last night I got a dull ache in my stomach that lasted about 30 minutes after I was done. I am trying to develope psychic gifts, be whatever that may be, because I have had things happen to me and have seen things and was my gift was sensed by another psychic lady but I do feel I have blocked it from frightening occurences. does that make sense? Can cleansing the chakras and opening them help?

    by Jessica / November 18th 2011

  2. Jessica,

    No artificial method of chakras cleansing will help you out, you should stick to more traditional and/or mind methods. If you have blockages, then you need to identify them, and then get rid of them – read articles about affirmations and healing your past memories, both have been published on this website.

    Chakras should be cleansed by using conscious methods, from meditation to energy work to rebirthing and dozens of other methods. Artificial methods are just sounds that interact with your brain, not with your chakras.

    And yes, cleansing your chakras will help you develop your psychic abilities, slowly and gently, but it will.

    by Nathaniel / November 21st 2011