Things That You Need To Know About Your Energy System

A lot of people who just start their adventure with psychic development isn’t really familiar with the way out energy body works. For all those, I’ve prepared this article, that describes the way we use Tan Tien’s and Chakras in our psychic development. This knowledge is very useful for every beginner and more advanced psychic practitioner.


How Does Psychic Stuff Works

So how actually psychic stuff works? As you already know, it’s all about psychic energy. If you want to use psychic abilities, you need fuel – the energy. This energy can be acquired from many different sources – trees, plants, mountains, rivers, oceans, food, other people. The energy you collect is then transfered to something called a Tan Tien.

Tan Tien is a name for three areas of your energy body – abdomen, heart and head. These areas are collecting psychic energies – Chi, Prana, Ruah or whatever you’re going to call them, for further use.

Going Up The Tan Tien’s

The energy that you gather from all around you is being transfered into the Tan Tien’s.

  • Lower Tan Tien – At first, the energy is being gathered in the first Tan Tien – the lower one, located few inches below your stomach. Energy in this Tan Tien is used for primary physical functions of your body. Without enough energy in this area, you feel week, depressed, sad, lazy and you have no will to work or to do anything specific. But if the Tan Tien is full, you’re healthy, strong, and you have will to work, learn and have some fun.
  • Middle Tan Tien – when the first Tan Tien is full, the energy is going to second Tan Tien. When this Tan Tien is filled with energies, the energy is influencing your emotions and some psychic abilities as well. You’re calmer, you’re setting up your goals, you think about others, not just about yourself. This Tan Tien is responsible for your mental and emotional self. If there’s enough energy inside it, you will also experience some psychic phenomena. When the energy will be depleted from this energy storage, many weird things will stop.
  • Upper Tan Tien – but if you’re still gathering energy, it’s being gathered higher and higher until it reaches the third, upper Tan Tien. This Tan Tien uses the energy to fuel psychic abilities and spiritual growth. Therefore, the more energies you have in this storage, the more psychic phenomena you experience, the more control you have over these skills, and the faster your spiritual development is.

Now, understand that you cannot push energies directly into specific Tan Tien. So you cannot fill the upper Tan Tien, without filling the bottom and the middle storages first. Why? Because:

  • It will be dangerous – trying to finish a Marathon run without being able to run for 30 minutes. It’s not possible, you might even die. Don’t try this at home :).
  • The Tan Tiens are being filled from first to third – it means that you’re not pouring water into third Tan Tien and wait for it to get to the lower one. You’re pumping energy into first Tan Tien, then the energy is being pushed up as more and more of it is being pumped into the storage center. This is the process of rising your energies.

Ergo, the more energies you collect, the more energies you’re using, and the greater the effects are.

Moving Down The Chakras

[adsensebox] What about Chakras? If you have enough energy in your Tan Tien, the energies are using them for specific purposes. Now think about it. First Tan Tien is very physical, just as first 2 chakras are. Second Tan Tien is about emotions and your mental state – so are the next 3 chakras. Finally, third Tan Tien is about psychic abilities and spirituality, so are the last 2 chakras. You might see now where I’m going with this.

Chakras takes energies from the Tan Tien’s – they use the energies to power the entire body, all the bodies (physical, energy, astral and mental bodies). The more energy you have, the more energy chakras use, and therefore, they need to evolve further – open up further. This is what we know as process of opening chakras. Therefore, some of you who bought Psychic Development Simplified will start to understand what this whole New Energy Ways is needed for, and why do you need to rise your energies (I have wrote an entire section about this process), and this is why Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung and other energy practices might lead to developing your own psychic powers. You’re just gathering more energy, and chakras need to respond to this, thus – evolve and open further.

Once the chakras are open and ready to transfer a lot more energies than normal people transfer, you might wonder what happen if you will run out of energies – because you might run out of them. Well – you might experience lower psychic sensitivity, and it will be more difficult to focus on spiritual growth. You might experience emotional and mental problems, finally illness and physical problems. But the chakras will be opened already. Thus – all you have to do to regain previous psychic state is to collect enough energies to fill all three Tan Tiens – damn, it’s so beautiful simple!

Things That Gives Us Energy, Things That Take Our Energy

How do you deplete energies? Through many things, actually.

  • Living – your physical, mental and emotional activities takes energies.
  • Psychic Abilities – using psychic abilities is also spending your energies.
  • Stress and Worries – stress and worries are energy eaters, don’t stress, don’t worry, be happy or at least still.

And how do you gain psychic energies?

  • Food – it’s our primary source of psychic energies.
  • People – intentionally, or not, we’re all psychic vampires to some degree.
  • Nature – plants, trees, woods, oceans and other natural areas are great source of energies. Yes, city park will do, but try to find a nice place away from the city.

Therefore, keep collecting more and more energies, and you’ll be OK :). Now, you understand how the energies inside our body works, and how they influence psychic abilities. With this knowledge, all you have to do is to find a good system of collecting energies – for example the one I’ve described in my e-book.

Were you aware of the above knowledge? What are your thoughts about the subject?

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  1. great job.
    I wish I would have had this artical when I was first starting out my psychic development, it would have made the subject a whole lot easier to grasp at the time :)

    by Evan / December 10th 2010