Things You Don’t Know About Psychic Development Classes

Psychic development classes can be define as offline way of developing your own psychic powers. Some classes are good, some are worse, and I’m sure there are many things you don’t know about such offline workshops. With this article, you will learn few things that you won’t learn anywhere else.


Should you participate in psychic development classes when they’re available in your nearest area? I see why not, but you must remember to keep few things in mind.

  • What’s the general opinion of people – what people think about this particular workshops? Do you have access to reviews? Are they positive or negative? Learn what people say about the classes before you attend.
  • Who’s behind it? – you need to know who’s behind the workshop – is it a psychic with many years of experience? Or some kind of weird organization or group of “friends”? Be careful not to get inside a sect of some sort.
  • What’s the price – if it’s $3000 per week then something isn’t right, especially if they will teach you the basics y0u can learn here on A State of Mind. But if it’s free, then something isn’t right as well, where’s the catch? Price of the course may tell you more that people opinions.

Now, to actual good and bads sides of the workshops.

Good Sides

First, here are some good things, that brings positive effect on your psychic development.

  • Opening chakras and expanding meridians – when there are many people around that manipulate psychic energies, and they use these energies for specific purposes (in other words, they’re using their psychic abilities), you’re also subject to these energies. Often, these energies influence your energy system, and this leads to opening your chakras, and expanding meridians – channels through which psychic energies flows. And this is an important step in psychic development.
  • When someone do things, you believe in them – one of the most popular “phenomena” that occurs during psychic development classes is that when one person can bend a spoon, others without previous paranormal experiences can repeat this on their own. This has something to do with belief – normally, subconsciously we do not believe these things are possible, but when finally someone do something, our beliefs change, and from this time, they become possible to perform for you as well.
  • Presenting different point of view – during such workshops you will meet many people with many different points of view. Learning different school of thoughts, various opinions, beliefs and techniques might improve your own abilities and techniques. And since you’re not forced to accept other’s beliefs, you can just learn them, expanding your knowledge further.

Bad Sides

[adsensebox] But there are also bad things that you must watch out.

  • It’s all about the money – of course not in every case, but often psychic development class is all about the money; which means that someone is trying to take money away from you by teaching you something you want to know, but the teacher cannot perform on his own. Not only you will loose your money, but you will also learn nothing at all; and even more, you might start thinking that each and every psychic course, no matter if it’s “off-line” workshop or book, is simple a fraud.
  • It might introduce you to a sect – who wants to be psychic? I have to admit that psychic development is a fertile ground for sects – people who want to learn psychic abilities often want this to either “have the power” or “help the world” – in both cases, a sect can use it for manipulation, trying to persuade you they can teach you this. Because of this, you should be very careful with such workshops and classes. The simplest way is to find out opinions about the group/class that you’re interested in. And second thing is to remember also that you’re participating in classes to learn something, there’s no real need to meet with the people from this class under any other circumstances.
  • Pushing your beliefs – if the group, or the teacher is forcing some beliefs that this energy comes from Mother Earth, or all-mighty God, then it’s not OK. This is the bad side of the workshop, because you’re not allowed to think on your own – it’s like brainwashing. And even if the group or workshop have nothing in common with sect, the workshop won’t do you any good and you should leave it as soon as possible.

As you can see, workshops and offline classes can be positive and negative – my final word is – attending to psychic development classes is worth of try – if you will notice any problems or danger ahead, you can leave the workshop at once. But if it will be managed by responsible, experienced energy worker, and the group of people will be OK, then you can truly benefit from such workshop.

Have you ever attended to offline psychic workshop? Have you learned something thanks to it? Share your thoughts in the comments below :).

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