Should You Take a Break From Psychic Development?

Some time ago I discussed the fact that psychic abilities are depleting your energy levels and your body needs time to recharge. Today I want to go a little deeper and explain why you should take a break from psychic development, even if you’re having good results. Knowing such things is a way to keep you safe and healthy.


Sometimes you have too much energies, sometimes you’re tired, sometimes it’s bad place and bad time to practice any psychic skill. Psychic development is a process of learning new skills, just like any other, for example driving a car. There are some rules to remember, but rules that aren’t meant to limit you, rather to make sure you will learn new skill successfully and you will live long enough to teach others.

How I Figured This Out

Since I’m experimenting with different things, I had quite a lot situations from which I have learned more about developing psychic abilities. I have experimented with psychic abilities and alcohol, I practiced for many hours, I tried using psychic skills after getting angry, and those are just some examples. All my experiments, and also knowledge I acquired from other people helped me to create a list of things that doesn’t work with psychic abilities well.

A true master knows when to quit…

All the experiences, although they didn’t kicked me into my back, they taught me that psychic skills won’t work that easily. So if you want to use psychic skills easy, and at the same time you don’t want something to kick your ass, keep the following rules in your mind.

When You Should Take a Break From Psychic Development

  • When nothing works – perhaps you need time to rest, perhaps your body needs time to regenerate, or maybe you need to recharge psychic batteries, or maybe your body needs to get used to psychic energies flowing within. There are many reasons why things might not work – step away, take a break for few days and return to psychic practice with fresh mind.
  • When you’re tired – have you ever tried to work on something when you’re tired? I’m sure you did, I’m not exception. So you know things doesn’t work as they should be when you’re tired, simple because you have no energy left to perform the task. Therefore, take a break – don’t practice psychic abilities when you’re tired.
  • When you’re under stress – nervous a little? Stressed because of the school or job, or relationship or anything else? When you’re under stress, you have problems with focus, you’re scared or angry, and in such situation, the psychic energies won’t be easily controlled. In such situation, you should take a break, rest, meditate a little – you don’t want to have your own poltergeist, trust me – I know what it means to have your own poltergeist ;).
  • When you have applied drugs or medicine – drugs are bad, they do not make you psychic, they cause hallucinations, not visions. And although normal medicine doesn’t work like drugs, they influence psychic mind in some way, because of this you will have problems with focus and control of psychic energies. Don’t use drugs and medicine when you’re about to use psychic abilities.
  • When you have drunk alcohol – alcohol mess with entire physical body, and since physical body is connected with energy body, therefore alcohol mess with your psychic abilities as well. In best case, you won’t be able to use your psychic abilities at all. Mixing psychic stuff and alcohol isn’t the best thing to do.
  • When you’re angry – when you’re angry, your energies are very, very strong. But they’re not peaceful as they should be in order to be utilized for psychic abilities. They’re aggressive, negative, and uncontrollable – when angry, your psychic abilities might turn against you. You don’t want this, so do not try to practice psychic skills when your’e angry, because you will cause more harm than good.
  • When you have practiced for many days – as I already mentioned, using psychic abilities requires fuel – psychic energies, that burns out over time. The more skills you use, the less energy you have. Because of this, one day you might notice that your skills doesn’t work anymore. Don’t worry, you haven’t lost them – you just need to take a break to recharge your psychic batteries.
  • When you’re scared – never practice psychic abilities when you are scared. Fear generates specific type of energies that attract negative spirits and entities from the astral planes, and you might end up with negative attachment, feeding on you. You don’t want this, so when you’re scared, take a break and relax.
  • When you’re in wrong place – some places have negative energies, for example haunted houses. Sure, you can use psychic abilities there once you’re psychically shielded, for example to send spirits away, or to cleanse the place, but never open yourself and develop psychic abilities in such negative place. It’s not good for your psychic mind.
  • When you have too much energy – psychic energy overload is not a pleasant thing, when you have too much energies, your abilities might work – but not in controlled way. In such case, ground yourself, release the energies and take a break.
  • When you’re thinking about demonology – when you’re thinking “I want to learn psychic abilities to exorcise demons!” then you’re not ready to be psychic and you should definitely take a break and re-think your path. Because such approach will lead you not to exorcising anything, but to become possessed.

Regarding that last thing – that’s what I wanted years ago. But then I had a dream – so realistic dream, in which I went to a haunted house to investigate some paranormal activity. Soon I realized that there’s a demon in this house, a demon that quickly became aware of my presence and attacked me. I could feel the attack physically, and I was scared so much I don’t remember such fear in my entire life. I woke up and my spirit guide told me – “this is what you’re getting into“. Then I knew that if I really want to deal with demonology at all, I must change my approach.

So keep these rules in mind, and with them, you will make sure you’re safe, healthy and your psychic abilities work when you need them.

Do you have any additional advices when it’s good to take a break from psychic development?

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