5 Dangers of Psychic Development

Psychic development does not come for free – there are dangers you might face, dangers you should be aware of. If you will be aware of what might came along with psychic abilities, you will also know how to protect yourself against many things.


How I Got My Own Poltergeist

When I was young and I was just starting my psychic development, I was drawing a lot of energies. My body had troubles with utilizing them, which I wasn’t aware of. After few weeks, something begun to happen – the energies have found a way out during sleep. I was being pushed into my bed for few nights, and all of this culminated in me being throw onto a wall by my very own poltergeist effect.

As I have learned, psychic development might be dangerous. But knowing the dangers that you might have to face is a first step in learning the ways to protect yourself.

5 Dangers of Psychic Development

Below you can find five dangers that you might face.

  • Overload – the energy system we have is a like a storage room, the space is limited. The more energy you have, the faster the space develops, and you are able to collect more and more energies with time. But there are limits of how much energy your energy system can handle. Take more than you can process, and you will suffer from something called overload. You might get headache, feel dizzy, and you might feel like a guy with ADHD syndrome :). You won’t be able to focus, or to perform any psychic skill, and you might even cause some poltergeist activity.
  • Too much informationdeveloping psychic abilities and different ESP skills might cause an overload of information as well. Your psychic mind with time might start picking up tons of information you’re unable to process. This is the reason why most people can’t use psychic skills on daily basis, there are filters on place, and your subconscious is filtering information that shouldn’t reach your conscious mind. Becoming psychic is all about dealing with these filters – but if you will overdo, and you will delete the filters totally, you might have problems :).
  • Seeing spirits – for many people, seeing spirits is cool. But if you would see them all over the time, there’s possibility that you might find yourself being unable to tell the difference between a spirit, and living person. Now that would be a problem, wouldn’t it? It’s another small danger that you might face during your psychic development.
  • Sensing emotions – a skill of psychically sensing emotions of others is called psychic empathy. Sensing someone’s happiness is OK, but imagine that you sense their physical and emotional pain that pushes you towards depression. This is a great danger, sensing emotions of others and considering them your own emotions is problematic, as it might cause problems in your daily life. Knowing this is a reason that persuades people to learn psychic shielding first.
  • Exposure to entities – a person that is psychically development generates a lot of psychic energies, that are like “food” for many entities from the astral planes. These entities might try to feed upon you, and this might turn into attachment, then obsession and finally possession. And these things might end up in small things, like headache or depression, to bigger, like death. Don’t be afraid though, knowing this is a first step in learning how to protect yourself against such possibility of becoming food source :).

Learning the dangerous elements of whatever you’re learning is always important, sometimes it might save you from a headache, and sometimes from death. Keep this in mind, and you will be OK when developing your own psychic powers.

Of what other dangers that come with psychic development you might think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I have come close to making a fatal mistake a couple of times. Energy overload can have multiple effects. I got locked into a trance that at 17 I didn’t know how to get out of. You can meditate on a lot of things and have good effects. I somehow got attached to an energy I can only describe as raw death.

    I remember my roommate finding me with a look of concern. “I told him don’t touch me”, I don’t want to hurt you. I’m sure he didn’t see ‘how’ he could be hurt so of course he touched me. I tried really hard to contain that energy to myself but the minute he invaded my bubble it was all i could do not to focus the entirety of the energy at him. He jumped back like someone who had been shocked. And waited for the episode to stop on its own before questioning me intensely about what had just happened.

    There is a lot of wisdom in learning control early. Passive abilities can turn dominant when you least expect it.

    Good post Nathan

    by Ren / November 27th 2010

  2. I always called it my “energy threshold”; the amount of energy I could handle at any time. It’s gotten pretty massive over the past five years or so, which is cool.

    I’ve never had much experience with any entities I didn’t create myself. Is that strange? I mean, I’ve interacted with two, maybe three at the most.

    And something intersting- I’ve gotten better at noticing small things, basically taking in information quicker than most, while at the same time my short term memory has degraded, I think. It might just be that it’s always been bad- I don’t remember! Anyway, is this normal-ish? At the very least, has this happened with others?

    by Valridagan / November 29th 2010

  3. @Ren,
    You should write a loooong article about this for ASoM readers :)

    Two, maybe three entities is a lot, trust me :). Most people won’t ever interact with single entity.

    As for the memory thing, I can’t help you here, I have no experience with such occurrences :(.

    by Nathaniel / November 29th 2010