What Can Blown Fuse Teach You About Psychic Abilities

I’m big fan of learning psychic abilities upon quite normal, daily events, because there are lessons for us everywhere you look. Psychic development is not just about learning from books, but also from your own experiences, not necessary psychic-related. One of such lessons I have for you today.


The Story of the Blown Fuse

Not so long time ago there was a blown fuse in the flat I live in. Out of nowhere, the light went down, but I didn’t consider the fuse to be the cause, because all the other electric ecquipment was working as it should be – but none of the lightbulbs worked. I’m not the expert in this stuff – I can write you an book within a week, but don’t ask me about electricity ;). It’s black magick for me… Umm, wrong example.

Anyway, there are few other people in the flat living, so we begun to wonder what the heck just happened. Within seconds someone jumped to conclusion that the blown fuse is to be blamed. I didn’t thought of that, but someone did. Immediately, a lesson for psychic development appeared in my mind.

Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work. – Vince Lombardi

The Lesson of Psychic Development

This experience taught me at least two things:

  • There’s always a blown fuse to blame – no matter what, there’s always a reason why something happened, in this reasons, the fuse might have blown so I could either talk to people, or learn something about psychic abilities.
  • Work in group – it helps, really.

Each person is a piece of a puzzle – together, you can create a whole image. In case of psychic development and learning psychic powers, it works the same way – each one learns slightly different things, each one have other skills, other experiences. By sharing them, and experiencing your whole knowledge, each one can benefit. Learning from each other is simple good, and very effective.

Using the Knowledge for Learning Psychic Abilities

[adsensebox] How to use what you have just learned if you want to develop psychic abilities?

  • Join a group – either off-line, or on-line, a group of close psychic practitioners is worth of joining. But it should be made of people who are close to each other, because people who are close, care about each other and share knowledge easily.
  • Talk with people – don’t keep the knowledge or experiences, especially problematic experiences, for yourself. Talk about them with people, so they can help you one way or another, for example by telling how they dealt with the problem, or what they would do if they were you.
  • Seek answers – when you’re stuck, and you don’t know what happened, or how to use specific psychic ability, or what to learn next, or how to move on, ask people for help, they can tell you something you wouldn’t think about on your own.

The Story of Application

Long time ago, when I was just starting my psychic development, I begun to link other people, in order to perform psychic reading, or scan their energies, even experiment with other things. Very quickly I begun to feel weak and sad, yet I didn’t knew why. Then I decided to talk about my psychic experiences with a person I knew was also practicing psychic skills. She told me “do you cut yourself loose?” – I didn’t understood, and she told me that the links always need to be cut, so there will be no more connection between you and others – otherwise, you might suffer from their emotions and energies, and vice versa. When I begun to cut and seal the links, I begun to felt better, and my psychic development moved on.

I talked to someone about my problems, and someone shares the knowledge with me, the knowledge that helped me move on. That’s what you should do as well.

Do you talk about psychic abilities with other practitioners? Do they help you a lot? Do you help others with their problems?

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