How To Use Your Psychic Intuition To Solve Problems

Each one of us have intuition. And each one of us have problems. Wouldn’t it be great to deal with our problems with a little help from our higher mind that have access to psychic planes? It’s quite possible – and in this article, I’m going to teach you how to use your intuition to solve problems.


My Money Problems

Few months ago, when I moved with my fiancée to new flat, we had money problems – she was without work, and I was stressed a bit. I didn’t knew what to do, so I decided to ask my higher mind how to solve the problem of money. My higher mind – or intuition as others call it – told me with simples images and memories that I should relax, sit down, observe and worry not. So I did as my intuition told me – I had no idea why I did it, but I did.

Anyway, next week my fiancée found a job, at last – and all our problems were gone. This is just a simple example of how my intuition helped me deal with my problem. You can do this too – for every single issue in your life.

How To Use Psychic Intuition

The problem with using psychic intuition in case of most people is that their minds aren’t quiet enough. When you listen to loud music, it’s hard to hear someone talking to you. Therefore, in order to use your psychic intuition, you must first put your mind at peace. And I’m not saying about meditation – meditation is something else. I’m talking more of shutting up :).

In order to do so, follow these steps:

  • First, close your eyes – because you will be able to focus better this way.
  • Calm down – stop worrying, stop thinking, just focus on the darkness in front of your eyes.
  • Relax – don’t worry, don’t move, breath deeply, and wait for it.

Calming down is the first step in seeking answers on your higher psychic mind. The next step requires a little bit more explanation.

Imagination and Memories

I already talked how clairvoyance and other forms of Extra-Sensory Perception uses your memories to give you psychic information. Imagination is another element – your brain is using objects, people and scenes from your memory, and it put its together with help of imagination into new image. Paying attention to memories and images you see, things you “hear” inside your head, is a path towards picking up psychic information.

Yes, this can be used in psychic readings or psychometry as well. But let’s focus on dealing with problems. When your mind is relaxed as I instructed, just:

  • Pay attention – observe the images inside your head.
  • Interpret – and when you receive them, interpret them. How do they relate to the problem you have, or the question you asked, or the answer you seek?

That’s it – you’ve asked your psychic intuition for help, and you received it through psychic impressions. What you will do next, is your choice. You can listen to your intuition, or not.

Whenever you have a problem, relax, close your eyes and seek answers through your higher mind. The answers are there. And imagine how many questions you may ask – about family problems, relationship, business, work, or even spiritual growth. There are countless possibilities.

Applying The Knowledge Further

This knowledge can be also used in general ESP – psychic reading or psychometry for example. Observing the images in front of your eyes, inside your head, is the path of perceiving information via psychic impressions. Keep this in mind. Also, the more you practice with psychic intuition for yourself, the more effective your psychic mind will become of other ESP skills, like mentioned psychometry.

Consider this, as “cold practice” :).

Do you use psychic your intuition to solve your problems? Do you often ask your higher mind of advices?

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  1. The best advice I can give you is to: stop looking and start listening. Don’t let the situation frustrate you. Open yourself up to inspiration, allow the answer find you.

    by Ren / December 19th 2010