18 Tips For Developing Your Own Psychic Powers

I decided to take a break from huge articles, and wrote this simple list post where I present you some tips for developing your own psychic powers. Keep them in mind while practicing psychic abilities, and they will prove to be very useful during in your psychic development.


18 Tips For Developing Your Own Psychic Powers

  1. Eat well – psychic abilities takes energies, and psychic energies regenerate easier with proper diet. I can’t say “don’t eat meat”, but eat well, especially fruits reach in potassium.
  2. Breath! – don’t forget to breath, breath is life, learn to breath in correct way with your diaphragm; this will also develop your primary Tan Tien energy centre above stomach.
  3. Practise Yoga – wellness of spirit comes with wellness of body, therefore practicing the art of yoga might further develop your own psychic powers.
  4. Or Tai Chi Chuan – some people might prefer Tai Chi over yoga – this is good as well.
  5. Start jogging – or at least jog for 5 km, will you? :)
  6. Take a break – don’t try to practice psychic abilities all over the time, it’s good to teak a break from time to time, let your energy body┬áregenerates, relax.
  7. Drink water – your body requires clear mineral water, it might not taste like Pepsi, but your organism needs it.
  8. Relax, have some fun – don’t live in stress, relax from time to time, do something for pure fun. You want to be psychic, not a monk.
  9. Read books, and then even more books – wisdom comes from experiences, experiences are survived thanks to knowledge, knowledge comes from books; keep this in mind and read a lot.
  10. Develop your mind further – work on your memory, learn new languages, improve your concentration, this is also important.
  11. No alcohol! – alcohol will dump your senses and will cause problems with equilibrium – despite all, psychic abilities aren’t just about psychic sense, but about your physical senses too! Of course – it’s OK to take have a beer or something, but never too much, and never before using psychic skills.
  12. No drugs! – while alcohol is OK to some point, drugs aren’t and I have only one argument for this: you want to experience legitimate psychic impressions, not some fuckin’ drug hallucinations.
  13. Energy is never static – it’s vibrating, pulsing, always on the move, use this knowledge in your visualization.
  14. Cleanse your chakras – psychic dust and negative emotions gather within your energy body, and then within your chakras; work on them, cleanse them at least once a month and keep them clean.
  15. You don’t need to love – don’t be that New Age type of a person, you don’t need to love everything or everyone in order to develop psychic abilities.
  16. Maintain your field – ground, centre, and take care of what energies you take in, and what energies you send out.
  17. Keep a schedule – don’t try to learn everything at once, focus on one skill first, and develop it to a level you want, then focus on another skill.
  18. Recharge – energies are burn out when you use psychic abilities, and even if they regenerates with time, you can use some methods of recharging your psychic batteries from outside sources.

I hope all the above tips will help you. Or maybe you have some additional tips you want to share?

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  1. really good article…i agree with all of them!

    by M / November 5th 2010