12 Places and Times To Sense Psychic Energies

Psychic energies are everywhere, but in some places they can be sensed easier then somewhere else. And I’m not talking about so called places of power (but I will mention them in another post), but about more ‘normal’ places, that we visit from time to time and we don’t even know they’re perfect for people interested in sensing something supernatural.


Psychic energies can be sensed everywhere, but because of the specific characteristic of the area, some places feels different. And places aren’t the only cool thing to be used in psychic sensing – different times of the day have different energies floating around. Here are some examples.

12 Places and Times To Sense Psychic Energies

By paying attention in the places and during specific time of the day/year, you can explore your psychic sensitivity further. Just pay attention, and using psychic sensing abilities, to notice the different between various psychic energies.

Physical Places

  1. Forest – trees have been known for their energy fields since the ancient times. You can still go to nearest forest, walk among the trees, and sense their energies. They are so powerful, so fascinating. And they have healing capabilities, both mental and physical. Why not using this knowledge?
  2. Ocean Shore – big bodies of water such as lakes, seas and oceans are natural areas of high concentration of psychic energies. If you feel tired, paying a visit to such body of water might charge you a little. This can be expanded to rivers, springs, waterfalls etc.
  3. Big City – no city will be able to charge you in positive way, unless you’re psychic vampire :). But cities, huge numbers of people, generate unique “feel”, unique energy signatures that can be used for energy practice.
  4. Mountains and hills – energies in the mountains is different than on the plains and lower areas. If you enjoy mountain trekking, you might want to experience the difference.
  5. Different areas of the building – notice the subtle different when you walk around the building. Public areas feels different than living areas. Living room feels different than the kitchen, attic feels different that the basement, and so on.

Situations & Elements

  1. Snow & Ice – frozen water is another way of sensing “water” energies, just like i case of ocean or lakes. It can be especially interesting during winter time, when you can sense these cool energies.
  2. Happy and excited crowds – people who are sad and tired feels tired and sad. People who are happy and excited generate powerful energies that can be used to charge yourself.
  3. Places with music – a place with no music feels different than the place with music. Try to notice that subtle different. The music, as all sounds, seems to change the frequency of energies (vibrations). I don’t know about other countries, but in Poland it’s common to have a radio in the kitchen – when the music plays there, the entire place feels different.

Specific Time

  1. Moonlight – notice the different between normal night with no moon on the sky, and the night with fullmoon hovering above you.
  2. Storms, rainy and blustery windy days – storms brings unusual high concentration of psychic energies, to some it’s powerful source of energies, to others thunder acts as black hole, sucking the energy. See if you can notice this :). And notice the difference between energies during rainy day, and sunny day – the energies are different. During sunny day, the energies are powerful, charging; and during rainy day they’r dumped, lazy, unattractive
  3. Sunset and Sunrise – during sunrise you can sense the cleansing capabilities of sunlight, you can literally sense as the Sun cleanse the place of the energies of the night. And during sunset, you can sense the energies of the night becoming stronger, and stronger.
  4. Samhain – the closer the Samhain is (Halloween), the darker energies you can sense. Some people prefer them, which makes them more active, some don’t like them so they grew tired and sad during that time.

And this is just small part of the places and times when you can notice the differences in various psychic energies. Actually – there is only “one” psychic energies, but with different frequencies. Learn your lesson. Paying attention to these subtle changes in mood and energies level is what we call psychic sensitivity.

What else can you add to this list? What other places or times of the day or year can you mention?

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Comments and Discussion

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  1. Its interesting that certain areas have different energies that you can feel. When I was living on 40 acres in the middle of the sticks I always sought out the forest for spirituality reasons. Peace of mind sort of things.

    by Jacob Woods / October 28th 2010

  2. Another curious thing about psychic phenomena, isn’t it :). Forest and spirituality are quite close, in the past woods were first temples, where druids and shamans were performing their rituals.

    Even these days such places are fascinating.

    Thanks for comment Jacob!

    by Nathaniel / October 28th 2010

  3. Speaking of plants…
    The outside of our house is surrounded with trees and bushes and after it rains I can sense the plants powerful,charged energies.

    by Evan / October 28th 2010