6 Benefits Of Psychic Development

Psychic development brings no just psychic abilities with it, but also many other interesting benefits, that are enough motivation for staying focused on learning new things. When you begin learning psychic abilities, you’re making first steps into new life, life of many changes.


How Psychic Development Changed Me

When I begun my adventure with psychic development, I was a typical young guy – aggressive, arrogant, self-interested. With time, I have learned patience. With patience, I have dealt with the problems of my aggression and arrogance, and I became concern about well-being of others. Although I’m not trying to save the entire world, I’m no longer blinded by my own ego. Psychic development brought patience and a little bit of wisdom to my life.

That’s just a small part of the benefits. I have also met many fascinating people, and developed on spiritual level. You can too benefit from psychic development.

Benefits Of Psychic Development

Here are few things, few benefits and even side-effects of developing your own psychic powers, that you can experience on your own.

  1. Being extraordinary – this might work for most beginners, but let’s admit, psychics are just playing cool with all these fancy skills like psychometry or psychic healing, not forgetting about spoon bending.
  2. Being more aware – imagine that you know when someone close to you is sad. You’re aware of this psychically, even if that person is trying to hide it from you, and you know you should help him or her. Or imagine that you’re negotiating important deal for your company, and you sense that your “opponent” is trying to fool you – no need to say how important this can be. Extra-sensory perception can provide you with lot of important information that can make you more aware of the world around you, from people to events. Military would call it a strategic advantage :).
  3. Expansion of consciousness – consciousness develops along with psychic abilities. One day you’re simple guy working from 9 to 17, the next day you’re seeing people auras. OK, maybe not for the next day, but with time your consciousness is expanding. With this, you receive greater understanding of how things work in this world, you’re kinder and more helpful to others. This, is a path of spiritual growth. Imagine where psychic empathy or astral projection can get you.
  4. Self-improvement – you’re also learning new things, improving your mind¬†efficiency, memory and mental-physical skills. Psychic development might lead you to many interesting abilities, starting with better focus improved by meditation. You will learn patience, or ever something as simple as fast-reading skill, not because of psychic development itself, but because of your need to read faster :).
  5. Business opportunity – psychic development gives you some business opportunities as well. Sufficient to say that you can start your own professional psychic business, give advices and psychic readings, cleanse places of negative energies, perform psychic healing and more and more. I see nothing wrong in offering your psychic skills to others in such manner.
  6. Meeting new people – another great benefit of psychic development is that you can meet a lot of great people. Maybe it has something to do with the law of attraction, but often people who practice psychic abilities, meet other psychic practitioners – they attract each other. And this might be the beginning of a fascinating friendship.

These are the most important benefits you can receive through psychic development. There are many, many more things, that you might experience on your own. As you can see, learning psychic abilities is worthy and does repay itself, not with some fancy skills only.

What are other benefits of psychic development you can think of? Share them in the comments.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Those are wonderful explanations. I try to tell people all the time, when I was younger and found out others didn’t have my skill of psychometry, I was ashamed of it, like it was a birth defect. I hid it away and ignored it. Later, I was confident enough to realize that a person who is a good athlete doesn’t get bothered because he worked his sport, he’s admired. If a person is very quick with math and becomes a physicist, then he is congratulated. If a person has inherent psychic abilities, using them makes that person have an edge in many ways and becomes a very successful person, as both a friend and a business person.

    by autumnforest / December 6th 2010

  2. Autum, this is a great way to look at it, thanks!

    by Nathaniel / December 6th 2010

  3. I’m studying parapsychology are there any reliable sources

    by Dustin / June 13th 2011

  4. Dustin, books are the sources you seek :). And there are thousands of books out there, some are better than others. It’s hard to tell anything in details, because parapsychology is so wide subject, you would have to specify your area of interest.

    by Nathaniel / June 15th 2011