How To Rise Energies Within Your Chakras

Rising energies within your chakras is simple method of developing your energy centers, thus – increasing your psychic potential. Some of the techniques has been included in my e-book, and others can be found in blog articles, but there is one I never shared. I‘m going to do this now.


Discovering My Psychic Powers

Many years ago, when reading a great book – Discover Your Psychic Powers by Tara Ward, I have stumbled upon interesting technique of rising energies within primary seven chakras. It was the time when I didn’t truly understood why is it so important to rise energies and develop ones chakras. I was blinded by the military point of view – fascinated by the scientific approach to psychic abilities and research of remote viewing.

But even so, something pushed me to at least try the exercise I have found – so I begun to practice it for the next two months, five days a week. Sufficient to say, that I begun to experience more and more weird things – it was the time that I understood why opening chakras is so important for psychic development.

How To Rise Energies Within Your Chakras

The following technique is quite simple. I have made some modifications to this exercise because of my experience with “rest day”. Generally, when you practice on Monday, and take a break on Tuesday, then practice on Wednesday, and take a break on Thursday, your energy body have time to relax and rest.  So pick up three days each week, remember about taking a break on weekend, and resting every next day.

What you need to know is the location of each chakra, and its colour – you can find it by Googling it fairly easy. And here’s the energy rising exercise.

  • Sit down and relax – as always, you need to sit down, feel comfortable, close your eyes and clear your thoughts. Relax, and don’t think about anything.
  • Focus on root chakra – now focus on the first chakra, the root. Visualize it as ball, about 15 cm in diameter, spinning, and see its red colour. Focus on visualizing this chakra for 5 minutes.
  • Move on – then visualize the bright white energies ascending from the root to second chakra, and visualize it as ball glowing orange. Focus on it for 5 minutes and move on to the next chakra, and next, and next.
  • When you will be done with crown chakra, finish – when you have visualized the 7th, crown chakra for 5 minutes, simple open your eyes and relax.
  • (Optional) Close all chakras – some people believe that chakras cannot be closed, as every stimulation will open them further. But if you want, you can try closing your chakras, simple by focusing on each one in opposite direction (from crown to root), and visualizing the chakras as balls getting smaller to about 2 cm in diameter.

The exercise should take about 35-40 minutes to complete. Be patient, and keep practicing. Make sure to make proper notes in your psychic journal. You might not feel anything, or you might experience “weird” pain, push, tingling or warm near the chakra you’re stimulating. All these feelings are OK, but as I said – do not expect them to appear, some people just don’t feel anything physically.

What if it won’t work

After two or three months of practicing, re-read your journal and see if you have made any progress – if you did, continue practicing as the exercise proved to be working on you. But if you haven’t made any progress, stop practicing this exercise and try something else.

For some people, this exercise might work, for others it might not – that’s the problem with psychic abilities, this is vizualization, not New Energy Ways ;).

One more thing – keep the journal, really and write everything, even if it doesn’t seems to be important. Many things you might consider useless, might turn to be psychic proofs when you will finally understand them. So keep detailed journal.

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