How To Manage Your Psychic Journal To Develop Your Psychic Powers

One of the most important elements in psychic development that I’ve also pointed out in my psychic development guidebook is the psychic journal – a notebook that tracks down your development. Why is it so important and how to manage it in details, is the subject of this article.


Getting the Journal

Your journal should be made of paper. Of course you can use this geek stuff like iPhone or iPad, so popular these days, but I still suggest simple paper notebook (Moleskine is my choice). Why so? Paper notebook does not require to be turned on, it’s kind a cool, and it won’t be dead along with its battery. Trust me, paper notebooks are the best.

Then you can simple start writing notes about your psychic development. And what and how to write actually, here are the tips.

Write Every Day

The very first important tip for managing your psychic journal is to write down notes each and every day. Do not skip any day, you this must be your diary, being written everyday. There’s an important psychological effect here – you’re teaching your subconscious that you need to write everyday, so you need to experience psychic phenomena each day.

A simple, yet very useful mind trick – as you know, subconscious is something that governs the use of psychic abilities, so if you can trick it, you can start developing your “6th sense” quite fast.

Write About Energies You Sense During Each Day

Psychic sensitivity and being aware of the energies around you is the first step in developing clairvoyance. In order to develop this skill, you must be consciously aware of the energies all the time, and you cannot ignore your sensations. Therefore, you must embrace yet another mind trick – few times  a day, each day, you must write down what energies you sense right now. Especially if you sense something unusual.

This way, you will trick your subconscious to pay attention to the energies around you, and you will also learn to distinct different energies that carry different information. Those are the first steps in clairvoyance – and further psychometry or psychic reading.

Write Down Every Feeling or Coincidence

If you sense something is about to happen – write it down. Later you will be able to confirm if it did happened. But there’s one thing more important. Each time you will notice a coincidence – like these:

For no apparent reason I begun to think about Atlant ring. Few minutes later I’ve noticed the ring on man’s finger.

Another day, I just knew I’m going to see “this” person. Few hours later, I’ve seen him on the street, just like that.

These are the examples of coincidences. But know – if you think about something, and it happens, write it down, because there is something psychic going on. And this is yet another way to trick your subconscious, to tell it “yes, this is what I want, I want more of these”.

Write Down Weather, Time of the Day, Moon Cycle

On the page’s margins, next to normal notes, write down the weather, the time of the day, the moon cycle, and other smaller things such as your mood, physical and mental condition (are you sad or excited?). These will help you in your research and figuring out when your skills work, and when they don’t – with this knowledge you will be able to create circumstances in which your skills will work all over the time :).

Those are the most important tips. In addition, you should also write down:

  • Your training log – if you have trained “today”, what skills were your practicing? What have you learned? Write about the effects of the exercises.
  • Experiences – if you had some psychic experiences, from precognitive dream to great effects in psychic reading, also write it down.
  • Your thoughts – write down your thoughts and opinions about psychic phenomena, from theories to your own understanding of things.

You can also draw, paste photos and printed images, make sure you can “feel” the journal you own. It should be personal, because then you will enjoy using it – and it’s another mind trick. With the tips above, you will manage great psychic journal that will help you developing your psychic abilities.

Do you have psychic journal? What kind of other information do you write in it? Share your tips with other readers in the comments, please.

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