How To Consciously Eat Your Food To Gain More Energy

One of the things that gives us energy to use psychic abilities, the famous Chi – is food. Now, I’ve mentioned this in couple of previous articles, once when I was discussing psychic vampirism, and of course, when I explained the way your energy system works. Today I want to explore the subject further.


Theory In Short Version

For every person who ever heard about epigenetic theory of psychic abilities, this article will be a breakthrough :). For those, who aren’t familiar with the theory, let me explain. Many years ago, when I was still interested more in “psionics”, and not general psychic development, I’ve stumbled upon the theory of epigenetics – basically, people suspected that food might had something to do with predisposition for psychic development.

People in families where cooking was part of tradition, and recipes were transfered from grandmother to mother to daughter were quite OK with the fact that some members of the family also received the gift of psychic abilities. Some people suspected that it was related to genetics, but in reality, the first type that suspected the food was closer to the truth, as I have realized by exploring the knowledge of energies around us.

Food, the Source of Chi

Food is the basic source of Chi – the life energy, also known as PSI. This energy is important for psychic development, as I have described in the article about your energy system. Some foods are richer in Chi, some have almost no Chi within, therefore, it’s important to eat well and healthy. Now, this requires some explanation.

  • Microwave or fast food – food prepared at any point with the use of microwave requires you to add your own Chi to get maybe 1% of nutritions out of it. Fast food is so “artificial” that have no Chi within. Eating this won’t turn you into psychic no matter how hard you try.
  • Vegetarian diet – don’t be fooled by all this New Age books, vegan or vegetarian diet isn’t always OK. I don’t mean the fact that a lot of people simple requires meant, but – vegetables and fruits that grow on large plantation, not near your house, aren’t very rich in Chi. Plants require some loooove :). They need care, they need proper environment. Without this, they won’t provide you with much Chi.
  • Meat – same thing goes for meat, the source of animals is important.

You need to choose the food carefully, and get rid of microwave and fast food. But this is just the first step – preparing the food is next.

Preparing the Food

Food need to be prepared. For some unknown reasons, 99% of psychic and occultists I know, are great cooks. I, myself, take great pleasure when cooking dinner. Putting love, passion and effort into preparing a dish, or just a sandwich, automatically transfer some of your Chi into the food. Families, in which food is prepared with love, eat well, and collect a lot of Chi. This of course, might result in increased level of psychic energies, thus – increased possibility of psychic phenomena.

When preparing your food, be happy about it. Focus on this process completely. Those who are familiar with the philosophy of Zen will know what I mean.

Eating Your Food

Finally, you also need to properly eat your food. Eating isn’t as simple as it might sound. You need to focus on eating, you need to taste your food. Here’s what you should do.

  • Put a piece of mean into your mouth – and close your eyes. Focus on chewing it, focus on taste, put all your focus on the process of eating. Focus on swallowing the piece of meat down the throat, into your stomach. Eat the entire dish or sandwich this way, focus on each bite, on each piece. This is the focus on eating.
  • Pray – some families pray before dinner. I’m not Christian, but I understand what they want to do – before eating, close your eyes, and say “thanks” for every person that is somehow connected with the food you eat – from those who had to kill the animal, to those who transported the food to local store. Also, thank the spirit of the animal, spirits of the vegetables etc. Turn each dish into a mystical experience.

By doing so, by focusing on eating, you open yourself to Chi that is within the food. And you collect as much Chi of it as possible. This, is the art of eating. Believe it or not, but it’s important element of your psychic development. When you will understand this, you will make another step in your psychic development.

I guess that now you understand why psychic abilities are often passed from mother to daughter along with great book of recipes :).

How do you eat your food? Have you noticed an increase in your psychic abilities after specific types of food?

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