How Fast Should You Learn Psychic Abilities?

I’ve met a lot of psychic-wannabies who had asked me the same questions: “how long will I be learning psychic abilities” and “I’ve been practicing for whole week, and still no results”. People these days are so impatient. To be honest, it’s hard to learn psychic abilities within single week.


That’s why own e-book is meant to teach you psychic development within a year, not a week. But teaching you patience is not the point of such long training system. Your safety is. You see, the problem is that fast energy development might be dangerous for you.

How I Screwed Up

I remember how I personally screwed up. I wanted to learn as soon as possible, so I was practicing many different energy systems and techniques. Sufficient to say, it was a way to much my energy body could handle. Accidentally, I’ve cut myself of 70% of possible energy sources, which made my psychic development a hell more difficult. It took me a lot of work and effort to repair the damages I did to myself.

That’s why I know that psychic development might be dangerous, and you should be careful.

The Kundalini Burning

In Hindu beliefs, there’s something known as Kundalini fire – it’s the energy that lies in our abdomen, waiting to be released. When it is released, a person gains powerful psychic abilities, and other skills as well. It’s the essence of energy development. But if the “fire” is released too soon, your body and your mind will have troubles controlling the new level of energies.

Most people can’t stand such powerful forces – they feel physical pain, they have troubles with focus, all the dirt of their subconscious is being pushed to their conscious mind. Haunted by psychic impressions and their own emotional problems, they fall insane, often committing suicide, and in best case, they start taking drugs in psychiatric hospital. You don’t want this, do you?

And the fire can be released through intense energy work. If you don’t want to awake your Kundalini too fast, then make small steps in energy work.

Damaging Your Energy System

Too fast energy development might also damage your energy system. You can create links and forget to break them, thus making holes within your energy body. You can draw dirty energies, or you can suffer from energy exhaustion or energy overload. You might completely damage your chakras, and block meridians – the energy channels.

Sufficient to say, such damages might result in being completely unable to develop psychic abilities, and repairing them might take a lot more time.

It Takes Time, Time is Safety

As long as you want to develop psychic abilities as fast as possible, you’re not ready to develop them at all, as it might be dangerous for you. Therefore, two things are important in psychic development:

  • Time – no weeks, no months – many months, a year, few years. This is the path of psychic development, acknowledging it is a path of safe psychic development. Ignoring it leads to learning nothing at all, or even doing great harm to yourself.
  • Patience – and if you want to learn for so many months, you need to be patient.

This is why the training guides that tells you can develop psychic skills in a matter of weeks are either fooling you, or they’re dangerous. Be careful what you train, be careful what kind of techniques you’re using and remember:

Slow yet steady wins the race…

How long your development will take? A year perhaps, maybe two, maybe even more. But keep in mind few things. For one, if you will start today, you will finish earlier. Know that everyone is different, you might develop faster or slower. Finally, remember that no matter how long it takes, this is your speed, and you should stick to it – your body and mind knowns how long it should take.

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