How To See Your Own Aura

A lot of people would like to see auras. For these, I’ve posted a tutorial that teaches how to see auras, but often, people try to “play” with plants or “dead” objects like a box. Rarely people consider the option of seeing their own aura as a good start. In this tutorial, I’m going to explain the famous “finger trick”.


How Did I Learn To See My Own Aura

When I first tried to perceive auras, I followed the tutorial I found in Web and tried to see aura of a red square on white background. It didn’t work – seeing aura of a nonliving object is hard. After many months, I tried another experiment – seeing my own aura, and then have found a tutorial for seeing it between index fingers. This was a breakthrough for me, because the experiment was successful. A new approach changed my previous failure into great psychic success.

Why Should You Start With Your Own Aura

Seeing your own aura is simpler than seeing an aura of others, because:

  • It’s part of you, and for some reasons, it’s much “easier” for your brain to accept that you’re seeing something that is yours.
  • It’s living aura, or in other words, it’s an aura of a living, sentient being. Therefore, it’s stronger and easier to perceive.

Living beings such as people, animals, or plants, or trees, have stronger auras. It is this way, because they have stronger psychic energies within their energy systems. Therefore, it’s easier to perceive these strong energy fields, easier than trying to see an aura of nonliving object.

How To See Your Own Aura

In order to see your own aura, you need a darker room – again, it’s easier to perceive aura in weaker light, and on a darker background – with time and practice you might learn how to see aura all the time, but as a beginner, you should stick to popular rules :). When it’s dark enough, but not pitch black, of course, sit down and relax.

  • Clear your mind, and focus on your goal – your goal is to see your own aura between index fingers. Focus on seeing your aura, believe it’s possible, know it’s possible.
  • Touch your fingers – touch your index finger together, rub them, push them against each other. Aura is “sticky”, and once one finger sticks with other one, the energy will “hang” between fingers.
  • Focus on the area between fingers – after some time of rubbing your fingers together, move them apart, leaving about 1 cm of space between fingers. Then focus on the space between them and try to see something. If you can’t see anything, put your fingers together again, close your eyes and let them rest for few seconds, then try again.

You should continue this exercise for 5 to 15 minutes each day, for few weeks. Some people will see the aura in their first try, while others might need to wait few days. But eventually, you will see something – like a mist, or fog or smoke between your fingers. This is your aura!

Don’t stop your training after seeing the aura for the first time. Continue the training for days and weeks. With time, the aura will get more clear and easier to perceive. Then, you can try to put your whole hands together, then move them apart and see the aura between whole hands, and then you might want to see aura between fingers of the other person.

Remember to look at naked body – face, neck, hands or feet, because aura is easier to perceive on naked parts of the body. Of course, if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it’s a great opportunity to see the entire aura :).

What about you? Can you already see aura? What great techniques can you share with other readers?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Oddly the first aura I saw was an object. I was in my bed just thinking and at the same time staring at the edge of my hot pink pillow. My mind wandered, but suddenly I noticed this green light surrounding the pillow. I thought it was the light at first, but after I stopped concentrating it disappeared. Yeah, first aura! I’m totally weirded out!

    by Stefanie / June 5th 2011

  2. Congratulations! Now all you have to do is to practice, and the skill will develop further.

    by Nathaniel / June 6th 2011

  3. I’ve been practicing meditation for almost three years now and even to this day seeing auras is difficult for me. Despite this, I am able to tell size, color, and sometimes shape of an aura based on the way the energy feels. I haven’t met many other people that can tell colors without actually seeing the energy. Is this normal? It’s not that I dont think I can see auras, I just dont know how to practice it effectively. But now I will give it a try for a while!

    by Bambi / June 22nd 2011

  4. Bambi, different people see aura differently. Personally, after some time of practicing the above technique, I gave up. Not because I haven’t seen the aura, but because I have found a different method of using psychic sight, and not my physical eyes. Some people see colors, others see mist, others can’t see anything at all.

    Maybe you can experiment with affirmations. Write “I, Bambi, can see the auras with my physical eyes” for the next 30 days, and your subconscious might be re-programmed to make aura view even easier?

    by Nathaniel / June 22nd 2011

  5. I had not thought of that before! I will certainly give it a try and see how it works out. Thank you :)

    by Bambi / June 22nd 2011

  6. If i press my hands together really hard, then pull them apart about an inch and concentrate i can see a misty type thing around the tips of my fingers and sometimes my whole hand, is this my aura? or am i just imagining it?

    by Jessa / November 2nd 2011

  7. @Jessa,

    I would say that’s your aura :).

    by Nathaniel / November 2nd 2011

  8. I try just to look on my fingertips, concentrated on it and there are no other things done then I see like a smoke coming out of my fingertips but it is not that visible enough but I can see it. what does it mean? THEN, once when I was in an intense exercise there were a smoke which fumed out of my body and the people could see it even myself what does that mean?

    by allen / November 28th 2011

  9. Allen, it means that your third eye is open enough for you to learn more advanced aura view, and improve your clairvoyance perception. There are few articles about clairvoyance on ASoM already, and I’m working on a new book about clairvoyance, as well, I guess it will interest you much :).

    Smoke-like stuff is a way quite few people perceive aura and energies – keep practicing, and your aura view will improve.

    by Nathaniel / November 29th 2011