How Did I Used Middle Pillar Ritual To Open Chakras

Few months after successfully writing my book about psychic development, I have discovered completely knew way to develop psychic abilities by opening chakras. I discovered this way by accident, by reading the Encyclopedia of the Occult. Sufficient to say, I figured out that there is a magical ritual that can help in psychic development quite easily – it’s called the Middle Pillar Ritual.


Basically, in my e-book I’ve included complete guide to opening chakras, and some time later, by accident I’ve learned new technique that can also open chakras. First lesson you might get from this is quite simple – there are many techniques to do the same thing :). This yet another technique is based on the Middle Pillar Ritual.

I was familiar with the name for quite some time, but I never really explored the subject too deeply, so I didn’t knew how this ritual works. I’ve discovered it in details while reading the New Encyclopedia of the Occult for pleasure, and I quickly understood what it’s all about and that I can use it in psychic development practice. By the way, it’s another proof that reading is very important in learning psychic abilities.

“Sometimes I’m confused by what I think is really obvious. But what I think is really obvious obviously isn’t obvious…” – Michael Stipe

What is Middle Pillar Ritual

The ritual is based on the works of the Order of the Golden Down, XIX/XX century magical organization, upon which most modern Western occult systems are based, including Chaos Magick, and it’s based most probably on some works of Theosophy movement, because it deals directly with chakras. Although not the 7 chakras that we recognize today, but on energy centers that corresponds with the Tree of Life, which is a Kabbalistic concept. Anyway, all this magical theory, which I’m only scratching by the way, doesn’t concern you right now :).

How to use Middle Pillar Ritual in psychic development

The ritual can be used in psychic development – after some modifications, of course. Here is the short tutorial for everyone, who want to try it. You’re going to need some visualization skills.

  • Close your eyes and relax – first of all, you need to enter a trance, so sit down and feel comfortable, close your eyes and relax. Use your favorite method of entering meditative state, for example counting down from 30 to 0. My own technique is based on counting from 1 to 30.
  • Visualize the energies – when you’re fully relaxed and the trance has come, start visualizing psychic energies flowing from above into your first chrakra – the crown. Visualize the energies as bright white light, and visualize your chakra getting bigger and bigger, glowing with this light.
  • Intone – in the MPR, the magick apprentice is supposed to intone the name of the Sephiroth that corresponds to the specific chakra. Here are some occult correspondence charts if you want. But you can intone for example the mantra Ohm if you want, personally I found “galdring” the rune Sowilo quite useful, as it’s responsible for developing the hvel’s – chakras :). Generally, I have “re-write” the whole ritual to suit my needs and my runic approach to magick.
  • Move lower – After spending some time, about 3 minutes on the crown chakra, move lower. Visualize the bright energy moving down to the third eye chakra, and repeat the process. Continue so down to the root chakra. When you’re done, you’re done.

This completes the process. Of course, you can look for complete tutorial on the original Middle Pillar Ritual if you want, I don’t limit you – but the whole original rite requires few more things that what I have described. You should practice this exercise 3 days a week, every second day should be considered as rest day, because you’re energy body requires resting. So, practice on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

The exercise itself is very simple, and the results might surprise you, because your abilities to sense abilities might spike up very fast. Just be careful not to burn yourself out :).

What Else Can This Teach You

Beside teaching how to open chakras in new way, this whole situation can teach you what you should look for psychic development knowledge in other places as well, and not just on psychic-related websites. This is the first important thing. Another thing you can learn here is that there’s always something else to learn, and you will never have enough. There’s always something new, even the teacher and the master learns new things each day.

Have you ever heard of the Middle Pillar Ritual? Have you ever tried it? And what are your experiences after few days of practice? Post your thoughts, please.

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