Psychic Vampire, You Might Not Be Who You Think You Are

Since I have read the Psychic Vampire Codex by Michelle Belanger, I have a different point of view upon psychic vampirism, and I deeply respect these who follow the Black Veil, or other ethical guidelines for psychic vampires. But not everyone who think he or she is a vampire, really is.


Not every psychic vampire is really psychic vampire – some people who think they are, might simple lack the knowledge regarding our interaction with energies – in short, some people think they’re vampires, because they don’t know they have been cut of basic energy source, that is still accessible for them – healthy food.

Vampire Withing

Basically, psychic vampire is a person that have specific energy needs – for some reasons he or she needs to drain life energy of others, as no other energy can sustain the person. This is what truly defines the vampire. Now, a lot of young people faces the problem, asking themselves “am I psychic vampire”? This process of search is caused by many things – reading a book, seeing a movie, or becoming interested in the occult.

Often, young people find their way to websites managed by vampires, where they read over articles that might help them understand if they are really vampires. The best website regarding this matter which I personally recommend is SphynxCat Vampire Support.

So the young person reads over the articles, and the personality characteristic fits, as well as the need to feed on life energy. So the person is learning the techniques, and he or she figures out that after feeding on people, he or she feels much better. Ergo – he or she is a vampire. Unfortunately, this is not as easy as it might sounds and many people might get lost in false belief.

Tell me please – how well do you know your energetic needs? If you’re wondering if you are or aren’t psychic vampire, then I think you don’t know much…

The World We Live In

Now, as some of my readers know, I’m the type of mad scientist – I’m experimenting with different things and sometimes I break ethical rules – so I really know what I’m talking about right now.

When your energy need is great, and you’re weak, tired, maybe depressed, you suffer from nearly every condition that is often described as prove of psychic vampirism, then feeding upon life energies of others will deal with your need – this might create false illusion of you being a real vampire. Some might argue that no other energy source can sustain them. Is it really the truth?

If you live in big city, there are no good energy sources – the energy is dirt and nearly useless. If you live in big city and you rarely visit city park, you might begin to suffer from lack of energy. You might say that you still eat well, yet you feel hungry – and the energies or blood stops the hunger. OK, but tell me – what kind of food do you eat?

If your answer is McDonald, fast food, and microwave is the primary kitchen tool you’re using on daily basis, then you have a problem. In order to understand it, you need to learn how our body interact with the energies.

Food We Eat, Energy We Drain

We need life energy to function – the Chi, Prana, Ruah or whatever you’re going to call it. Our “energy storage” is divided into two sections – with birth energy that we receive with birth, and secondary energy that we acquire all the time. That second type can be utilized from food, trees, water, air and many other energy sources. Those are psychic energies we live upon.

When these energies are out of reach, our energy body is beginning to use birth energies – when these are depleted, we’re dying, they decide for our length of life. Chinese masters have learned how to recharge these birth batteries so they can life longer than most people – at least, in theory :).

The basic source of the life energies is the food – without it, you can’t really “plug into” other energy sources beside pure life energy of others. You might think that you eat a lot – but eating a lot does not mean you eat well – junk food and food prepared with microwave is deprived of any useful nutrients and all the energy we could then transfer into Chi. In reality, after eating junk food, your body must use birth energy in order to sustain digestion process. Instead of getting new energies, you’re spending your most precious energies.

This is where psychic vampirism come to play – a person that eats junk food and lives in big city without any good sources of psychic energies is beginning to feed on others because he thinks he is psychic vampire for real – but in reality, he or she should simple change the diet to more healthy.

The Question You Must Ask Yourself

Of course, there are still real vampires out there. But if you think you are one – you should ask yourself the question about your diet. Are you eating a lot of natural products, or do you prefer fastfood. Do you use high temperature to cook your dinner, or do you prefer fast microwave that destroys your food? Do you often spend time in forest, near a lake, or do you constantly live in city?

Answer these questions, and don’t be afraid to experiment a little – there are two ways this might end:

  • You will figure out you’re psychic vampire for real – and nothing will change really, but you will have greater knowledge about energies.
  • You will figure out that you’re not vampire, and it was your diet that was the problem – so you will be able to change your lifestyle and stop feeding on energies of others, because you can be sustained by normal energies.

In my eyes, it’s always worth of try, because you can live quite normal life without the need of feeding from time to time.

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Are there any readers that suspected they were psychic vampires, but with time you’ve figured out it was not the case? Share your story, please.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Hello,
    I have a question not directly having anything to do with vampires but more along the lines of prana itself. Why is it when a psion uses energy and prana work they can fight illness and accelerate the healing process, yet when you put raw pranic energy into something dead, such as a plant or goldfish or just something simple, they cannot re-animate the dead tissues and cells with new pranic energy?

    by Kurt / December 5th 2010

  2. @KURT: Allow me to answer this one. Prana is a warped/condensed/more active form of electromagnetic energy, this is what we manipulate. We are capable of healing and such because we alter the electromagnetic fields in and around damaged tissue, directing the cells to grow/divide/multiply. In a dead thing, healing is impossible because the tissues have no field other than whatever microscopic EM field might be emmited from the atoms alone. While it would be theoretically possible to heal a dead thing, such healing would really just be a form of telekinesis, and no cells would divide- but, wait, that isn’t the answer to your question.

    Unless it was possible for you to have telekinetic control over the individal atoms and molecules in a cell, and the ability to bring new atoms to those dead cells, and the ability to make those atoms bind chemically and/or ionically with the damages sections of the dead cell, you would not be able to heal a dead thing.

    by Valridagan / December 6th 2010

  3. …Nathaniel, was the above correct?

    by Valridagan / December 16th 2010

  4. I have no idea – you’ve explained prana from scientific point of view without providing any sources for your knowledge, thus – there’s no way for me to judge :).

    by Nathaniel / December 17th 2010