Developing Your Own Psychic Powers With Crystals

Crystals are directly connected with psychic abilities (and magick in general). I receive a lot of questions regarding using crystals in psychic development. Can you really use them to develop your own psychic powers? Indeed you can – in this article, I’m giving you some tips regarding crystals and psychic abilities.


First thing you need to know – you don’t need to find your own crystal. I mean – you can buy it, there’s no problem here :). But remember – trust your psychic intuition. If you “feel” that this crystal is for you – buy it. But if you “feel” you shouldn’t buy it, then don’t. Your psychic mind knows which crystal is right for you, trust yourself in this matter.

Now, to little more practical exercises.

Amethyst For Opening Chakras

Amethyst is a nice, purple crystal very often associated with psychic abilities. Based on many experiments I have performed I can tell you, that amethyst can be used to open your chakras. How to do this? Quite simple – lay down on a bed or floor, and place the amethyst on any of your chakras (yep, root and crown chakras might be difficult because of their position on the energy body). Then close your eyes, and just meditate.

This is all you have to do – the crystal’ energies will do the job. You can use other crystals, not just the amethyst. I encourage you to do some experiments.

Meditating With Crystals

Many different crystals can be used for meditation. It can cleanse your body and/or mind, inspire you, or help you achieve something on subconscious level. It all depends on the crystal you’re using. And how to use it at all? Again it’s quite simple.

You need to sit down in your favorite meditation position and just place the crystal between your hands and hold it during your meditation. Then with eyes closed and within meditation state, you need to focus on the crystal you’re holding, and look for the information it’s sending you – images, sounds, visions, feelings, emotions etc.

Just Placing Crystals Around

Crystals of different sort can be also placed all around your place. For example, Amethyst which I already mentioned, is also associated with the ability to collect negative energies, therefore it can be used to cleanse the place from negative energies. Yes, it also means it can be used for cleansing chakras. Just place the amethyst crystal somewhere in the room, for example your workdesk, and it will start its work.

Other crystals can be used for other purposes as well.

Pure Quartz For Rising Vibrations

Finally I have to mention pure quartz, that is often associated with psychic abilities. It can be used to help you calm down, and increase vibrations of your energy body, thus helping you develop psychic sensitivity and generally psychic abilities. You can use it just by placing it in the room, or you can meditate with quartz, or use it to work with your chakras, just like you did with amethyst in the first exercise.

There are many, many possibilities. What you need is a good guide to crystals – A State of Mind recommends The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall. Then, you can use this article as guideline, and explore other crystals and their uses in psychic abilities.

Do you use crystals in your psychic work? Which of them, and how do you use them?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Would it make it even more effective to use crystals attributed with the chakra you want to develop, like using a amethyst to develop the the third eye(brow chakra)?

    by Evan / November 15th 2010

  2. @Evan,
    Experiment, experiment, experiment :). Personally I haven’t noticed anything special about using specific crystals and stones attributed to specific chakra, but it’s psychic development – it means others might have noticed that some crystals work better.

    Maybe it’s related to each stone’ vibrations that are similar to vibrations of specific chakra?

    My advice is simple – get the crystals and experiment on your own, then send me your thoughts via email :).

    by Nathaniel / November 16th 2010

  3. Ok then, I’ll have to do that :)

    by Evan / November 16th 2010

  4. Why didn’t you mention Citrine? It’s an incredibly important stone. (for those reading this who don’t know, it never, ever needs to be cleansed of negative energies) Come to think of it, why not mention crystal cleansing?

    by Valridagan / November 17th 2010

  5. @Valridagan,
    I didn’t mentioned it because in my own practice, I’m not using it, so I cannot post any opinion about something I never tried, it wouldn’t be honest with my readers :). But if what you say is truth, I might think about some experiments with Citrine, then post my thoughts.

    Or maybe you would like to write a guest post about it? :)

    by Nathaniel / November 17th 2010

  6. I think amethyst may have saved my life a couple times. I think you’ve seen the pictures of my friend’s amethyst full of negative energy. And just yesterday I used one of my own as a defense, and the same black clouds began to form in it. Luckily, after the neg/demons left, it faded away, which I’m glad about. That crystal has served me well.

    by sortofpsychic / November 21st 2010

  7. @Nathaniel: How do I make a guest post?

    Oh, and that thing about the citrine was in The Encyclopedia of Crystals (Judy Hall).

    by Valridagan / November 29th 2010

  8. Valridagan,

    As I said, I can’t write about something I never tried for myself :).

    Anyway, regarding guest post – just write it, and send it to me to nathan [at] – make sure it’s long enough :).

    by Nathaniel / November 30th 2010

  9. @Nathaniel: I emailed you about a week ago, can you reply? I DID have a question…

    by Valridagan / December 6th 2010