How To Use Your Memories To Improve Clairvoyance

One of the more popular problems of psychic newbies is that they would like to have visions on daily basis, or see things when performing psychometry or psychic reading. That problem arises because of lack of understanding what they should be expecting when using these psychic abilities.


Not many books that discuss how to develop your psychic abilities explains this, either. I have explained what you should expect with your Extra Sensory Perception skills in m article about psychic readings. Basically, what you should expect is your memories to pop-up.

How Did I Figured This Out

I have learned that I should not expect any” original” images, while experiencing and exploring few things – first, psychic readings, and the way our brain works. I was performing many psychic readings on my friends, and at the same time, totally by accident I stumbled upon few random articles that one way or another explained how the brain functions. After few month of experiments and reading, I’ve put all the experiences and knowledge together.

How Does Clairvoyance Works

Basically, when you pick up information via psychic means, your brain have no idea what to do with it. If you’re developing your psychic powers for some time, you should have dealt with filters that hide these information from you. But even without filters, your brain is confused – so it’s ¬†picking up random images from your memory bank that describe the information he just acquired in the best way possible.

To make things clear, let’s throw an example. Let’s say that when you was a child, you fell from the stairs – you remember this accident as painful, dangerous, scary and generally negative. Now many years later, as psychic your in a room, and you’re picking up psychic information of the tragic that happened in this room. Your confused brain will try to search for most accurate memory to represent the information you just picked up, and it will show you the images and give you sensations of that accident of yours when you fell from the stairs. The energies are similar, the information base is nearly the same.

What Kind Of Memories Are We Talking About?

[adsensebox]¬†I’m not just talking about entire events that you remember. Memories are different, so you might recall:

  • A book you have read – maybe the part of your perception tries to tell you that someone read the same book in the room? Or any other book? Or maybe it’s something about feeling good and relaxed when reading a book? As long as you feel good and relaxed when reading, of course :).
  • A movie you have seen – or a TV show, or a YouTube video, or static photo. Again, the information might be about this particular movie, or generally watching something, or feelings when watching something etc.
  • The image of a tree – as long as you have seen a tree :).

There are simple so many memories, long and short, simple and complex, and so many ways of interpreting them according to the context of the situation, that you can’t run out of ideas for psychic impressions :).

It’s In Your Head – How to Use It?

Now that you understand how memories work in general Extra Sensory Perception (as the above works for general ESP, psychometry, psychic readings etc.), you should learn how to use this knowledge for your own advantage. Here are some tips:

  • Pay attention to things you see – in order to get rid of your subconscious filters, you need to always pay attention to things you see and feel. It’s good to keep a psychic journal where you will write down all the things, so your subconscious will know this is important for you.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t understand – when you see or feel something that you recall from the past, don’t worry if you don’t understand what does it mean.
  • Analyse – do the “math” and analyse your perception, because then you will understand it. Recall every detail of the event you remember. What happened? When? What and how did you felt? What led to the event, what was the outcome? Every single information might be important.
  • Interpret – finally, interpret how the memories might correspond with the information you just acquired. Each memory, each image and feeling can be interpreted in different way, according to the context of the entire situation you’re in.

With these tips, and this knowledge, you should quickly find out that your clairvoyant abilities are becoming more and more accurate.

Have you ever noticed how your memories play a role in psychic abilities?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I am psychic.12 years old and am a clairvoyant.I get it from both my parents dad can see the future through his dreams,mom is psychic but she hasn’t found what her power is.i can’t see the future or past but,I am able to get knowledge from objects such as a earth made object,man made object, living animal,or even a dead body.I know I am psychic,but my mom is still searching. Is there tests she could take that show what she is most likely to be? I was also wondering is there any other way to power my ability besides meditation?

    by Nicky / December 14th 2010

  2. @Nicky,

    There are no tests. All your mom can do is to describe what she can do to another psychic, and he/she will explain what kind of skills these are.

    If you’re thinking about improving your psychic abilities – well, meditation for one, another is some conscious energy work: Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, New Energy Ways, and of course, practice is very important – you’re only 12, so with time skills will develop on their own.

    My suggestion for you – you’re too young to expand your skills further – for now, just focus on using them and you’ll be fine :).

    by Nathaniel / December 15th 2010