14 People That Teach How To Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Not only psychic can teach you how to develop psychic abilities. There are many types of people and practitioners in the world that can help you out, with different techniques and terminology, they still perform the same arts. And they can help you learn psychic powers.


Below you can find a list of 14 people that can teach you how to develop psychic skills, one way or another.

  • Real psychic – first person that teach how to develop your psychic abilities is a real psychic. This is a person that doesn’t care about specific set of beliefs and pseudo-sceptics, but he will try to teach share his or her knowledge with you, without digging into religious subjects. Such real psychic will provide you with theory, practical exercises and wisdom earned through experience. You should definitely use the opportunity to learn psychic powers from real psychic.
  • Love psychic – a love psychic is a real psychic that is influenced by New Age philosophies. He might provide you with knowledge, both theoretical and practical, but most probably all the knowledge will be lost among his peace & love talk. He will talk about loving the whole world, and I think in addition, he will try to persuade the whole world that loving everyone and everything is enough to learn psychic abilities. Well – a bullshit, I might say, nothing more. Do not learn from this kind of a person, even if you have no problems with New Age, because what’s really important will be lost among useless talk.
  • Fake psychic – well, what a fake psychic can teach you? Technically nothing. Because he can’t do anything on his own, he can’t also teach anyone anything :). The problem is – it’s difficult to learn if your teacher is a fraud. My advice here is quite simple, learn what others say about this guy that wants to teach you. If there are many negative opinions, simple ignore the person.
  • Fake love psychic – I’m mentioning this because while fake psychic won’t teach you anything beside what you can already read in books, fake love psychic will keep bullshitting about peace and love.
  • Psyker – there are two types of psykers; first is a teenage kid who tries to learn psychic abilities from the Internet. He won’t teach you anything but the knowledge you can already find online. Second psyker type is an experienced guy who figured out many things with time and he can really teach you things; but he will add a lot of technology and science to whole psychic knowledge. Generally, this is a type of a person that can help you; or should I say – you will help each other.
  • Shaman – a wise man who understand how things work on this world, and he can teach you how to develop your psychic abilities; but not in particular. Generally he will teach you many skills considered as magical, because he is a shaman. Psychic development will be more like a result of becoming shaman.
  • Fake shaman – such person will talk about talking to spirits, experiencing astral projection and loving Mother Nature. But beside this, he can’t teach anything because he have no idea what he is talking about. Without understanding who can be called a shaman, what shaman do, and what the hell is this thing he do all the time, he have no knowledge nor experience to teach anyone.
  • Reiki master – Reiki isn’t used only for healing, it’s what we call “psychic energy”, and during Reiki initiation a master can open your chakras and meridians, “tuning” you into energies and I don’t have to mention that this can be very beneficial in case of developing psychic abilities :). He can’t teach you psychic abilities in full meaning of this world, but after being initiated, you can for example start using techniques from this blog or from my e-book, and then learn skills by yourself.
  • Witch – just like the shaman, a witch can teach you many things, but no psychic abilities in particular. These skills will be a result of “witchy” studies more or less. But if you’re thinking about psychic powers generally, then choosing a witch to be your teacher isn’t the best thing to do.
  • Military guy – well, if you will go to US military, there is always a possibility you will land in some secret facility where you will be trained to be psychic spy :).
  • Guru – a guru will teach you… how to worship him. This is one of the worse choices when it comes to choosing a teacher of psychic abilities. Psychic development requires many thing, but guru acting as god on Earth isn’t one of them. Don’t try to learn skills from this guy.
  • Religious ass – this person won’t teach you anything beside the idea that psychic powers are gifts of Satan and you’re his servant and you shall burn in the flames of eternal damnation :).
  • Paranormal investigator – this guy will share common knowledge with you, such that is available through books and the Internet; nothing interesting nor original really. Without understanding how psychic abilities work and how to learn them, his talking will be useless. Not mentioning that some investigators will be more like pseudo-sceptics.
  • Unexperienced Occultist – just like witch or shaman, not a best person to look for teaching I might say. As occultist myself with some experience I know a lot of them, especially too young to understand some things, will try to persuade you’re the god yourself, and they won’t really teach you anything but demon summoning. Sorry :).

This is it – do you know other types of people who can teach psychic abilities?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. I can’t go running off to find actual masters on whatever I want to learn, so unfortunately I do depend on second hand books and websites for most of my info. Something useful I’ve learned is to split up the job – my friends and I will all learn different things and teach each other. But that only works if you’ve got other people ‘in the know’.

    by sortofpsychic / November 11th 2010

  2. @Sort,

    Have you ever tried organizing an Open House meeting, inviting people who deal with the occult to just talk? :) It might be another way to learn from each other in a little bit larger group.

    by Nathaniel / November 12th 2010

  3. @nathaniel

    theoretical: how does the religious ass explain the person born with psychic ability?

    some conversations are better left to the wind for sorting.

    still it’s makes you laugh if you think about it.

    by Ren / November 13th 2010

  4. @Ren,

    There are two possible ways, imagine that I’m catholic priest (I know, hard to imagine, I know how heretic I can be):

    1. Your psychic powers are gift of the Lord himself and thou shall prey and thank the Lord because he blessed you with the gift to help other people, thou shall get rid of all material things and serve people, God, and the best thing to do is that thou shall give all your material things to me, I mean – to the Church.

    2. You have been marked by the Devil himself and thou shall burn in the fire of eternal damnation. I shall exorcise the demon and thou shall beg the Lord for forgiveness, but even so thou shall burn in Hell for ever and ever, amen!

    Switch “catholic priest” with any other religious ass :) (umm, this won’t influence my e-book sales, will it? lol)

    by Nathaniel / November 13th 2010