What Can Diablo 2 Teach You About Psychic Abilities

Did you know that playing Diablo 2 or some other Blizzard game can teach you a lot about psychic abilities? There is a common thing that connects WarCraft, StarCraft and Diablo games, one thing that is also important in using psychic abilities. This thing called “mana” or “energy”.


Not Enough Mana!

So you’re playing Diablo 2 and you want to cast a spell of some sort, or special ability by your character. Each time you cast a spell, you’re loosing points of mana. And when you’re out of mana, you can’t cast new spells and you have to either drink some mana potion, or wait for mana to replenish itself.

If you have practiced psychic abilities for some time now, does it sound familiar to you?

Case Study – Can’t Do Stuff!

Do you know what I’m talking about when I say that sometimes your psychic abilities just work, and sometimes they don’t? Like yesterday you was able to create powerful psiball, or you managed to perform psychic healing, or your psychic reading was just awesome, but today you can’t do anything at all? What’s the problem? Could the abilities simple dissapear over night?

Nope, they’re still there. But there’s an important thing that most “advanced” energy workers like to forget about – that the energy depletes over time. By using psychic abilities your energies are spent on performing these psychic activities, and the level of fuel is limited.

Using spells cost mana

When you use some special ability of a unit in StarCraft or cast a spell in Warcraft or Diablo, as in the example above, you spend energy/mana points. The more powerful spell, the more mana it costs. In real life, psychic abilities cost energy, therefore with time you might run out of energies.

With time, mana regenerates itself

With time, energies¬†regenerates. Energy body collects energies from surrounding envoirnment and transform them into energies you can use to utilize psychic abilities. That’s why it’s quite useful to take a break from psychic development from time to time, stop using psychic abilities, working with chakras etc.

But mana can also be recharged artificially

But often, regeneration rate is too slow. Because of this, it’s good idea to drain energy from other sources like plants, moon, sun, water, earth, elemental energies as well etc. ¬†Most people find them very useful sources, but here’s the problem psychic vampires face – as they require specifically vital energies from living people. And they’re great example of how low levels of energies can result in finding psychic abilities… unavailable at the time.

I’m not saying you should drain energies from people if you’re not a psi-vamp (and most definitely I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do this if you ARE psychic vampire :)). But just like in Blizzard games you can use outside sources to regnerate mana, in the real world you can use outside sources to regenerate psychic energies.

No energy, no candy

Which abilities are the biggest “energy-suckers”? Here’s the list from the biggest to smallest based on my experiences.

  • Energy Work – psiballs, psychic healing etc. Why? Because you’re projecting energy this way out of your body, and therefore, you’re “burning fuel” by sending your energies out.
  • Telepathy – linking, sending pings, expanding “net” and things like that also cost some energy.
  • Psychic readings – in order to connect with someone, you need to expand your energy first.

Few words about psychic sensitivity – although this ability is passive, if you will run out of energies you will loose your sensitivity, so you will have hard time sensing psychic energies, or picking up information with clairvoyant skills.

Because of all of this, you need to keep in mind – while it’s cool to use psychic abilities, there’s nothing for free, with time you will run out of energies to fuel the skills – and you will either take few days of break, or recharge energy levels artificially.

How to Recharge Psychic Batteries

There are simple way to recharge psychic batteries, and all of them are based on the ability to drain energies from the source of some sort. Most people drain energies all the time – and it’s sufficient for them. But psychics and energy workers have faster energy metabolism due to the fact they’re using psychic skills.

Draining is simple – you expand some of your energy to an object (touch it if you can) that is the source of energies, or you just sit in an area with high concentration of energies. Here are some ideas:

  • Runes – Norse symbols generates powerful energies, meditate with them, and drain their energy.
  • Forest – trees have powerful energy fields, in the ancient times forests were where temples existed. Today you can meditate between trees even in city park and let the energy fill you.
  • Ocean – big areas of water are places of great power, you can drain energies from ocean or see as well.
  • Crystals – you can also drain energies from crystals, popular “psychic¬†attribute” :).

Some places have greater energies than others, simple being in such place recharges your energies. Keep that in mind and remember to recharge your batteries from time to time.

Do you know other sources of psychic energies that everyone can use? Share them in the comments.

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  1. I think I’ll republish this artical.
    Most energy workers/psychics should know about this because
    every time they run out of energy they think they have lost their “powers” when this is simply not the case.

    Nice job :)

    by Evan / November 3rd 2010

  2. @Evan,

    Oh I’m sorry, this article is not creative commons, you can’t republish it ;). But you can link to original source here if you like :).

    And thanks for kind opinion!

    by Nathaniel / November 3rd 2010

  3. Ah, okay then just as well.

    by Evan / November 3rd 2010

  4. That is a good list of external energies for recharging. Something else to keep in mind is the state of one’s physical body. A certain amount of energy is required to keep the body running properly (as any energy healer or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner will tell you :) ), and if a person is sick, malnourished, low on sleep, etc., then even more energy is used to either heal the problem or just keep the body going.

    Psychic abilities can also take a lot of concentration, and the brain requires lots of nutrients as well. Just like a person can get tired if they’re studying hard even if they aren’t moving around much, so using psychic abilities can burn fuel even if they don’t seem physically taxing (sometimes with alarming speed–diabetics: keep an eye on your blood-sugar while practicing).

    Most of the psychics I know find foods high in potassium and some simple sugars helpful after practice sessions, like bananas, orange juice, and even chocolate. These “quick fixes” aren’t enough though–in the long run a healthy diet and plenty of sleep are crucial for serious energy workers.

    by ShadowRain / November 3rd 2010

  5. @Shadowrain,

    Those are very useful tips and advices, thank you so much!

    by Nathaniel / November 4th 2010